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Dragon Ninja Costume
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Sexy Ninja Costumes

Japan is the birthplace of some of the best things: anime, nintendo, sushi and of course, ninjas.

Ninjas are known for their mysterious stealth and swift battle techniques. They are seen mostly in entertainment as characters with almost supernatural skills. The best thing about ninjas? They are mostly unrecognizable. Known to be the masters of disguise, deadly ninjas are successful in locking any target because of their specifically-designed costume. Their iconic garbs make the real wearer unrecognizable, unfortunately for the unsuspecting victim.

Ninjas originated from Japan and its garments have since evolved from its ancient history. Many versions of this famous assassin costume have sprouted over the years. The most popular version, however, is the one portrayed in movies. You do not have to be an expert espionage or even have martial arts skills to pull off a ninja look. You can simply channel your inner fighter and kill in those drop-dead gorgeous clothes!

Since Halloween is all about wearing clothes that aren’t your usual, there’s no better holiday to dress up as a master of disguise. The costume will be an extravaganza if you put enough thought and process to your ninja costume for women

Ninja costumes for women are always sleek, chic and no doubt sexy ninjas are also known for their ability to stay calm amidst pressure in trying times. So, girl, keep calm and look for that costume! Remember, you gotta look the part to play the part.

Dressing up as a Ninja: Elements that Make it Complete

Wear black

Ninjas are known to blend in the dark, so the best color you can opt for is the darkest shade there is: black. You can work this shade to your advantage and still look uber-feminine since black is a color of simplicity and sophistication. Since there isn’t much color to work on, the other elements of your adult ninja costume is crucial.

Use red as an accent

Conventionally, ninjas are also known to incorporate the color red in their clothing. The reason is bloody. This is said to mask bloodstains they got from battle. Since the only battlefield you’ll be in is the dance floor, you will use red as your accent color to break monotony of your girl ninja costume. I’m sure you agree that red is an equally sexy color next to black. The placement of red on black can give dimension to your body and put focus on your lady parts. Red wraps on your arms, waist, chest or even legs will be super flattering on your red ninja costume.

Tightness is key

Since ninjas are known for their stealth and ability to move around very swiftly as if like the wind, it’s a no-no to wear loose ninja clothes. In this case, it’s your chance to show off your toned body. A catsuit or a body suit that are skin-tight are ideal. Mesh and fishnet material have also the same tight quality plus it gives the chance to let a little skin peek through.

Wear a mask

The reason why you won’t recognize a ninja under those clothes is mainly because of their mask. Ninja costumes make use of face masks that only shows the eyes. Add an element of mystery to your sexy ninja costume by wearing a mask. Make those gorgeous, piercing eyes of yours pop. Wear smoky-eye make up, make your eyebrows on point. It will make those guys wonder what is under that fabric.

Bring light props

You won’t expect a ninja to bring heavy swords or guns. So it is best to look for small, light-weight toy weapons such as a mini-trident. It’s light enough that it won’t be a hassle to bring to your costume yet it will add extra details to the outfit. Plus, when you are too busy burning up the dance floor, you can slip in between your straps. A grappling hook is also a ninja accessory that won’t hold your weight down. It will give a badass detail to your ninja outfit. One look at your ninja weapons and they might suspect you for the real thing.

Makeup and Hair

Since you are not working with much color, you can let your creativity and femininity shine with your hair and makeup. Dark, smokey-eye makeup will bring attention to your beautiful eyes despite covering your face with a mask. A bold, bright red lip will also complement your outfit and provides a luscious element of surprise when you put that mask down. Whether you decide to wear it with a matching hood or not, good hair will never fail you. A high ponytail is classic Japanese style while soft wavy or curly hair will add volume and drama.

Take note of these costume ideas that are out of the box:

Instead of using red as an accent. Why not go full-on scarlet from head to toe? Red ninjas are unique and unpredictable. Red is the color of passion, anger, love, fire and all things intense. If you want to be the definition of intense, you will not go unnoticed with a blood-red ninja costume.

The term ninja dragon has evolved from a motion picture to cartoon characters to video game players and now used as a halloween costume. Ninja dragons have elaborate costumes with embroideries of dragons. A dragon symbolizes strength. To be a dragon ninja, the intricate embroidered dragon is a must. It will be a breath of fresh air from all the black in your ninja outfit.

How to Make Your Ninja Costume Look Authentic

The earliest memory we had about ninjas is probably an episode of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Without second thoughts, we instantly thought ninjas were way cool. Eventually our fascination for these ninja warriors grew. They became one of society’s favorite characters and some weren’t even sure if they really existed. Therefore, whether or not, you really are a ninja, it will be really impressive if you have all the right details down pat. Here are some tips to score that awesome and deadly adult ninja costume:

Tip # 1: Research. To look like a bona fide adult ninja, you have to brush up on your facts. Putting on a black t-shirt and pants will not pass for a ninja look.

Tip# 2: Source for High-Quality Costumes. Do not skimp on the costume itself. To look like a million bucks, sometimes you need to spend that extra moolah. Don’t worry, you can still save a whole lot of money – and time – when you look in the right places. You can still stay on budget by looking for promotions like free shipping on orders. Shipping would sometimes make a purchase look more expensive than they really are so free shipping will really make a difference.

Tip #3: Read Product Descriptions. Take your time in choosing the right ninja costume. Read about your options and make sure your details are complete. It is also best to know whether your research is parallel to the product provided. It also includes there the material used, which is a need-to-know if you want comfortable clothes. Body movement as well as temperature are some things to consider when buying. Will it be too hot? Will I be able to move freely in these clothes?

Tip #4: Look for Read-to-Wear Costumes. Trust retailers. They know what they are doing. Buying your whole ensemble from one store will make your outfit look consistent and put together well. Though designs might not be too far from each other, the quality also varies by store. So make sure you pick the right store that would provide high quality materials. No one wants a ninja with a loose thread!

Tip #5: Be Sexy and Feel Sexy. With all the ideas laid out on the table, the most important thing is that you feel confident and beautiful in what you are wearing Ninja costumes may be fierce but it won’t stop you from letting your beauty shine through that leather.

Do not simply become one with the shadows, let your light within reveal your appearance!