Sexy Tinkerbell Fairy Costumes

Small but terrible are words to describe our most-loved fairy. From the movie Peter Pan, Tinkerbell is one fairy that will teach you something about being feisty. Do not let her size fool you since she is not one to mess with. Tinkerbell is popular because of her spunky personality. Aside from this, she is the first Disney character who is a fairy that is not represented as a mere dot of light. Tinkerbell already got a lot of screen time in the Peter Pan movie but fans could not get enough of her cute and mischievous ways. Thus, Tinkerbell appeared in a couple more movies wherein she was the protagonist.

Wendy was Peter’s lady love in the Disney animated film but what made Tinkerbell loved by girls was because she was relatable. Sure, Wendy was a sweetheart and you probably hated Tinkerbell because she plotted against Wendy, at some point in the movie but Tinkerbell proved that a precious looking creature can also be flawed.

Despite her jealousy and temper, Tinkerbell still had that never give up attitude that empowered girls to embrace themselves, their imperfections and all. She has experienced some hiccups here and there but she always comes out of it stronger and more determined. She has the right amount of passion and love that make many girls take inspiration from this pint sized beauty. Tinkerbell exuded confidence as can be seen in many times she admired herself in the mirror. Who are we kidding, Tinkerbell is smokin’!

Oh, and can we talk about her style? Her style is a reflection of her personality. It utterly adorable yet still kick-ass! Even though this cute fairy character is popular among young ones, her outfit is something best pulled off with a sexy twist. A sexy Tinkerbell costume might be the key you need to relive your childhood fantasies and dreams.

If you decide that you want to spread glitter all over the room with your women Tinkerbell costume adult, then you have popped in the right site. Here is a list of ways that you can dress up as the charming minuscule fairy.

Tinkerbell Cosplay: Sexy Fairy Costume Ideas

A Tinkerbell costume is one task that is not full of twists and turns. This costume idea is actually easy as ABC to put together and if pulled off correctly, it will reap dazzling results. Tinkerbell is often seen in just one outfit version: a mini green dress, pointy puff shoes, and a pair of wings. It might seem simple but it could be magical if you put your own personal touch to it. Start off with these inspirations and head for the second star to the right!

1. Sassy Sweetheart Fairy – For the women out there who want to be as fairy-tale like as possible then opt for a sparkling tutu dress. This outfit is enchantingly sexy as it features a corset bodice with holographic green, jewel studded sweetheart neckline. The corset will keep your figure highlighted and yet still stay on the sweet and charming side with the attached tutu. You can also opt for a green and purple dress with flower detailing to give off that mystical woodland fairy vibe.


2. Simply Sultry Pixie – Keep it simple yet full of sex appeal when you don a green mini dress with sequins all over it. The jammed hemline and strapless sweetheart neckline stay true to the original Tinkerbell dress as well as its fairy wings. It is body hugging so it will show off your curves as the lights hit the sparkles on your dress. This effortless look will be comfortable enough for you to frolic around and will also attract all the right vibes therefore make you feel like you are flying in the air.

3. Evil Tinkerbell – Put a mischievous spin to the classic green and surprise everyone with a black Tinkerbell costume. Be Tinkerbell’s evil twin sister and tell your own story by putting on a slinky little black dress with sequins and fairy wings with black trimming. No one will be expecting this diabolical fairy make over!

Think Happy Thoughts

… this was the phrase Peter Pan kept on reiterating so that they could all fly to Neverland. True enough, when you finally don your sexy Tinkerbell costume, you won’t be able to resist thinking happy thoughts! One of the best things about imagination is the thought of flying, when you have a Tinkerbell costume on, that is practically the next best thing. So what are you waiting for? Grab that sexy Tinkerbell costume then add a little faith, trust and pixie dust!