Erotic Products Couples Should Try

Erotic Products Couples Should TryBlank spaces can be filled with color. Stale bread can be made into pudding, Batteries can be charged. Dying flames can be rekindled. Sex can be reinvented.Let's be honest, sex is NEVER NOT great! But monotonous sex is just as good as not having any. I can be a slow and treacherous libido killer. And, [...]
May 16, 2021 — Nicole

The Kink Quiz

The Kink QuizWhat is a kink?The kink definition is derived from the technical term “a sharp twist or curve.” In relation, the kink meaning in sexual terms is any ‘twist’ to the conventional sex act. Basically, kinks are fantasies, desires, and concepts you would like to explore that aren’t considered mainstream.The realm of kinks is very personal. Understanding what makes [...]
April 08, 2021 — Nicole

The Best Panties for Your Bum

The Best Panties for Your BumOut of all the items in your closet, underwear is in the heaviest rotation. You go through at least two pairs of panties in a day. Besides, you essentially change up your undie arsenal every six months. Though panties are at the core of our daily routine, the truth is that many women [...]
March 03, 2021 — Nicole

Work from Home Outfit Inspirations

Work from Home Outfit InspirationsICYMI: The new norm is hustling from the comfort of your couch. Have you always been a remote worker, self-made businesswoman or have you transitioned to a home-based arrangement? When your living room, bedroom and your office has turned into the same thing, what becomes of your usual work-appropriate attire? Scratch that – we will [...]
February 18, 2021 — Nicole

How to Look Like a Valentine's Day Dessert

How to Look Like a Valentine's Day Dessert…minus the calories! Follow our sweet guide to everything you need to prepare for a romantic Valentine's Day.Sure, we like looking sexy all 365 days of the year, and Valentine's Day surely won't be an exception. Out of all the days of the year, this is the perfect time to wear your [...]
January 25, 2021 — Nicole

The New Sexy: A 2021 Lingerie Forecast

The New Sexy: A 2021 Lingerie ForecastNew Year, New Lingerie Haul!As a major cultural reset has transitioned us into the new year, why not hit the refresh button on your lingerie wardrobe as well? We saw the whole planet go through all the stages of a traffic light, Julbie has the roundup of everything you have been waiting for. The [...]
January 12, 2021 — Nicole

How to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Sex Life

How to Add Holiday Cheer to Your Sex LifeFun self-care and intimate practices to do during the holidaysIt’s the most wonderful time of the year! As we play tug of war with the cold realities of life, let your desire to heat up the holidays win! So, in our ardent attempt to prep for an absolutely merry time this season, [...]
December 22, 2020 — Nicole

How to Wear an Open Cup Bra

How to wear an open cup braAn open cup bra is the sexiest piece of arsenal and a fantastic addition to your wardrobe. It can be worn underneath your favorite blouse or with a dress to amplify your figure. There are designs that frame the outline of your breast, completely cup less styles and cups with partial cutouts. [...]
November 30, 2020 — Hilary

The Ultimate List of Lingerie Party Ideas

The Ultimate List of Lingerie Party Ideas (2022 Update!)The bridal lingerie shower is one of the things a bride-to-be looks forward to before her big day. After all, it will be her last soiree as a single woman and it’s almost guaranteed that she receive at least a couple of lingerie sets. We all know that cheap lingerie is not [...]
October 16, 2020 — Nicole

A Guide to Help You Dress Like A Dominatrix

A Guide to Help You Dress Like a Dominatrix: Have you ever imagined how it would feel like to conquer? Power. It is a word a lot of women have struggled with for a long time. Coming from a once male-dominant world, it can become elusive. In this day and age, we have resorted to fashion to amp up our confidence. [...]
September 17, 2020 — Nicole

Discover the Top 10 'Kinky' Adults-Only Resorts Around the Globe

Hooray for vacay! Going on a trip will recharge and motivate you to go back to your regular scheduled programming. It’s also one way to rekindle your romance by going to a relaxing lover’s retreat. Planning where to have your R&R? You’ll be surprised how an adult-exclusive resort will spice things up and give you that much-needed relaxation!No kids allowed! [...]
September 04, 2020 — Nicole

5 Sheer Lingerie Items Every Woman Needs

5 Sheer Lingerie Items Every Woman NeedsSheer is undeniably at the top of the list of the best fabrics to wear. Sexy lingerie in “barely-there” material is irresistible for anyone wearing it or anyone planning to strip it off. Tulle, fishnet, lace, mesh, chiffon, and silk — it’s sheer temptation! Anything that is semi-transparent, lightweight, and delicate? We want that [...]
August 26, 2020 — Nicole