Handcuffs & Restraints

Toy Handcuffs and Restraints

Are you ready to be under arrest... by a hot cop no less? The right handcuffs can make your outfit or desired purpose all the difference! Find the right handcuffs at Julbie.com!

Bondage Restraints

Restraints come in all materials and styles. From classic handcuffs to long satin ties, the styles are endless. That's why we have a few tips to help you sort through the endless options to create a bondage experience to remember!

Bondage restraints depends on the user and fantasy. If you're role playing a naughty cop fantasy, then traditional handcuffs are a must. Give those handcuffs some bling with rhinestone handcuffs that every diva must own. Top it off with a set of keys that you can literally have your lover 'locked up' for naughty behavior. If your fantasy is more 50 Shades of Grey, then restraints such as satin ties or leather wrist cuffs are your best option. Once you've picked your style of restraints, you can figure out the best lingerie for your look. 

Finding Your Perfect Bondage Handcuffs

Whether you're shopping in the heat-of-the-moment or for future use, the most important tip we can offer is to choose the style that suits your personality. It should represent what you want to wear, regardless of your 'master's preference. 

  • All five senses are affected by the material. When you're tied up, make sure you select a material that you want gracing (and embracing) your soft skin. 
  • Choose accessories that complement your restraint preference. Metal handcuffs need a sexy cop outfit or leather restraints need matching crotchless leather panties. At Julbie, we have everything you need to match your outfit. 
  • Take risks with the style and don't be afraid to be daring. We believe in affordable handcuffs and restraints so you can come back for more if you decide on a different pair. 


Bondage is as much a pleasure for the mind, as a pleasure to the flesh.


Set the tone with the nucleus of bondage scenes: bondage toys! Instilling your force in the dynamic has to be more walk than talk. A dominatrix gives life to her words, and they show and act on their desires. To make magic happen, restraint is enforced. Femdoms need their BDSM toys to make their subs yield to their power. We have a collection of the most potent playthings in the BDSM universe.


Join the Cuff Club!


Is it really bondage without a pair of handcuffs?Sex handcuffs are the cult bondage accessory. BDSM Rookies always have these bondage toys in their starter kit. Even the most vanilla couples probably have a pair stashed in their bedside drawer. After you have become a full-pledge enthusiast, it never leaves your arsenal. It might as well serve as your kinky wedding ring! Once you try it out, there's no looking back. You will be hooked on what BDSM restraints can do! Cuffed love is the best there is!


Ropes and Not Roses


Some like it entwined with a knot. Rope bondage is a league of its own. It may take a bit of skill to pull this off, but it is a skill worth learning. A BDSM rope can come in various materials. Satin ties are a popular choice because it does the job, it is easy to manipulate, and it will not put a strain on the wrists. Learn the ropes, and it will definitely leave your partner tongue-tied!


Choosing Your BDSM Restraints

Taking this step towards bondage play needs a cautious stride. Communicate with your partner if they are down to do the deed restrained. Weigh in on both of your preferences and pick a high-quality product that suits both your tastes. Tread lightly with authentic BDSM toys by considering these factors: style, size, material, and durability.

  • BDSM restraints stimulate the senses. Make sure you select a material that you would want gracing (and embracing) the skin. 
  • Choose outfits that complement your restraint preference. Faux leather furry wrist cuffs can go well with leather BDSM lingerie; glam cuffs need matching studded crotchless leather panties; satin wrist restraints need a blindfold to match!
  • Do not be pressured to go hard-core if you are not ready. You can gradually climb up the bondage ladder with soft and light pairs like adjustable fuzzy handcuffs. Comfy and cute, but still does the job!
  • Take risks with style, and don't be afraid to be daring. Sex handcuffs come in all shapes and forms. Opt for sets if you want to explore more than one facet of your kinks.


Suspect: You | Crime: Overflowing Sexiness

You are under arrest for being too sexy! Are you ready to be captured… by a hot cop no less? The right handcuffs can make your outfit or desired purpose all the difference! If you're role-playing a naughty cop fantasy, then the traditional cuffs are a must.

They are intended to be used and abused in the bedroom, but if you need to spruce up a sexy costume, like a cop or a prison inmate, you can definitely make your look more intimidating by hanging a pair of handcuffs on your belt.

Julbie's Wild Selection of Bondage Restraints

Sort through our wild and wide options to create a bondage experience to remember! We have blinged-out rhinestone handcuffs for every dashing diva and fuzzy handcuffs that will tickle your every fantasy. Tease, tantalize, and take full control with our high-quality handcuffs and restraints. Do not forget to cop the best lingerie to match!