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Shop gangster and mobster costumes iconic of America’s 1920’s organized crime era. Iconic figures such as Bugsy Siegel who is famous for building the Flamingo Casino in Las Vegas and running organized crime rings in the city of sin. If your taste is for Chicago, become the most notorious gangster in American history, Al Capone. Known as “scarface” among the inner circles, Al Capone led the prohibition era with bootlegging and gambling operations. Infamously landing himself in the Alcatraz Prison off the coast of San Francisco, Al Capone staged the most ruthless massacre – The St. Valentine’s Day Massacre.

Whichever mobster you choose to characterize this Halloween, this online costume shop has many womens sexy costumes to fulfill those badass desires. Sexy Halloween costumes would not be complete without bringing to life the characters that made such impressions on American history. Find womens sexy gangster mobster costumes for your next Halloween outfit at this costume sexy women costume store.

Show your tough side when you dress up as Mobster Babe Ali a one-piece romper outfit with sexy pinstripes and white collars showing off the iconic pinstripe suits of the gangster era. This five star costume is a popular mobster costume of many with a proven success rate among many. If you want something a little more revealing, go for the Aly Capone costume, a two-piece mobster costume with high waist pinstripe shorts, pinstripe crop top and suspender details. Another favorite of customers, this gangster costume has received four stars of popular rating.