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Sexy School Girl Outfits & Costume Lingerie

In the middle of the hustle and bustle of the adult world, the working life can take its toll sometimes. It probably crossed your mind one time or two, how happy it would be if we could go back to the time where grades and crushes were on top of the list of our problems. Of course, those were also the days of strict discipline and dress codes. How fun would it be to relive those carefree days, by adding a liberating schoolgirl twist to it?

School girls symbolize youthfulness and innocence. High pigtails worn with matching blouse and skirt uniform are usually unflattering when you are in that age but when you turn this into an adult school girl outfit, it can boast kinky and erotic. Think Britney Spears circa ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ days, Rachel McAdams as queen bee Regina George in ‘Mean Girls’ and Megan Fox in ‘Jennifer’s Body’ as a man-eating (literally) machine. Even Japanese anime characters have their own version of the sexy school girl look with just a little bit of leg peeking in between a tiny skirt and knee-high socks. These girls can be your pegs when it comes to looking like a flirty teenage school girl. Similar to sexy nurse uniforms, any hot school girl is a downright sex symbol. You can pick up a lot of imagination around you and take advantage of it to start your playful school girl outfit.

The Appeal of a Campus Heartthrob

Guys are all for the come-hither look of a campus hottie. No man can resist a school girl’s charm. As much as you would want to stay in that stage, life happens and you exchange those co-ed uniforms into blazers and slacks.

You can put on a sexy school girl costume for the next Halloween party so you can instantly feel the nostalgia from being back in the hallowed halls of your alma mater – minus the bad grades and the dress code. Just don't forget the sexy stockings and you're all good!

Don't have any costume party to attend? Worry not! You don’t need one. To put a little spice in your life, more specifically in the bedroom, snip some length from those college girl uniforms and put on your sexy school girl costume to turn on your man. Go the extra mile and look for the perfect school girl lingerie to turn your man’s doldrum day into an exciting one.

Putting together a naughty school girl costume is simple. It mainly consists of plaid in different colorways. It’s basically your old high school uniform, minus the length and looseness. You do not have to scour for your old worn out uniforms, however, since there are a variety of school girl lingerie costumes available. All you have to do is choose which style would best fit your body type and also your personality.

Make sure your sexy costume school girl is tight and preppy. Wear a white button-down shirt with ends that you can tie around your waist which will scream “untie me”. You can also “forget” to secure some buttons at the top showing off your sexy lingerie or lack thereof.

Another preppy way to dress up your slinky schoolgirl uniform are suspenders. They are classic schoolgirl accessories and not to mention, will accentuate and flatter your bosoms. Top it off with a pair of eyeglasses, high socks, a matching necktie with a bouncy ponytail or pigtails, and finally flash an innocent yet flirty smile. You will be the teacher’s pet in no time.

Role-play your way into getting an “A”

To make things more exhilarating, become one with your sexy school girl outfit and surprise your man with some spontaneous simulation. Put your costume into full use by letting your inner preppy seductress run wild.

Failing grades? The only “D”’s he wants to see is your cup size. Show him your fake report card and ask him if you could let off some steam from getting such bad grades. Hike up that push up sexy bra and plaid sexy skirts for a winning ensemble. Play it nice and cool and act all innocent as if you need help with your homework. Ask him to tutor you and give you tips on how to ace the test and maybe some extra credit.

When role playing your adult school girl outfit, it’s important to focus on the right costume features for pulling together the ultimate schoolgirl costume. The classic look features a crop top with pleated mini skirt that is preferably a red plaid pattern with pleated skirt, thigh high stockings, and plaid tie. Catholic school girl costumes are a fun way to role play with an “innocent” story line. To create a Catholic school girl costume, focus on plaid skirts or school girl dresses with flirty thigh high socks. Better yet, fulfill those boyhood fantasies with a sexy teacher outfit paired with sexy pantyhose that will really get those hormones racing.

Let your imagination liberate you. From a girl scout selling cookies to a cheerleader who likes doing the splits, it will be a struggle for him not to rip that schoolgirl costume off.