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Body Stocking and Fishnet Bodysuits

Hosiery is not typically considered as lingerie. We consider it as accents; accessories that make the outfit better. Stockings and Fishnets are types of leg wear that can be worn all year long. It is known for their convenience and comfort but it is also a way to make a fashion statement. We call them a woman’s second skin because it is a second layer that feels almost like nothing against your skin. You wear it with skirts, underneath your pants and of course, with your sexy lingerie sets! It is an instant accessory to spruce up any outfit.

But can Hosiery be lingerie? When you merge hosiery and lingerie together, it makes a term that we call Body Stocking Lingerie! You probably have one eyebrow raised the first time you heard about sexy body stockings. “What, why and how?” are the questions most likely boggling your mind about this seemingly unique piece of clothing.

Julbie understands you, girl! We are here to let you in the know of what bodystockings and fishnet are all about. What are they, why do you need them and how they are worn. Read up and then start browsing our extensive selection of bodystocking and fishnet so you can cop one or more of your own. You won’t regret your purchase!

What are Bodystockings and Fishnets?

These are basically the same context as their hosiery counterparts, although bodystockings and fishnets are intended to cover the body instead of just the legs. They are named as such because they practically use the same material and look the same as stockings. It is skin tight and made with light-weight, semi-transparent or sheer material. Most of which are composed of nylon and spandex which cling to the body as close as possible. Lingerie body stockings are mainly seen as an opaque solid design but the fishnet body stockings are also making rounds in the market. This characteristic of body stockings make it a piece of cake to slip on. It is tailored to adjust itself to your silhouette and it hugs your voluptuous curves.

It was first designed to be a layer underneath clothing to keep women warm during the cold seasons. This became a sensation because bodystockings are very breathable and pleasurable to the skin, plus it provides necessary coverage from sweat or cold when worn under clothes.  These are not to be confused, however, with dance leotards and stockings. Unlike dance wear, body stockings and fishnet are very revealing and seductive.

The rise of the sexy bodystocking and fishnet did not come as a shock to lingerie enthusiasts. It has now became a symbol for sexual and erotic purposes. These erotic lingerie staple items are bound to please an intimate encounter due to the open crotch bodystocking design that allows for easy access when it comes to play. Now, they come in different forms to satisfy the need for sexual hunger. It always reaps successful results when used for this purpose as it sets the woman’s mood in the bedroom, consequential for a steamy night with the beau.

Sexy bodystockings come in different styles. Some are full body length, some go just above the knees. There are halter tops, spaghetti straps and long sleeved body stockings. From the vast styles provided, it would nearly be impossible to choose just one variant! There are bodystockings and fishnets fit for every personality and occasion.

Why You should Buy Bodystockings and Fishnet

Body stockings can be the most practical item in your wardrobe. This is not a hyperbole. The bodystocking has evolved into different purposes. Having a couple stocked in your closet will make it easy to grab one and go when the need arises. When it’s a bit more chilly outside, it is easy to slip on to provide extra warmth. It is also convenient when you simply want to look extra hot in the bedroom but you are apprehensive on how your skin or body looks. It will conceal any veins, stretch marks, bumps and lumps. Create an ultra sexy look in a lace bodystocking that features a fishnet crotchless design, it will be the ultimate pick-me-up after a long day! It will provide you coverage and yet still make you look incredibly irresistible all in one piece of lingerie item.

Bodystockings highlights your feminine silhouette. No frills, no fuss, no holds barred. Bodystockings are the servant and you are the master. They fit you whatever you choose to do and wherever you choose to go. It will cling to you relentlessly and make you feel like a goddess. It will not bulge underneath any clothing or peek through in unnecessary places. It keeps your figure in check. Even when you wear it for an intimate night, it will unfailingly make you look ravishing. It will treat you as if it was a part of your skin. So it is so important to be able to find the right size and style for your body type. This lingerie type is very inclusive and universal; there are plus size bodystockings are also available for our extra curvy girls!

Body stockings are stylish. The style of bodystockings can be worn even outside the bedroom. Take for instance a lingerie romper that looks like a normal bodysuit but with flexible body stocking material.  You can let it peek through a skirt. Fishnets are always worn as an accessory so why not purchase a fishnet body stocking as an alternative? No one will ever know the difference! You do not even have to use garter to keep your stockings in place. It is so neat, isn’t it? You can also wear your bodystocking as a top. Wear your usual pants or maxi skirt then use a chic sheer or opaque bodysuit as your top. Wear a push up lace bra underneath, and voila! A fashion forward ensemble that goes from day to night! Be vigilant with the paparazzi because you will be looking like a star!

Bodystocking Styles:

Now, that you are convinced with the power and magic of bodystockings, you can already choose which style you want to go for.

Black is the most sought after color. There are numerous bodystockings in black because it is the most uncomplicated color and it looks good on anyone! Red comes close, as it is very classic and is very inviting. But you can always go for a striking color to make it more fun and exciting! Pinks, neons, and rainbow are recommended for fulfilling your quirks in the bedroom! It can even serve a double purpose when you wear it when you attend a rave or music festival. There are many different materials too that include opaque bodystocking styles that are slightly see through. These are fun because you can still see skin but there's a sense of imagination still at play.  Practicality: check!

Speaking of edm festivals, try a multi-layer approach with a fishnet body suits that can be layered over or under clothing for a more unique and dramatic approach. Incorporate a sexy fishnet long sleeve bodystocking with a bikini top, booty shorts, and your rave beads for a comfortable and sexy look. If you want to make your fishnet bodysuits an easy sell, find a fishnet bodystocking with attached garter straps that can connect to existing thigh high fishnet stockings.

Opaque bodystockings provide more coverage but you can opt for designs that have cut outs and maybe a more plunging neckline or even an off shoulder to make it sexier.

Fishnet bodysuits can be pretty hot. It could be tricky though when you do not have it on the right size because it might cause unflattering bulges. It has larger holes and cutouts than other bodystockings so you have to take more notice on the sizing with this style. If black is too boring for your wild personality, try any sexy fishnet bodystocking in red, blue, nude, white, pink, green, rainbow! This naughty lingerie will make you look bright in a variety of colorful fishnet crotchless bodystockings.

Lace will look very feminine against your body. It might look intimidating at first because it may come off as itchy. So if you decide that lace is for you, consider the material you are going for so you can be comfortable and stylish at the same time. Sheer bodysuits are also a popular choice and is also very comfy. You actually can choose more than one fabric for your bodystocking since some designs incorporate more than one.

When it comes to sexy bodysuits, the best way to go is to purchase a crotchless bodysuit. Considering its full body scope, leaving the crotch open is almost a necessity. Not to mention, it won’t be a struggle  for your man to take off your crotchless bodystockings because he does not have to! You can get down with business. He will always see it as an invitation when you decide to don your crotchless body stocking with an open crotch.

There are hundreds of variety to choose from that it might be difficult to decide on one. You do not have to! Bodystockings are one of the most affordable pieces of sexy lingerie. Setting aside your moolah for one piece instead of multiple lingerie: bra, panty, garter, pantyhose. So it is definitely understandable if you buy more than one. It will be worth every penny! When you purchase a bodysuit, you will find yourself reaching for it more on the days where you need to speed things up and turn up the heat. But you will never look like you skimped on the effort because sexy bodysuits already give you that extra spice with minimal effort!

You have nothing to lose and so much to gain when you try sexy bodystockings. It is literally and figuratively flexible. Wear it as it is or wear it with accessories! Either way, body stocking and fishnet will guarantee one thing: you will be a confident and sexy femme fatale!