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We’re CLEARLY Head Over Heels In Love!

For a woman who finds pleasure in simplicity, this shoe is a CLEAR choice. We’ve gone through transparent clothing and transparent swimwear and we simply cannot get enough of the trend! That is why clear heel shoes are going strong in the sexy fashion department. It pushes all boundaries of the conventional shoe, baring the feet more than covering it. But we would not mind getting a pedicure to wear clear heels because it has taken the fashion world by storm and we want in!

Floating on Cloud 9 with See Through Heels

You will look like you are levitating on thin air when you wear a pair of clear high heels. True enough, there is a certain magic clear heels have. It is a trend that’s still pretty much burning hot from the summer season and it is still expected to be big beyond summertime. From the offset, this piece is an intimidating style to wear because you are practically putting your whole foot on display. The cracked nail polish, the lines, and the peeling; it will all be exposed. This one drawback does not prevent thousands of women from turning every store inside out looking for the perfect see through heels.

It has abundantly graced Instagram feeds with celeb’s #shoefies. An endless gush of appreciation for the clear heel sandals has poured out not only from the industry’s top designers but also from regular women all over the world. The hype is real and you really need to try it on for size if you haven’t already!

Reasons You Need Clear High Heel Shoes

We really would find any excuse to go shoe shopping but we guarantee that this shopping trip is worthwhile. Retail therapy is the best kind of therapy. A bit of splurging and indulging on something for yourself is encouraged. If you have the chance to spoil yourself with a shopping spree, we have just the products for you! Clear high heels adds a great deal of value and variety to your shoe collection. We did some digging and found out why this kind of heels are making the most noise in the market. Below are a few of the reasons to add that shoe to the cart:

1. It goes with everything. Versatility is the key point that the shoe provides. Because it is light in pigment, you are allowed to throw the whole rainbow over your shoulders without fearing that your outfit might “clash” with your shoes. It is a no-nonsense, straightforward style that you can slip on without putting much thought. Instant chic with minimum effort? What more can we ask for? There are styles that provide a color range as well in case you want a little bit more hue along with the transparent trend.

2. It is flattering. This is one reason why a lot of women are willing to overlook the fact that these might not be the most practical and comfy of all the shoe styles. But it just looks so gorgeous! Nude shoes have always been the trade secret to purposefully make the legs look longer, and clear platform heels are the sleek alternative. The extra length and skin exposure are two factors that make translucent shoes oozing with sexiness despite its pristine simplicity. It gives the wearer a chance to show off her natural skin with the shoes giving you just a little nudge.

3. It can be used for different purposes. While dancers swear by a pair of their clear stripper heels, it can be used even outside the club and even without the intention of dancing. Let’s be honest, if you want all eyes on your body (or your outfit), you do not want a pair of eccentric heels stealing its thunder. Clear strap heels will not steal the spotlight but instead will work wonders in highlighting the parts you want to emphasize. Then again, clear stripper heels are also used by those who have/who have partners with sexual feet fetish. Bare feet, fresh pedicure, and clear heels? A dangerous combination that will surely blow his mind.

4. It will never go out of style. A style that is basically “naked” in retrospect can never go out of the radar. Because of its subtle style, it can be both modern and retro. You only have to know which design to go for when you want a particular look. Black clear heels are available if you want a balance between light and dark. Clear lace up heels is also available if you want to experiment with a merge of two different trends. Rave enthusiasts will also be pleased to know that we also have LED illuminated stripper pumps. Experience style innovation at its finest!

Studded, colored, holographic, glittered, shopping for clear high heel shoes is like being a kid in a candy store. So many flavors and so many options to choose from. Regardless whether you go for the rainbow belts or the gummy vampire teeth, it will always give you a sugar rush from an overload of sweetness! In this case, whether you go for the candy-colored heels with the pink transparent platform or the vampy red glitter clear platform heels, sexiness will surely be overflowing!

The Crystal Clear Guide to Wear Transparent Heels

Go bare or add a pop of color, a transparent heel can work both ways. You have to contemplate whether you want it to be the star of the show or a support to emphasize other parts of you, body, outfit and all. Heel height is also a factor to consider. 6” to 10”? Each mark makes a huge difference in your body language. Choose the heel height you are most comfy in.

Black with clear straps is a classic and sophisticated color scheme that works well with a little black dress. Chrome heels and glitter heels will surely be a hit in the club or around the pole. Need a little boost in the bedroom? An all-translucent pump will look great “naked”. This shoe surely opens a lot of windows to experiment with styles so get those creative juices flowing!

It is important to note that SIZE and FIT are crucial as with other shoe types but with clear heel shoes, it is a bigger deal. Because your toes and your whole foot are in center stage, every itty bitty detail might be seen. You can grin and bear it when your pinky toe is painstakingly squeezed into a poor-fitting opaque shoe but it will not be the prettiest sight when it is in see through shoes. Take an extra minute in picking the most accurate size and fit so that you won’t have to go through a fashion faux pax.

Be mindful of foot fog. A cloudy haze will build up when you sweat and it will be in plain sight when you wear clear shoes. Just remember that as pretty as it may look, it will have everything out in the open, even the nasty. Of course, there isn’t anything a little foot antiperspirant, foot spas or no-sweat powders cannot fix.

The Modern Glass Slipper

Cinderella Ver. 2019, anyone? This is the time to relive your whimsical fantasies! Of course, we wouldn’t want to leave one behind! Finding your prince will never be a problem with these beauties. You will certainly ELEVATE any look with a pair of clear heel shoes. Your sexiness should be flaunted from head to toe and pleaser clear shoes are the perfect embodiment of the phrase “loud and clear”!