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Candy Lingerie

Just when you thought the sex couldn’t get any sweeter.

Food and foreplay -- two unlikely things that seem to fit together like a glove. Couples have gotten creative in targeting sensory pleasure through the sense of taste. They always say ‘spice up’ your sex life, but why not sweeten it up this time? Trade your silk, lace, and leather for some lip-smacking delights! Who would have thought mouthwatering candies are just the thing you need to wear so your partner would be drooling with desire! Feed your insatiable hunger with candy underwear that will take you on an orgasmic experience.

Have you ever tried a wearable and edible piece?

If you have, we know you are here on this page, searching for more sweet treats! If you haven’t, then you are missing out! A pair of undies made with your favorite fabric: Candy! We guarantee that your sweet tooth and sexual drive will both be on overdrive!


Say ‘Eat Me’ Without Words

A couple of our favorite things, lingerie, and sweets merge to give us a thrilling snack-time! Consider candy bra and pants, pasties, and other accessories as a sweet aphrodisiac. A lackluster and bland ambiance will always be turned into a medley of flavors!

Dress up in candy panties and let your man work his way to the real meal! It will get both of you craving for more of each other. Edible bras can give your beau something else to suck on and sink his teeth in. A pair of nipple pasties with candy tassels are a mouthwatering in more ways than one! Jawbreaker gags are meant to be together. Who says bondage and sugar cannot mix? As far as we know, it is a sticky combo that anyone would love to try on for size!

Famished or full, he will surely have a big appetite once he sees you in your candy underwear!

You are what you eat! Be Eye Candy. Be Soul Food.

You do not have to worry about fitting into these novelty items. Items come with a stretchable string that will fit most. You might be surprised at how flattering the candy panties are for your booty. Cop it with a matching edible bra, and you will be munching on each other the whole night! Have a ball strutting your candy couture and share a laugh when you gnaw through the string! Fun-filled moments will be a guarantee when you have your candy bra and pants on! Bring naughty fun in the bedroom, bridal shower, honeymoon, lingerie parties, and more!

Julbie’s Candy Lingerie Menu

Every delectable item is selected with these standards: scrumptious, sexy, and sturdy! Sugar-coated goodness in the form of lingerie is right here at your fingertips! Sift through the sweets and pick your sexy treat!