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Resort Wear & Beach Dresses

Oh, how your inner wanderlust wants to break free! The word ‘vacation’ brings people happiness, even by the mere thought of it. In the midst of being in the urban complex, you would more likely rather be in a tropical state of mind. So when you finally get to book that fun sunset cruise or a quick getaway in an exotic beach resort for a weekend, or if you are invited to a beach destination wedding, it is only proper that you gear up to look the part. Slipping on your bikinis and monokinis is a normal part of a vacation goer's routine but when you are faced with phrases like ‘Island Chic’, ‘Resort Dress’, ‘Elegant Casual’ and such, it can make you question your fashion vocabulary.

Do you really have to follow this protocol? Do you need to be in a beach resort to wear these dresses? Is there anything in your closet that can be worn for these specific places? Do you find yourself scratching your head to this unfamiliar dress code? Endless questions probably boggle your mind. But before you decline that invitation to that cruise party, let Julbie lead you to the right path! There’s no reason to be in a tizzy because you can definitely overcome your bewilderment. No need to be intimidated by the ambuiguity of the title. After brushing up on the crash course of resort wear dresses, you will be able to breeze through choosing your dress for your vacation in the tropical climate. It will be your turn to bewilder the crowd with your sexy vacation dresses!

Here’s a comprehensive guide to keep you dressed to the nines (appropriately) for your next deluxe resort vacation.


What is Resort Wear?

There is a high probability that this is the first question that popped in your mind when you first read the term: What exactly is resort wear? The answer is fairly simple. It precisely denotes what those two words say – these are clothes you wear to resorts. This refers to the outfits you wear when you’re not swimming. What you wear when taking a dip in the water is a whole different story. While your swimsuits are paramount when it comes to packing for your trips, never neglect what you’ll be wearing when you’re out of the water.

As the fashion industry progressed, this term now carries a heavier meaning when expounded. Because of the popularity of beach resort dresses, it has since evolved from seasonal clothing and can now even be worn at any time of the year! As long as the venue you are headed to is located outdoors (beaches, gardens, cruise ships, patio restaurants, etc.), vacation dresses can be worn. Resort dresses, vacation dresses are also at times called holiday dresses since they are often worn for special occasions.

Some illustrative examples of resort dresses are the nautical colors, poised designs, and classy hues. Think preppy country club mixed with a happy-go-lucky islander. There are certain places you will definitely be spending with a lot of peers and strangers, that is why certain places impose rules for resort wear to set the overall mood and uphold the image and maintain the sophisticated atmosphere.

Resort ware range from the chill and casual to glam and posh levels. Styling will depend on the purpose of your vacation. Make sure you are in the know when it comes to the destination, the event and the type of crowd so that you’ll have smoother decision making.

Resort Wear Dress Code: Who, What, Wear?


Fashion can be a free dive, but even pools have safety cages and the ocean has water buoys. You can freely express yourself through your clothes but for certain occasions and places, there are restrictions you need to bear in mind before you pack your suitcase.

Your favorite gym shorts, yoga pants, and your ripped jeans are a no-no in some vacation spots. So leave the daisy dukes and sneakers and pack your free-flowing dresses with peep-toe sandals instead. Factors like the weather, the dress code, the formality of the occasion and the time of the day are just some of these. Keep yourself in the loop and prevent your outfits from drowning in a sea of resort wear clothes.

There are a lot of resort dress options laid on the table and it can get a bit overwhelming. The only rule of thumb you need to know by heart is that you need to abide by the rules of the beach resort/cruise ship/garden party you are going to so that you can fully enjoy everything it has to offer!

After you grab hold of the dress code the next suggested measure you could take is to determine which time of the day you’ll be donning your beach resort dresses. There is a significant difference between the ambiance of the day as compared to night. Here are some examples to help you dress appropriately.


Day: Sexy and Stylish under the Sun!

You can get away with more casual pieces when it comes to styling for broad daylight. Keep everything light and airy for the warm climate. During the day is when you go swimming or just simply soaking up the sun. You can definitely keep your skin exposed so that you won’t swelter under the sun’s rays. If you plan to take a dip in between dining and lounging around, you can also wear something you can easily throw on top as a cover-up. Make sure that your swimsuit and your dress do not clash! If you are wearing a printed swimsuit, a solid colored dress is more fitting, while a monochromatic bikini will be more fun and exciting with a multicolored dress. A beach resort dress during the daytime is more appealing when it is bright. Keep the hues light like a Turquoise mesh tunic that is both breezy and sexy!

Show off your favorite assets of your body and let your sexiness shine through. It’s a great thing to flaunt your sexiness with your dresses but also create a balance so that you will still look classy! A white keyhole mini dress will show off your back and your cleavage but it still falls under the dress code. With this, all you need to do is throw on a pair of your shades, order a cocktail and enjoy your sunny vacation!

Night: Sexy and Sleek After the Sun Sets

Before the day draws to a close, a change of outfit is in check. While the lights of a candlelit dinner replace the rays of the golden sun, you can also replace your outfit with some evening sartorial pieces. In tropical vacation spots, you usually enjoy a ritzy passionate dinner while experiencing the cool breeze by the ocean. In other times, a resort has top of the line restaurants that serve you like a VIP. Moments like these should be marked in your memories with your sexy vacation dress. Look for semi-formal cocktail dresses that scream elegance and yet still calm and cool for vacation.

If you are out for a night of cocktails, dancing, mingling and flirting, an eye-popping dress that falls under the resort’s dress code is your front-runner. Remember that you are still in a tropical paradise, so do not bundle yourself up too much!

High-class dining places would most likely have a strict dress code such as no slippers, no jeans, and shorts, even t-shirts are not the norm in some elite restaurants. You can go for sleek dresses in elegant colors. If your venue has meticulous rules and regulations for dressing up but you do not want to look stiff and uptight, you can still show a sliver of skin with alluring cut-out dresses. This way, you adhere to the upscale guidelines without compromising your sexiness and your irresistible charm. Off the shoulder dresses, halter and tube mini dresses are formal resort wear staples. If you wear minimal makeup during the day, you can be all dolled up in the evening. Pair your sleek dresses with some intricate jewelry and lustrous makeup. Resort dresses are fancy but also sexy enough to take to your seductive after-hours rendezvous.


4 Sexy Resort Dresses You Need on Your Next Trip


Dresses are a no-fail option when you want to look spiffed up without breaking a sweat. When you choose to wear a dress, you do not have to rack your brain in paring your tops with your bottoms. Here are some getaway-ready dresses that will make you look your best from dusk ‘til dawn.

1. A Little Black Dress – Even after your beach resort escapade, you will surely get your money’s worth when you purchase a little black dress that perfectly fits your taste and your body. You can play around with accessories, shoes and the like to adjust to the attire protocols. Better worn during evening affairs with some gold jewelry and you can spruce it up with killer heels or dress it down with strappy sandals. There is surely an exquisite little black dress for all women, for all body types. A black free forming mini dress will make any body shape look svelte and sexy. It can be worn baring the shoulders or not and will look good with either relaxed or luxe footwear.

2. A Sexy White Dress – if you have the black one for evenings, you can wear an immaculate white dress during the day. This color will be perfect to plop on as a swimsuit cover-up. Even out the water, you will look clean and pristine under beach umbrellas or while sipping your smoothie in the resort cafe. If you will attend a garden party or will luxuriate in a cruise, a white tie-side dress is a sure fire head turner.

3. Gleam and Glow Dress – Just in case you need an instant pick-me-upper for a spontaneous night in a club, you need a shining, shimmering splendid dress! What better outfit to cut a rug in than a tube dress that will put the disco ball to shame. If sequined anything is not your cup of tea, you can also wow the crowd with a bright colored dress. Pick a vibrant color like turquoise which will remind everyone of the colors of the ocean. In other news, you can also be fun and funky with a multi-print dress.

4. Maxi Dress – Maxi dresses for a beach vacation is ultra chic and high-street! If you’re not keen on bringing all mini dresses, a maxi dress in a floaty, lightweight fabric is just as gorgeous and desirable. Make their jaw drop by subtly showing them your inner seductress. Let your vampy self out by picking a slinky maxi dress with high slits. It’s full back coverage and length will fall under the resort dress code but its the subtle details are what matters.


When in Doubt, Bring a Dress!

If you are on the prowl for your resort wear haul, you do not need to look any further. Resort dresses are not only stylish and sexy, but it is also a suitcase space saver! Julbie has everything you need. From chic dresses, you can use in splashing and just hanging loose to dresses perfect for your wine and dine meeting. It doesn’t matter where you are going, get ready to have the time of your life with only the best resort dresses!