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Sex Swings and Slings

Putting Your Sex Drive into Full Swing

Sure, sex toys and accessories are the bomb, but sex furniture? They provide a different type of explosion! A sex swing can be the perfect tool to help burst out of your shell and try out something new.

Within the four corners of your bedroom, things get cold and boring with the same old routine. Do not lose the spark by keeping your sexual bonding fun and fresh! A swing or a sling can flip over the situation and turn your routine into sensational fireworks!

Swing it or Sling it?

A sex swing is made of harnesses that go on your body parts, a seat you can pop onto, and straps for security. One person goes on a swing, and the other will be free from this device and will be in charge of the swing’s movement while you hold on to the straps. It is a famous contraption for bondage lovers looking for a fun type of control and restraint.

A sex sling is also referred to as a sex hammock. It is mounted on a wall and provides leverage for exploring various types of positions. Other models simply have the harness that can go around your neck or legs for extra pull and pressure.

The Weightless Feeling

“On cloud nine” is the perfect phrase to describe the feeling of getting on a sex swing. It is propped against a wall, ceiling, door, or any sturdy surface within your space. With this foundation anchoring your weight, without anything supporting you from below, it will feel as if you were floating in midair.

It will completely change your routine of lying on your back, and in between the sheets. Sex swings will hit all the spots you never knew you had! Pressure, effort, and restraint will be on a whole new level, so expect that orgasms will also be skyrocketing!

An Aerobatic Sex Adventure Awaits!

One factor that contributes to a fizzled-out flame is the monotony of your sex positions. Missionary, doggie-style, cowgirl, most have become a sort of knee-jerk reaction for a lot of couples. As creatures of habit, you might not notice that your libido dwindles as the repetitiveness goes on.

You do not have to be a yogini, an acrobat, or a Kamasutra expert to pull off sex in midair! These contraptions will usher in brand-new positions you and your partner have never tried out. It would require minimum effort, even when you are not the most flexible person. Oral, bondage, and a lot of sexual activities can be carried out with these babies.

All you have to do is pick the most suitable one for your space. Take into consideration the following:


  • The integrity of the surface where you will mount the swing
  • Both of your partner’s weight parallel to the capacity of your desired product.
  • Consent and safety words before one of you are strapped onto the contraption.


Spruce Up Your Sex Den or Dungeon

You can have sex sling or swing in any room. Bedroom, BDSM dungeon, or some secret sex hideaway! It would take a bit of setting up, but a little hammer-on-nail action will be worth all the use you are going to get from your newly installed gizmo. This time, you won’t have to keep your toy hidden away in a drawer! Take one look at it, and be inspired to get on, and go all the way!

Get the Hang of it with the Best Sex Swings and Slings!

These might be your favorite BDSM breakthrough. You and your partner will be able to maneuver yourselves to the most mind-blowing positions. These sex devices will put your body at a pedestal. Feel like you are flying and foray into the world of bondage and restraint with something fun and exciting!