Mix ‘n Match Bikinis

Fashion has always been a form of self expression. Bikinis, in particular, are open windows to let your creativity free and your personality shine. As they say, you can never have too many bikinis. Women just can’t get enough of bikinis that it has practically become an epidemic!

As much as you love a sexy bikini set, you would find yourself in a clutter. Your swimsuit drawers are filled to the brim with all the hottest pieces from season’s past. Scouring your collection, you probably realize that most of them are missing their partner. With the flurry of bikinis you own, it might be difficult to keep track on which bikini tops and bottoms go together. Some could be a result of that trial and error phase you went through, most are just a result of your bikini hoarding situation. After all, there are bikini sets which you completely adore the top but do not entirely care for the bottom and vice versa. The body is ever changing and there are times when finding a bikini set that fits seamlessly from top to bottom is too much of a long shot. This is a common problem for swimsuit shoppers, but it should not stop you from being sexy!

Scouring the disarray that is called your swimsuit drawer may seem too much of a drag. So by nature, you settle on the bikini sets which are intact and intuitively skip the odd one out! Stop right there and reevaluate your choices because the missing bikini bottoms should not hinder you from using those lonesome bikini tops again.

A modern woman’s fashion sense should always be coupled with practicality. It is never just because of how beautiful a bikini is, but also how it serves its purpose. If the purpose can be more than one, then it will have a better value for money ratio! You might not realize a bikini’s potential of being styled in more ways than one, but all it takes is a little bit of mixing and matching until you get the drift.

Reasons You Should Mix and Match

We wish that we have as much bikinis as many as the days of summer. It may be a bit of a challenge to stay unique in the swimsuit game for all the days of summer. As much as you would love to have a fresh swimsuit ensemble for each day out in the sun, it will cause a huge dent on your credit card bill. Especially if you plan on spending every waking moment by the water. It may be hard to scratch that itch of getting a brand new bikini but there are ways to spice things up while getting the biggest bang for your buck at the same time!

There is a genius idea you need to bear in mind to help you get out of the bikini repeating cycle: Bikini Mix and Match

Knowing how to mix and match bikini separates will take your bikini shopping skill to new heights. Try it on for size and make it a part of your summer retail therapy.

It doubles your options. It may seem more expensive to buy bikini separates, but when you think about it, it actually saves you more moolah. Mix and match bikini tops and bottoms will give you twice the alternatives, and probably even more when you pick a really versatile piece.

It is convenient. When you are stuck in a love-hate conundrum with your bikini set, a bikini mix and match will not give you the same headache. You can freely choose which top to pair with a particular bottom and so on. This will avoid any uncomfortable and awkward feelings towards your swimsuit because you have complete control over the recipe. Mix and match until it just right.

It is practical. Gaining the mix n match swimwear skill will be practical and functional. It is such a waste of a good swimsuit when you will not be able to wear it for certain reasons such as an ill-fitting bikini top. Whip out your trusty bikini separate in exchange for the piece you do not like from your new bikini set and the rest will all fall into place. It is always a good idea to keep a no-fail bikini option just in case your new purchase goes haywire. A good bikini separate will be your quick remedy to avoid getting caught by the fashion police.

It is brings out creativity. Style is not served on a silver platter. It will take a keen eye to pull off the sexiest looks. When we rely too much on what the swimsuit model wears entirely and simply put it on, that little spark of creativity and imagination dies inside. When you match bikinis, you also practice and hone your style skills and further ignite your passion for fashion.

It is unique. Like your fingerprint, your style can be your own and unlike any other. Your personality can influence your fashion choices, and no product display or sample. can fully express it. hen you get the hang of the bikini mix and match process, you will be able to explore and experiment with more styles that reflect your inner beauty. You can definitely bring out the trendsetter in you with out of the box ideas! What’s more, you will less likely bump into someone with the same exact outfit.

It is limitless. When you purchase a mix match bikini, you can go over and beyond your   usual fashion limits. Since it is not restricted to any kind of formula, you can go crazy with it. You can wear it either with an up and coming trend or last season’s number and still look chic. When paired with good quality and a timeless style, you can always wear it no matter what trends the seasons dictate. You can always choose to wear them with existing items in your collection. Play with prints, cuts, patterns, fabric and explore endless style possibilities.


Step by Step Guide to Mix and Match

Creating your original swimsuit formula is loads of fun! There’s nothing like putting your personal touch to your swimsuit ensembles. While it elicits utmost happiness, it can also be tricky. Avoid being mismatched with your mix and match bikini with this basic step by step guide to getting the right match.

1. Top or bottom? Determine the item you need. Before you make some serious shopping damage, find time to take a peek into your current bikini wardrobe. Assessing the situation your collection is in will prevent you from purchasing what is already in your closet. The goal is to expand and upgrade your collection. So what you’ll be needing are fresh pieces that aren’t in your closet yet. Scan your bikinis and observe which bikinis from last summer are missing their partners or which bikini style you still haven’t tried yet. So if you are swimming in bikini tops but have a scarcity of bikini bottoms, put the bottoms on the top of your list first.

2. Cop the style that works best for you. You do not want to buy something that will eventually go to waste. Mix and match swimwear is all about getting more cost efficient items. Pick a style that your body is absolutely in sync with so you will be able to use it for multiple times. Research on styles that will impeccably flatter your body shape and pick pieces that are flexible and versatile. Do not forget to measure for accurate sizes.

3. Choose your Color. While you examine your current bikini collection, you will either notice a color palette or a wide assortment of every color possible. Either way, assess which color is dominant in the group and determine which color works best for the palette. If tropical prints are a common denominator in your existing bikinis, then opt for bright, solid colors that will mesh well with floral and summer patterns. For bikinis which are mostly neutral, opt for a piece in a fun pop of color like hot pink or lipstick red. Already have the whole rainbow spectrum? Choose basic colors like black and white this time around!


6 No-Fail Combinations for Mix and Match Bikinis


Bikini trends come and go and it might be hard to keep track of every possible mixture that will keep you looking chic and trendy. If you find yourself in a fashion rumpus, here are summed up combinations that are guaranteed to keep you in the style loop.

1. Print + Solid: Probably the most popular combination is mixing a solid print with busy prints. Overwhelming bold prints can be toned down with a good solid print. Pick a single color from your printed piece and pair it with that chosen solid color. Primary colors keep everything attractive and striking without overpowering the intricacy of the prints.

2. Solid + Solid: Pairing two colors that are worlds apart is a retro style that is worth trying! Who says your ensemble has to stay in the same color family? Contradicting colors can actually mesh together beautifully. Wear a neon pink bikini top with an ultra violet g-string and bring the 80’s back. Pair red with a navy blue and channel a nautical sailor babe look.

3. Print + Print: This is one of the more adventurous and exciting blends. Print on print may be an intimidating

4. Light + Dark: You can still play with hues while sticking to the same color range. Go for a tonal mix and match. Make your pieces stand out as separates but also work harmoniously in giving you superb style. Go for a lime green top with an emerald bottom. Be a Barbie girl This mixture is both classy and fun, not to mention, it is also super easy to pull off!

5. Complex + Basic: Certain bikini styles have elaborate cuts and details. Sometimes, these details only work with half of our bodies. You can work your way around unflattering pieces by mixing complex and basic mix match bikinis. If you are all for a strappy bikini bottom, but when strappy does not sit well on your barely there boobs, you will never be fully comfortable. Opt for a simple push up bikini top that will still work well with that naughty strappy g-strings. Ruffles are a top choice for that girly vibe but it might not be the best if you are top heavy. Wear a ruffled bottom with a minimalist triangle top and balance out your proportions while keeping that femme vibe you desire!

6. High + Low: Going for the latest trends can sometimes be a hit or a miss. Especially if you want to try out experimental pieces, you are never sure how long a fad will last. Save on trendy pieces and splurge on the classics. Be a savvy bikini lover by mixing more luxurious pieces with fast fashion items. High and low mix and match can also mean vintage with modern. If you have that bikini top from ages ago that still does wonders to your figure, there’s no reason to throw it out just yet. Pair your trusty bikini top with a fresh and up-to-date design from the bestsellers list. Both of the pieces will balance each other out, making you a sexy (and smart) shopper!

Store Your Mix n Match Bikinis the Right Way

Mixing and matching your swimwear is really fun until you find yourself in a pile of unsorted bikini tops and bottoms. It will be easier for you to scope out and pair your bikini mix and match separates when you can see everything clearly. Keep everything within reach by organizing them by category. Opting for fool proof organizing ideas will keep you from drowning (no pun intended). First, you can arrange them by color. Since color plays a huge part in styling, you can keep all the similar hues together. Keep the prints together and the solids side by side. Another tip is to store them in accessible and transparent containers that will make it easy to sift through and pull out when you are in need of a quick bikini fix.

Mixing and matching your bikinis may impose a challenge, but at the end of the day, it is all about expressing yourself. When two separate bikini products make you feel sexy and happy, you do not have to keep them apart! Join them together and just add a dash of sexy styling to make them work in complete harmony and happiness. Shop for a mix and match bikini and be a bit mixed up but still smoothly blended together.