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Split Crotch Lace Teddy
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Strappy High Hip Lace Teddy
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She's A Beauty Teddy
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Romantic Rose Lace Teddy
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Lace Teddy and Robe Set
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Rhinestone Fishnet Bodysuit
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Lace Halter Teddy with Straps
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Hexi Net Halter Teddy
Neon OrangeLavenderRaspberry
V-Cut Lacy Teddy Lingerie
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Sexiness is a formula that is composed of elements such as intelligence, strength, personality, confidence and of course, you guessed it, lingerie. Your body shape does not determine your sexiness since every shape and size is considered sexy especially when adorned with the right threads. Sexiness is emulated more with what you choose to conceal, more than what you reveal. The mystery of what lingerie is veiling under is what makes it more enthralling. Lingerie, more than clothing, is a source of inspiration for every woman looking for external confidence. Blame it on its sorcery, but lingerie makes a woman feel confident and sexy in a jiffy even without anyone getting even a glance of it. Once a woman slips it on, that is where the magic happens. The feeling of having your own dirty little secret which you have power and control over sends out happy hormones all over a woman’s entire disposition. Those few pieces of fabric can be powerful when it touches a woman’s skin.

Once you have seen the magic of lingerie transpire, it will be difficult to quit it. You will want every kind of lingerie existing! Aside from the micro lingerie and the full coverage bodystockings, there should be something in between. Lingerie that shows enough skin but also makes you look sexy any time of the day.

A teddy is a must have in your lingerie collection. Also, for the first time lingerie wearers, this is a very very good item that could transition you into a full blown lingerie enthusiast. There isn’t anything you would not love about a teddy. A lingerie teddy is a one piece suit that essentially covers most if not the whole torso. It is very similar to a one piece swimsuit although the fabric used is more lightweight and sheer as other lingerie items. Like a one piece bathing suit, it also comes in a variety of styles. There is a lingerie teddie which can be quite conservative with long sleeves you can wear to keep warm but there are also sexy lingerie teddies that are risqué and naughty.

Reasons to Purchase a Sexy Teddy

And we aren’t talking about a stuffed bear…

Money can’t buy sexiness but it can buy the next best thing: lingerie. Sexy teddies lingerie deserve to be given its own light apart from the conventional bra and panties. Exploring other options for your sexy lingerie fix is always a brilliant idea. When you go outside your comfort zone, that is where the real magic happens. For lingerie’s magic to do its thing, you first have to take a leap of faith and invest in things that you normally would not have thought about. Normally, one would not consider teddies sexy. It is the one piece bathing suit to the micro bikini. Although, sexy teddy lingerie is not as high a jump as compared to the bondage and role play lingerie, but the teddy can also be as kinky. Look for a lace romper with eyelash lace detail and that will be the ultimate tool of seduction. Julbie gives you some reasons why you should take the leap and bag one for yourself!

1. One piece means comfort and convenience. Matching up your tops and bottoms will never be a problem anymore since you are already covered from your torso to your crotch. You will never have to worry about your lingerie pieces moving around underneath your clothes because it will be hugging your body seamlessly. Find a stretch lace teddy with straps hook in the front or back and this will be an adjustable and fashionable look!

2. It is a mix of classic and modern in one. Since the teddy will not go out of style anytime soon, you will never go wrong with one if you decide you want to be stylish. The classic cut and form of the teddy can be incorporated with modern trends like latex material and cut out details.

3. Coverage can be flattering, too! When you decide to cover up and show the parts that matter, it will definitely cut a dash. When you are having those days that when you wanna tuck in those extra curves, then a teddy will be your saving grace.

4. Multipurpose teddies can be worn endlessly! There are women who constantly want to be in their swimsuits. It makes them feel like summer is 365 days a year. Wearing your one piece bathing suits, however, may not be the most comfortable option. But with teddies, feeling carefree is possible in season of the year! You can layer it, wear it as a negligee or as a seductive accomplice. A teddy can be your ammo for those unexpected battles. Keep it ready in your wardrobe and you surely will use and abuse it.

5. Subtly sexy or Eye Catching Erotic? Any way you decide to wear your lingerie teddie, it is always going to be sexy. It is function and fashion in one. Its style is specially designed to accentuate the female figure and even tuck away unwanted bulges as a shape wear. The teddy is also perfect for intimate nights with delicate and dainty designs or wild rendezvous with crotchless or assless wet look teddies. An eye catching erotic teddy would be a sexy fishnet teddy or lace teddy with open cups, both are bound to create an attraction. Something a little more subtle would be a mesh teddy with lace cups, hook and eye back closure, and high neck that accentuates the curves, but is still super sexy.

Must Have Teddies to Get in the Mood

If you are having trouble picking out a teddy from the numerous and gorgeous choices laid out in front of you, here are some ideas that can get you started. You cannot be blamed! All the choices are definitely swoon worthy. Whether you are a neophyte or a veteran in this department, these pieces will give your existing lingerie a run for their money.

Halter Teddies – A halter top is a simple and casual piece that still makes anyone donned with it chic and sexy! This humble teddy style can be fashioned in a multitude of ways. Its less revealing than your plunging neckline but you can show a tinge of skin in other areas like the shoulders and collarbone. A sheer or mesh halter teddy is refined way to show skin but still substantially cover up. The best thing about this is that it flatters your silhouette with its proportions so you can never go wrong with it. A nude lace halter teddy is sophisticated enough to be worn tucked in your favorite skinny jeans. Just wear it with a nude bra underneath. You would not have to worry about your top popping out of your bottoms so you keep slipping your hands to tuck it in again. How convenient! This is also sultry enough to wear in the bedroom when you want some romancing. Wearing a body hugging teddy on its own is an effortless way to prep for a romantic evening with your man. You only need to slip it on and let the magic unfold!

Sheer Teddies – You can apply the transparent clothing trend to the teddy. Black teddies that come in sheer lace, mesh or fishnet shows off your healthy glowing skin without giving out too much. A sheer teddy can go from mild to wild. Wear it with a bra then plop on a blazer for strutting out in public. You can also wear it with a pair of glitter pasties and tuck it in a pair of booty shorts which is perfect for rave and music festivals and be decked out for a fun and wild experience! You can always revamp a sheer teddy based on your moods and personal preferences or simply wear it on its own to be irresistibly alluring.

Costume Teddies – It is always healthy to have in your closet something out of the ordinary. Something that puts your senses in overdrive. An exhilarating experience can come from a quirky costume. A fun role play teddy is uncomplicated to put on since it is a one piece but you will no doubt looked dress to kill. You can also be creative with your teddies and add cute trinkets and accessories so you can even wear it to a fun, costume Halloween party! Aside from that, it also presents an opportunity to give your man a jaw dropping surprise in the bedroom. Literally be a gift when you adorn yourself in the unwrap me satin bow teddy that is a satin ribbon style. This off the wall teddy will leave him speechless, and breathless when he sees you. Lo and behold, underneath your satin robe is nothing but a satin bow accent around your body. Need we say what will happen next?

Wearing lingerie everyday is the latest craze. Lingerie is the next big thing in casual wear making women confidence and empowerment the center of attention and not just another layer under your clothing. Women have been embracing this empowering trend and Julbie is here to support women all the way! Teddies of all styles and sizes are available here. Cozy long sleeve sweater rompers with booty shorts bottoms that can be worn from day ‘til evening! You can grab it in all colors because this highly coveted snug yet sexy style will be flying off the racks!

Lingerie is a work of art, and a teddy can be your muse.

A rule of thumb that all women should be able to keep close to their hearts is that lingerie does not make you sexy, but it just brings out your innate sexiness. Knowing your own body is one way to know which teddy will look great with your body. Take note of these ideas to know what style you need to highlight your best assets.

Superficially, assless and crotchless lingerie is intended for the bedroom due to its sensual nature. Believe it or not, an assless and crotchless teddy can also be worn for practicality purposes. An assless teddy is actually used underneath tight fitting bottoms to make it you appear more bootylicious! Meanwhile, the crotchless teddy is very convenient when you need to take a leak. Because it is a single suit, visiting the bathroom might be unfavorable. With a crotchless teddy, you need not go through the process of taking off the whole thing only to put it back again. Not to mention, with a crotchless teddy, you will always be ready to roll in the hay without stripping off your lingerie! Your man does not have to go through figuring out how to get you out of the puzzle because you can keep it on. You get to enjoy your lingerie longer and not see it sprawled on the bedroom floor. Who knew a teddy can be so functional too. It is a masterpiece!

Get your hands on the wonderful teddy designs here in Julbie. A teddy might be your new lingerie favorite. If your go-to lingerie is the usual sweet and slinky babydoll lingerie, a teddy can be a breath of fresh air! The teddy hits all sides of the lingerie spectrum, it can go from business to pleasure in a flash! With a luxurious satin teddy, all you need is a crown to look like a queen or cop a sultry lace low neck teddy with a matching eye mask and be dressed to kill in the bedroom!

Treat your Delicates Delicately

Whether you wear it behind closed doors or out in the town, teddies are a sweet addition to a delicious  lingerie collection. Even though your teddy looks like a sturdy swimsuit, the teddy is still an intimate apparel with very delicate material. It deserves your love and care if ever you decide to add it to your lingerie family. Teddies come in a variety of materials, it can be lace, mesh, leather, cotton, polyester and more. Unlike the babydoll, the teddy usually has stretchy material because it is intended to be body hugging. In this case, we want to preserve the quality to keep it figure hugging so hand washing is the best way to wash your teddy. Let it air dry afterwards. Make sure to toss your teddy in the dirty hamper after one use only for hygienic purposes and read the labels. Down and dirty must only be in the bedroom, not with your lingerie.