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Plus Size Sexy Satin Robe
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Sexy Satin Robe
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Sexy Nightgowns and Kimono Robes

There isn’t a greater sensation that being stripped down in the nude and slipping on your nighties before hitting the sack or before spending a steamy night with your lover. Lingerie shopping should not be taken lightly because it also sets your mood both during the day and night. Never settle for less than you deserve. Any type of lingerie, by default, will look good on women but it is a fact that some lingerie are sexier than the others; always pick sexy. Although if you want to bump ‘just sexy’ to ‘sexy sophisticated’ then we have what you need: Gowns and Kimonos.

Why do you need gowns and kimonos? You have always considered purchasing them with a grain of salt. You never fully realize you need them when you are faced with this scenario. Imagine: You wear your lingerie set underneath those clothes from morning until you finally set your foot at home after a long day out and about the town. You finally want to strip down to your underwear but you hold your horses! You are not the only one at home and you think it would be too taboo to walk around the house in your itty bitty, skin baring lingerie so instead your prop on an old, worn out, oversized t-shirt and lounge around the house in those. Sure, you are comfortable, but there are alternatives to feeling comfy without sacrificing that WOW factor. That WOW factor is the key ingredient in feeling positive and confident the whole time! Do not ever take that for granted. While women should always be themselves, why not do it in the most empowering way possible? Be yourself, but be the best version of yourself!

If you are not yet comfortable strutting your stuff in your ‘barely there’ bra and panties, then there is a solution for that. To go from ‘just sexy’ to ‘sexy and sophisticated’, you need a lingerie robe, a lingerie gown and a kimono. These are some of the alternatives to cover up (temporarily) those skimpy lingerie’s. Whether you plan to wear it during the more chilly weather, or when lounging around your home or use it to create suspense in the bedroom, it will be a very functional addition to your lingerie collection. The great thing about these is that it is totally multipurpose. Never mind the presupposed notion that it is to be worn with other lingerie only in the bedroom. You can tweak it in any way you like. It can be sultry and sexy to the nth level or it can be a subtle sophisticated layer, it can also be something you wear casually outside! Learn more about this awesome lingerie and maybe bag one for yourself.

Lingerie Necessities: Gowns, Robes and Kimonos

These three terms are often overlooked when a woman is shopping for their lingerie. They are often given attention when a special occasion comes up or when you need to cop a gift for a bride. Though these luxurious lingerie pieces deserve a room in your closet 365 days a year! You do not have to wait for a special occasion to whip them out. They are more function than style but still beautifully deliver in that department! Their power to make a girl look and feel exquisite is much underrated. Keep educated on these terms and find out which one you need to cop.

Gowns: When you first read the word, the first thing that probably pops into your mind is parties, formals, and the like. The thought that gowns and lingerie mesh together does not really come as often. Sexy gown lingerie is a form of negligee that are usually worn before you hit the hay. They are more popularly known as a nightgown. Although we do not want to limit the definition of these gowns to just sleeping because you can do so much more with them. They are made of light material like silk and satin but the more erotic pieces are sheer like mesh and lace. Lingerie gowns are usually floor length but there are variations on the length such as midi or ankle length but are kept at a long range. These are simply your chemises and babydoll, but longer. They are dresses in form but what makes them lingerie is their material and their design.

Robes: Much like gowns, the term robe is more often than not associated with bathing. Bathrobes as we call it. Sexy robe lingerie, however, are not intended to be used after you stepped out of the shower. Robes are outer garments that are loose fitting. They are worn around the shoulders and some can be tied around the waist. They often fall down to the waist but there are designs that reach the thighs. Robes are one of the most comfortable lingerie pieces. Robes are made of very lightweight material which makes them breathable and comfortable despite being high coverage. They are multifunctional and can be worn inside and outside the bedroom. Lace robes are the most popular in the market.

Kimonos: Kimonos are another term for robes. Because robes are in actuality very similar in design to the traditional Japanese clothing called Kimonos. The Japanese Kimono is worn during special events. These are robes that are tied around the waist and often have thick lining on all the hems. Traditionally, they have intricate floral designs and embroidery but they have been modernized into different fashion styles. The most popular of which is the black lace kimono.


Styling Your Gowns and Robes

There is more than just one way to spruce up these lingerie pieces.

1. Getting Ready for Glam – a robe is perfect for the prepping stages. It could be such a drag getting makeup all over your dress while getting ready for a night our or a romantic date. So before slipping on your dress, you can put on a robe or kimono while doing your glam preparations. Your glow up will be much more carefree!

2. Mystery Build Up – Wearing your lingerie will always bring up your romance game. Keeping a little mystery before baring would not hurt, it most probably will make everything more intense. When you leave a little bit to the imagination, your lover will be left wondering and wanting more. So the next time you plan to do a little seduction play, put on a sexy robe or slip on your gown on top of your sultry lingerie set. Let him strip it off of you. You can always put it back on when you are lounging around your boudoir.

3. Casual Vamp Up – Your casual clothes will never ever be boring again. Rev up your basic outfit with a lace kimono then watch everything look one hundred percent more chic! A black tank top with a pair of denim shorts can go from drab to fab when you put on a black lace robe on top of it. This trend has been making waves in the celebrity fashion scene.

4. Bold and Daring – Your gown can also be used to make a bold statement in a party, wear a mini dress or go skimpy with some lingerie underneath your sparkly floor length halter gown and pair it with heels. They will only get to know your sheer secret when your body hits some light. They will be in for a pleasant surprise!

5. Heat Warmers – When you get out of bed in your knickers, the morning breeze might be too cold to face. When you have a robe or a gown within arms reach, you never have to face the cold again when you step out of those sheets.

6. Outerwear No More – Who says you need to have something underneath your gown or your robe? You can wear both and go commando underneath and still not be ‘too revealing’. Lounging around has never felt as good as when the lace or silk touches your bare skin. Opaque robe is also a fool proof way to answer the door in the middle of a steamy session or when you are just in your skivvies.

No one can deny that robes and kimonos are heaven sent. They always feel good to wear. They look good on any body type. They can be used and abused in multiple ways and most of all, they look gorgeous! With gowns and kimonos, it will always be a package deal; you will not only look sexy but also sophisticated and elegant, never one without the other. You do not have to wait for your wedding day to purchase on of these luxurious pieces. You deserve to indulge yourself in a beautiful intricate gown and kimono. When you get your hands on one of Julbie’s gowns or kimonos, you will instantly feel like a million bucks!