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Sexy Witch Costumes

In Halloween parties, it is a given that Princesses, queens and all things sweet and nice will be present. Being an evil witch for Halloween is not really the first thing that comes into the minds of women. Movies have always depicted these evil queens to be ugly, full of warts and envious of the beauty of young, fair-skinned princesses. This doesn’t have to be the case for your next Halloween party. Sexy witches costumes for women can rival even the hottest princess at the party.

The image of witches come in many forms so do not limit your ideas of witches on simply just the long-haired lady in a black dress that rides on a broom. Popular TV shows have reinvented witches and turned them into one of our modern-day magical humans. An example is the show Charmed where the witches are pretty hot!  The resurgence of witches into pop culture is slowly making waves. They are powerful and fiercely strong female heroines – plus they do magic! What can be more exciting than that?

Sorcery and all that comes with it can be a fun peg for this year’s festivities. It is, after all, magical. You can make the stereotypical scary witch costume and turn it into a sexy witch costume with just a flick of a wand.

Present in cultures across the world, witchcraft and sorcery have held their place in existence for thousands of years dating back to the ancient Egyptians. The belief that people had a concept of magic and using this magic against another person’s will was alarming. Witchcraft was widely misunderstood and muddled with science that people didn’t believe in hundreds of years ago. In 17th century Europe, physicians and doctors were accused of witchcraft for turning to apothecary medicine for treating patients. Today, we see witchcraft take form in practices such as spiritual healing or shamanism.

There are many eras of witchcraft and sorcery that you can pull from to create costumes witches embodied. In case you need a little help figuring out which witch you want to be, we’ve come up with a few witch costume ideas.

Dress the Part: Sexy Witch Costume Ideas

Take inspiration from (in)famous and beautifully sly characters in our culture – minus the sneers and evil plots.

Wicked Witch of the West – Wizard of Oz holds one of the most iconic witches. Although, the movie does not really depict it to be anything near attractive but you can make it into your own sexy persona. The Wicked Witch of the West has a green face and all black attire. Opt for a sexy black number and merge green into other parts aside from the face. i.e., hair, accessories, etc. and don’t forget the pointed witch hat! The Wicked Witch of the West leans more towards classic witch costumes with the long black dress and long sleeves, but that doesn’t make her any less enticing. Spruce her up with a sexy waist cincher to give those curves some definition.

The Red Witch– Critically-acclaimed series, the Game of Thrones, had a seriously brazen witch who could predict the future ad cast spells. Mix black and red into your long body hugging dress. Since this witch is almost medieval, trinkets like a potion around your neck or a hooded cape will suffice. Curl your hair into a messy yet sexy do or do a long one-shoulder braid. The Red Witch was known for her seductive powers, so find a fancy dress that is form fitting to those curves… you will certainly put a few men under your spell.

Evil Queen – Snow White had one of the most horrendous enemies and the little girls inside us still feel a tang of hate towards the wicked queen who poisoned our princess. The evil queen who was secretly a witch got its popularity by its cunning plot against Snow White. Although evil in nature, there is no denying that this queen was enchanting in physical appearance. She was nothing short of regal. Be as ravishing as the evil queen by wearing black and purple together. A floor-length velvet dress with flowy sleeves will be perfect. Do not forget the crown! This is an easy dress women can throw together. Just find a floor length purple velvet or black velvet gown and add a long gold rope around your waist. Done!

Glinda the Good Witch – Witches can be good too! There are a number of witch dresses that are lighter colors instead of the conventional black and dark colors. Go for a charming, flirty witch halloween costume with pinks, whites and glitter. The Good Witch costume includes a long floor length gown with lots of tulle and a large silver crown. If you want to sexify this look, find a short white and pink dress with white witch hat!

The Sanderson Sisters - If you’re a millennial that grew up watching scary Halloween movies on tv, you will certainly remember the classic Disney movie - Hocus Pocus. These women were resurrected accidentally by a Halloween-hating teenager, but it’s their goofy personalities that we all remember. A great themed witches costume for you and your girlfriends is to dress up as the Sanderson Sisters - Winifred, Sarah, and Mary. The Winifred character needs a witch dress costume with red curly hair and a pop up collar, showing her superiority among the other 2 witches. Mary is the goofy one with the long steeple of hair and Sarah is the younger attractive one with a tight corset bodice. You can undoubtedly turn all three of these sisters into sexy costumes.

Be Bewitching: Tips to balance sexy and gloom

Black, capes and pointy hats is a np-fail formula if you decide to purchase a witch costume for yourself. But beyond that, there are plenty more aesthetics that you can go for that has the witch motif. From gothic to “Hermoine Granger”, there are countless ideas. You just have to dig deep!

Don’t forget to show a little skin if you plan to go on a “witch-hunt” for your next rendezvous. Nevertheless, whatever witch costume style you go for, do not neglect looking hot and fiercely ravishing. How to do that? Well, for starters, makeup plays an important role if you want to be enchanting. No matter how wicked your costume looks, if you have a weak makeup game, it wouldn’t really be much convincing. So, opt for smoky looks, dark and heavy eyeliners unless you are opting for the white witch style which requires more pastel and dewy makeup. Find a pair of glitter eyelashes or extra-long eyelashes for a bewitching look.

The sexy witch knows how to put a man under her spell. Create a bewitching adult costume with a waist cincher that pulls tight around the waist and accentuates the hips. Create a defining neckline and high bosom by finding a low-cut dress costume paired with a push-up bra and neck choker. If you want to accentuate your legs, wear a black sequin strapless mini dress with leather leg garter. These witches know their sex appeal, and they know to use it!

For your hair, curls are definitely on top of the list. Witches aren’t often seen with stick-straight ironed hair. They don’t have the time in between all that plotting and scheming! But if you are going for an evil queen or anything regal, you may opt for a sleek updo.

Your accessories can be chokers and rhinestone necklaces. If you want to stay on the costume-y side, hooded capes, pointed witch hats and maybe even carry around a light broomstick if it will not pull your weight down.

Don’t forget those legs. As you can remember from the Wizard of Oz when the witch was crushed by the house, those two legs with striped stockings were sticking out. Witches love hosiery, so be sure to add a sexy pair of witch costume hosiery to your look. If you’re opting for a sexy witch dress that’s very short, go with a pair of fishnet pantyhose that add some drama to your look. If you want a more classic and festive witch halloween costume, get a pair of orange/black striped stockings or purple/black striped thigh high stockings.

Witches are also princesses with a little more fire, a little more spell-binding and a little more naughty!