Sexy Mermaid Costumes

Mermaids are mythological creatures who reside in the water. Half human and half fish, mermaids have been swimming around in the imagination of all walks of life since time immemorial. The fascination for these creatures is rooted by mystery. People have always been bewildered by the thought of their possible existence. Mermaids are said to have magical powers but are better known for having mystical features. They are usually viewed as having beauty and charm that people can’t resist, whether you are on land or not. Now, these creatures are reimagined in movies, cartoons, TV shows, art, merchandise, you name it! Mermaids have become an inevitable part of humanity just like the pull of going to the beach and swimming with the waves. We can’t always be in the water, and that can be a bummer especially when you love going to the beach and wearing a bikini. Wearing a little mermaid costume is just as good as jumping in the deep blue sea. People are flocking to stores for a chance to dress up as them which is why mermaid costumes for womenare all over the market.

Wish I Could Be Part of That World

Probably the first mermaid you knew was the Disney character: Ariel. A princess that did not live on land yet was able to find her Prince Charming; Ariel was every little girl’s idol. The hair, the tail, the shells and pearls, they wanted to be one as well! They definitely did not need proof that mermaids exist for them to dress up as one of the most loved princesses.

The little mermaid is a classic party costume, but has mostly been associated with little girls. Because no one can really let go of the mermaid fever, demands for an adult Ariel costume are through the roof. A perfect mix of beauty and fire, Ariel is someone worth emulating. Look for those world famous fins that you can slip on, maybe accessorize with a few seashells or pearls and you will never feel like a fish out of water.

Under the Sea is the Best Place to be

If you are a full-grown woman and still want to relive the magic that mermaids provide, there are adult mermaid costumesspecially designed for that playful night out.

There are multiple reasons why you should dress up as a tail-bearing magical creature for Halloween or for your next costume party. Here are just some of those reasons:

(1) Mermaids are FUN and so are you! Where there are mermaids, there’s always music, dancing and simply having a good time. So, you would want to emulate the same energy by dressing up as one of these fun-loving creatures. The colors are often a reflection of this. A mix of iridescent and metallic can be hard to pull off on a regular day. A sexy mermaid costume will give you a chance to be shining and colorful.

(2) Mermaids are irresistible – There’s something about them that people are lured by the thought of mermaids – much like Price Eric from The Little Mermaid. They are charming and can get along well with other people. Picking a little mermaid adult costume and being one with it can be your ticket into attracting the man of your dreams. With that sexy iridescent romper or those cheeky scale bottoms, he will surely want to “Kiss the girl”.

(3) Mermaids can be very sexy – Seashells for a top. What can be sexier than that? There’s no other way to go than sexy when you dress up like a mermaid. Women’s mermaid costumes are designed to be brazen without sacrificing the charm and playfulness of it. Wear these pieces with confidence and have a whale of a time!

To sum it all up, the perfect mermaid adult costume can give you the total package. Everything an empowered woman would want to be: beautiful, mysterious, wild and free!

Be Mer-mazing: How to Wear your Mermaid Costume

So, you now want to be a mermaid? Efforts do not have to stop by purchasing the perfect little mermaid adult costume. There’s a plethora of extra knick-knacks that you can use with your mermaid costume. After all, a mermaid is all about the “bling”. You can let your creativity run (or swim) free for your dress up.

Decide first what type of mermaid costume you prefer. You can go extra alluring by wearing pastel skimpy romper with fins and scales detailing or you can bare all by wearing a two-piece number in gold and black iridescent colors. Full-length dresses that look like long, shiny mermaid tails paired with shell tops is a classic little mermaid outfit.

Your make-up can be natural or full, nevertheless, do not go easy on the shine and dewiness, as you should look straight out of the water. Accessorize your costume with ocean-themed trinkets such as matching gloves, starfish or shell hair accessories. Don’t forget the intricate pearls or jewels to add additional luster.

If you’ve got everything down pat from head to toe, then add the best accessory to finish off the look: your confidence and your smile! Go and make the world your oyster!