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Striped Stockings

Be a Leopard with Fierce Stripes

Stockings and other hosiery forms are always stashed away in every woman’s wardrobe, waiting to be worn when we need comfort and warmth. That little bit of coverage goes a long way. Tights are not only practical; they could be sexy too! We love a stand-out pair of stockings that keeps us feeling comfy and confident at the same time.

When you have your striped tights on, you know it won’t be any ordinary day. Eyes will be on you and your striped leggings with every step you take. No matter what you pair it with, it is guaranteed to make a statement.

An Exciting Spin on Your Usual Ensembles

Stripes go with everything. Lines are the all-around pattern that could go multiple ways. Striped stockings come in a vast array of color combinations that give an instant pop of personality to every outfit.

Striped and Sexy Looks for Every Occasion

A bright-colored striped pantyhose demands attention, while a subtle sheer piece can spruce up basic outfits. It strikes a balance between fun and functional.

Integrating striped tights into is easier than it looks and more versatile than you think! The pattern could be a little bit risqué and yet a whole lot of rock and roll. It all depends on how you style it, and with the right pair, the sky’s the limit!

When it doubt, go for stripes!

Costume or Casual?

The best thing about striped stockings is that it goes both ways. The same pair of striped leggings could prop up a relaxed outfit or add force to a wild character costume! Here are some ideas that will inspire you to get one (or more) striped hosiery:

  • Where’s Wally – Iconic red and white striped leggings with a matching shirt, blue jeans, and a bonnet. The search is on!
  • Wicked Witch of the West – The legendary black and white striped stockings against sparkling red heels! Totally nostalgic!
  • Santa’s Elf – Red and green, or red and white striped leggings with a pointy hat and pointy shoes make for a bright and merry costume!
  • Beetlejuice – Make your own rendition of thespine-chilling suit with vertical striped tights in black and white.
  • Bee – Yellow and black striped leggings will get the crowd a-buzzin’!
  • Doll – Be a living doll with a dainty babydoll mini dress or a ballet tutu, then style with a candy-striped pantyhose.


A Striped Love Story with Julbie

Stripes is a classic pattern you should not pass up! Find the most flattering styles for every body type and all kinds of personalities. Vertical striped tights for elongating the legs, and plus size striped tights for our curvy beauties! Though striped leggings are unmistakably eye-catching, some bold designs could be intimidating to wear, but our curated collection leaves no room for insecurity. We have a bunch of styles to choose from so that confidence could freely roam! Find the right pair for you and start your own colorful story.