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Rhinestone Fishnet Bodysuit
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Sexy Bodysuits & Rompers: The One Piece Rave Favorite


Everyone is definitely obsessed with one piece clothing! It is fun, chill, pompous, practical and comfortable, what’s not to love? The one piece trend is one of the most sought after style in this generation. You will see everyone wearing it in every corner of the globe. One piece suits are not only exclusive for the beach anymore, you will see it even as edgy streetwear, casual daily wear, as costumes, also as up and coming athletic leisure wear and get this: it has even transitioned to becoming a piece of corporate office attire. So it comes to no surprise that raves and festivals are filled to brim with rave one piece bodysuits, rompers and jumpsuits! Keep up with the singular fashion craze by determining which style is fit for your taste and your body.

Raves are the perfect opportunity to wear sexy rompers or sexy jumpsuits. These are styles which are so straightforward that it is effortless to pull off. This uncomplicated style will make you instantly festival ready even without extensive know-how about rave fashion. You can wear it plainly on its own or play around with it and add your own bits and pieces.

Is there a difference between bodysuits, rompers and jumpsuits?

This may be a question that boggles your mind as you scour the racks for a one piece outfit. The terms are actually interchangeable and all essentially refer to a piece of clothing that combines the top and bottom.

Rompers and bodysuits can be synonymous. You can use the term bodysuit for pieces that can be worn as lingerie. Bodysuits are tight fitting and is very similar in design and material with your one piece bathing suits. Rompers, on the other hand, are considered more lightweight and are intended for wearing it out and about. Rompers can be bikini type or shorts type.

Jumpsuits are more definite when it comes to its form. Jumpsuits are also one piece clothing but the bottoms are pants type. It can be body hugging or loose fitting. There is a considerable amount of fabric and styles when it comes to the jumpsuit so you are surely going to find something that suits your liking.

Style your Romper and Bodysuit for a Rave

Whether or not you are attending a party or a festival, a romper bodysuit is a worthwhile investment. You can practically wear it any time you desire. It saves you more time in deciding which top goes with which bottom because romper bodysuits already provide both!

If you are currently in the quest for the perfect rave attire you can dance the night away in, then look no further! Jumpsuits, romper bodysuits, you name it and your wish is Julbie’s command. Here are some style tips that will get you kick start your hunt.

1. Intergalactic Princess – Metallic bodysuits are scorchingly sexy for your bod and loads of fun to play around with. Go for a silver bodysuit with a holographic sheen, and it might be everything you need to make a statement! Every time light hits your body, the shine from your rave bodysuit will make your body look more ravishing.

2. Glittering Goddess – Sparkle and shine is the name of the game. Pick a bodysuit that will instantly brighten up any place you decide to grace your presence in. Rock in a star-studded rave bodysuits which will surely not let you blend in the shadows. When you opt for bodysuits that sparkle and shine, you will be a guaranteed show stopper!

3. Psychedelic Babe – When it comes to raves, you should not be afraid of wearing too much color! Multicolored bodysuits are funky and retro. Attract all the right vibes when you go for tie dye prints and rainbow designs. This electric style is far from being tricky. It is already eye candy on its own so you do not have to pull out all the stops to put together an outfit that will be one for the book. This stunner will put you on the map with minimum effort!

Rave appropriate romper bodysuit styles are not limited to these three suggestions. You can browse the myriad of rompers and jumpers here in Julbie and land on something that speaks to your heart’s desire. Rompers and jumpers are great on its own, but what also makes it a worthwhile spend is the variety of styles you can do with it. You can wear it on its own or in combination with a flowy skirt, throw on a kimono. Layer it however you desire then you can go from rave to casual. No wonder this style it is a crowd favorite!