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Live, love, lube!


Our slippery little secret is out! Humans are never running out of ways to make sex more pleasurable than it already is. As much as you would want to keep the waterfall flowing, the body’s natural lubricant is not always at the level you want. Especially when you are already a few rounds in, and you want to keep the ball rolling, a little goop can whip that drought back into shape! Doing it dry is nothing short of a disgrace – all that discomfort, pain, and hygiene. Why go through that when a sex lub can be your catalyst to an unstoppable sex drive.

In your tireless attempt to create the perfect erotic scene, a sex lube is the answer! Porn-worthy moments are always at your fingertips when you keep one handy in your bedside arsenal.

Wetter and Better with the Best Lubricants for Sex

The purpose of a sex lube is pretty straightforward. One would typically and usually use lube for full-penetration, but it could serve you in more ways than one! Here are some ideas on how to make the most out of your sex lubricant:

-          Your back door does not produce as much moisture fluid as the vagina. If you are attempting anal sex, use lube to make the experience more flawless!

-          Kick that hand action into gear with a real “hand-y” lube! Let’s face it. The hands can get rough and patchy, and the feeling of crusty hands against the skin is not always a delight. A lavish serving of lube can send tingles down the spine!

-          Masturbation does not have to be drab and flavorless. Slap on some scented and smooth blob of self-love for your next solo session.

-          Sex toys can use some of that fluidity. Dildos, clamps, vibrators, and other accessories will glide on smoother on whatever surface when it has even a tinge of moisture.

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Lubricants have always played a significant role in improving anyone’s sex life. From foreplay to full-on coitus, a squirt of sex lube can go a long way! Keep friction at bay with our favorite sex lubricants for women. Beyond its function, women love to indulge, even in the simplest luxuries. This is why we are dedicated to providing an assortment of products that will cater to your specific needs, whether you are looking for water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based sex lubes. You can choose from sex lubricants that have holistically healthy elements that feature naturally-flavored, chemical-free, hypoallergenic, and even edible ingredients! This selection of smooth and sensual lubricants is specially designed and curated for limitless pleasure!