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Lace and Satin Leg Garter
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Basic Leg Garter
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Leg Garter with Lace
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Micro Thong Bikini
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Pair of Sequin Gloves
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Off the Shoulder Mini Dress
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Satin and Eyelash Lace Teddy
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Exotic Dancewear

Exotic Dancing is more than just entertainment. It is an expression of one’s sexuality. Every movement sends a message of confidence mixed with passion. With every sway, grind and shake, it stimulates not only the dancer but also the onlooker. Whether you are dancing your way to seduction or simply enjoying it as a self-liberating activity, you need to adorn yourself with the sexiest exotic dancewear you have ever seen!

It’s a woman’s guilty pleasure to dress up in the skimpiest and sluttiest ensembles to let your feminine sexuality free to roam. From raunchy to risque, it is fun to play around with levels of sexiness in terms of your exotic dancer clothes.

Exotic dancer clothes strike a lot of looks no matter if you are wearing them as a professional or ‘just because’. Expect to be stared down especially if you wear your own subtle version of a go-go dancer outfits out in the streets. Let those eyebrows raise, let them drool, let them ogle you from every angle! You do you, girl! Julbie will help you come up with exotic dancer outfits that will make your confidence and sensuality soar through the roof!

Dressing up as a Burlesque Queen

Some of you are probably scratching their heads wondering why so much thought should be put into an outfit when the goal is to strip it off afterward.

Here are some tips to help you choose the exotic dancer outfit that has your name on it. Keep a close eye if your prospective items tick off most (if not all) of the following:

1. First Impression Matters: Exotic dancing has no room for mediocrity. When you keep everything average, it won’t give out the powerful impact as you so much desire as your movements take over the room. Go for items which will turn heads as soon as you walk into the room. For example, a wet-look teddy will command attention but also stimulate sensual desires. Exotic dancewear in vinyl and leather will always be bound to stun the crowd as well as cupless and crotchless numbers which will make your beau want to strip it off of you himself!

2. Comfort is also Key: Choosing a hot outfit is one thing but making sure you are comfortable in it is another. You are only preparing yourself physically when you rely solely on the exterior. You also have to prepare yourself emotionally and mentally by considering the perfect fit, the best fabric, and just the right coverage to make you move without any hesitations. Stripper lingerie is the best option if you want to prioritize comfort. A red chemise and g-string are cozy and relaxed to wear but it will also make you look like a star!

3. Flattering Silhouettes are your Best Friend: Knowing your body type works wonders. Work around the part you want to be emphasized and try to hide those that will affect your confidence. If you are proud of your long, toned legs that can conquer any pole and dance floor, go for garters and stockings or a long slit dress. If you are proud of your boobs, then there is no reason why you should not wear a plunging neckline or cupless lingerie!

4. You can be Unique: There is no definite formula when it comes to exotic dancewear. Strippers do not have a set uniform to go about their business. You can definitely stand out even if you are in a sea of strippers and go-go dancers by injecting your own personality in every ensemble. Knowing that what you are wearing has a touch of your own qualities is extremely empowering. Let your quirky self loose by opting for sexy costumes to play out your fantasy or go for dainty lace so you can express your femininity. Sexy comes in different versions and you only have to know which version best suits you. Many patrons find thongs sexy which can be the perfect foundation to your naughty lingerie ensemble. 

Exotic, Erotic and all things Hypnotic

Be a diva and let it rain glitter and sparkles no matter if it is on your dress, on your skin or on the way you carry yourself. Be nothing other than extraordinary. When you hustle in front of a crowd or a single audience, your clothes will play a big part in your overall performance. Explore Julbie’s cornucopia of sexy dancewear to satisfy all your exotic dancing needs.

Since many clubs are topless only, it's important to find sexy panties that are both club-friendly and naughty! Lucky for you, cheap lingerie is plentiful in the form of sexy thongs, strappy thongs, and tiny thongs. Before you strip down to that sexy thong, pair the look with sexy push up bras or a lace bustier to create a sexy boudoir look.