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Mouth Gags

Leaving you speechless.

Open wide! This phrase applies all the possibilities that come with these exotic gear… and, of course, to your mouth. Bdsm gags are intimidating pieces, but you will undoubtedly experience unparalleled rough sex. Gags, like ball gags belong to the darker and wilder side of bondage. Safewords are the bondage red light, but with mouth gags, it will be green light all throughout. Buckle up for a wild ride because this bondage toy will be the driving force of the scene.

Do not underestimate these small, round devices, because they are a whole new world of kink. For some, this might be a few steps out of their comfort zone. If you are on the fence about whether or not this fetish accessory is up to your taste, we are here to provide erotic enlightenment!


Play Ball for Pleasure

Introducing the mouth gag into your sexual routine is a sure-fire way to get your libidos steadily intensifying! Bondage play is usually a measure that couples take to heat things up in the bedroom. If you want it to set fire to your boudoir, a mouth gag will light up your match!

Blocking or impeding your partner's ability to speak gives you full control over the dynamic. It basically gives the dominant more power over the submissive when the power of voice is taken from them. Another level of trust and confidence within that BDSM relationship, no matter how mellow it is, will be created with these toys. Strengthen your dynamic by utilizing this accessory, whether you are the wearer or enforcer.

It is also a popular choice for a humiliation fetishist. Curtailing their freedom to express their pain or pleasure is a massive turn-on for plenty! They say communication is essential in the BDSM power exchange. Therefore, the challenge and tension are heightened when the ability to communicate is not there. This leaves the entire exertion to the dominant while the submissive uses their eyes to express their emotions.


Moan and Mean it!

Even if you cannot scream out dirty talk and safe words, you can definitely amp up the volume on those moans and groans. We all know what these sounds do – they make your heart race overtime, and your sexual hunger rise incessantly! Suppression of your expression will cause someone to release this tension in other ways! We leave the creativity and the imagination to you.

The sensation of being gagged in the mouth is more generic than one would think. One would say that it gives the same high as giving out a deep throat! In a usual sex scene, the same scenario can be seen when one would cover another's mouth to make them quiet, often not to wake the neighbors.

Oh, and did we also mention that it looks utterly sexy? Now, if that doesn't sell it, we do not know what will! Having this in your BDSM toy box will always make you seem like a badass.

Restrain and Gag Safely.

Trying out a BDSM gag is something you should tread on lightly. Both of you should be on the same wavelength before any gagging ensues.

Consider the material and style that would be safe for the wearer. Allergies and mouth size are the two most important factors. Gauge both your inclination and pick a kind that works for both of you. Silicon ball gags are soft and relatively breathable for beginners. Leather ring gags with buckles are usually for advanced bondage aficionados.

Some come with full-sized dildos or wrist restraints, and there are ring gags that will allow oral sex. There is something for every type and level of kink!

Ultimately, be safe! Sanitize and plan accordingly. Safe movements can take the place of safe words, such as snapping the fingers.

When you have decided to explore the realm of gagging, go ahead and…

Have a ball with Julbie's assortment of BDSM gags!