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Daisy Lace Open Crotch Teddy
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Lovely Lace Garter Camisole Lingerie Set
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Lace Cage Bra and Garter Set
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Flutter Leg Lace Teddy Lingerie
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Rose Pearl Thong
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Contrast Daisy Lace Bra Set
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All Lace Boyshorts
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Sexy Satin Chemise Sleepwear
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French Dot Mesh Robe and Bra Set
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Garden Party Lingerie Teddy
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Embroidered Lace Chemise
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Clip Y-Back Thong
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Romantic Rose Lace Teddy
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A Guide to Shopping for the Perfect Kinky Lingerie

The word lingerie has always been a part of the list of unmentionables. It will spark up a lot of thoughts that remain unanswered. For some women, it simply means undergarments, panties and bras. This is the common misconception, however, because lingerie can be more than just fabric you wear underneath your clothes. Adult lingerie can be a mood booster, a sensual statement, a confidence lifter and a whole lot more you want to make of it! Lingerie is practically synonymous to sexiness. Sexier than being naked even!

The right piece of kinky lingerie can make a woman feel her most beautiful. The catch is, not everyone knows this fact. We want to break the barrier. The thin line between regular undies and women’s sexy lingerie. A lot are still in the dark when it comes to lingerie. It may seem downright terrifying especially when you are buying your first kinky women’s lingerie. Some have probably considered to shop lingerie before but were too intimidated to start scouring the racks.

A luxurious piece of adult women's lingerie should not be restricted to being worn only when the occasion calls for it. Our underwear is the first and the last thing you slip on everyday so lingerie is integral and inevitable and should be taken more seriously. Do not simply keep your lingerie tucked away collecting dust in a drawer, only to bring it out for Valentines or any other special occasion. Sure, your partner would not pass up on a little extra kinky on you but remember lingerie is for yourself, girl! It will make you feel 100% more confident and sexy if you give it permission to – and it doesn’t even have to be seen by anyone!

So for those who still have reservations about that gorgeous women’s kinky lingerie, break those shackles because life is too short to wear boring underwear! If you are, nonetheless, aren’t a newbie and just looking for another bra and panty set, let us make the shopping experience exciting for you!

Different Types of Adult Lingerie

Lingerie can be overwhelming especially if you are a neophyte lingerie shopper. We have gathered the need-to-know about lingerie terminologies and we boiled it down to the lace stocking essentials.

Babydoll and Chemise – A babydoll is originally meant for the bedroom. It is a swingy mini dress that is much like a slip only shorter. Typically, it falls only above the derriere so panties are often worn with it. A chemise is a bit longer and has a tighter fit as compared to the former. Both are varieties of lingerie that you slip on after a hard day’s work since it is uber-comfy but it has also evolved into a sensual piece of clothing used to seduce the significant other. Couples that prefer sexy chemise lingerie over say teddies is the easy access it provides in the bedroom. With a little flutter, baby doll lingerie moves with your curves and provides erotic imaginations. Men who like to see their woman in an innocent lace look can be aroused at the simplicity by which to play while not having to remove the lingerie. Better yet, babydoll lingerie sets include a babydoll and thong panty that matches the outfit. Put together a head to toe ensemble with one simple look! Pair a black babydoll with a matching black lace thong hot for your partner.

Teddies/Bodysuits – Teddies are somewhat similar in form to a romper or a leotard. They are also referred to as bodysuits. It covers two ends at once. Its convenience makes the lingerie teddy a very popular piece in the lingerie universe. Sexy bodysuits are very versatile. It can be worn in many ways such as the lace lingerie body suit. A lace lingerie bodysuit is typically sheer that exposes the breasts through the material creating an arousing look. Many women like to wear lace lingerie bodysuits to bed as an alternative to babydolls or night gowns. You can wear a classy black lace bodysuit under a dress for a romantic night. It keeps your torso smooth underneath all that fabric, yet keeps you prepared for an erotic night after that date!

Corsets- Sexy corsets lingerie go way back in time. They are used as a waist cincher to emphasize the woman’s curves. Not only does it keep the waist cinched, it also thrusts up your bust, giving you that push-up bra effect. Corset tops have taken various forms to make the seemingly restricting piece fun, and more sensual. Sexy corsets lingerie ranges from the classic lace to risque leather, from pure white to vampy red. You name it! There is a corset suited to your preferences. If you have an hourglass figure, this piece of lingerie will further accentuate your tiny waist, push up those breasts, and reveal that beautiful booty. Make your look even better with corset sets that include a sexy corset and matching panty. Even the most simple corset set includes a corset with a cute panty that you can pair together. Sometimes a corset will come in the form of lace bustiers

Garters – You have probably seen garter belts worn with women's sexy lingerie sets and wondered “what are those for?”. Well, aside from adding more sex appeal to the wardrobe, garters actually have a very practical purpose: they hold up stockings to your thighs. Many modern stockings actually have spandex or a rubber material that hold them up naturally, but if you want a sexy and simple solution to spice up your bedroom play - this is it! Coming in many styles, garters are made in low-rise, high waist, mid waist, lace, etc for your preference. Pair this with a sexy open cup bra and your partner won’t keep his hands off you!

Nightgowns and Kimonos – Similar to a babydoll, nightgowns are on the longer and more conservative side but will “WOW” when worn over your voluptuous figure. Kimonos are somewhat similar but can be tied around your waist, making it easier to slip on and take off. Whether you are alone lounging around the bedroom in your sexy nightgown waiting to switch off the lights or letting someone untie your silk kimono robe, a sexy nightie is a luxury for all women, whether you are sleeping with or without a beau. As they say, a woman must self-indulge every so often. If you’re looking for a nightgown sexy enough for the bedroom, look for a sexy nightgown that is sheer lace or sheer mesh. These sexy numbers are bound to tease and make you look elegant!

Role Play Costumes – This is where you can let your kinky sexuality loose. Kinky role playing costumes for the bedroom can take your sexual desires to the roof. Sexy nurses, sexy animals, and more. You just have to pick and plan a role and let the heat takeover. If you choose a role play costume, it won’t only stimulate your erotic pleasures but also tap on your creativity and imagination! What can be more fun & kinky than that?

Lingerie for Special Occasions -It has been mentioned that lingerie shouldn’t be limited only for special occasions and should always be utilized to its fullest any day of the year. What if a very special occasion comes up? You do not just pick random lingerie from your drawers, right? Good thing we have provided specially curated women’s sexy lingerie sets specially curated for that very momentous event.

Bridal lingerie – A woman’s most important day is her wedding day, but her most memorable night will be her first honeymoon night. Thus, like a soldier, a bride should be   prepared with her armor. Lingerie for weddings are often delicate and dainty with a whole lot of sex appeal. White lingerie is a perfect tradition for the moment you are tied down. Wear it underneath your wedding gown and it will instantly make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the room!

Valentines day lingerie – The most romantic day of the year. A day for romance and love- making, so it is only fitting that you come prepared with some exceptional negligee. Pinks and reds are fitting for this occasion since these colors stand for passion and love.  This annual celebration is your excuse to get down and dirty! Put a little spice and go for a cupless bra or maybe crotchless panties so you do not have to make him work for it. Go right down to business!

Sexy Christmas Lingerie – The holiday you would not have thought of preparing negligee for but it’s never bad to imbibe the Christmas spirit to your undies. Maybe even dress up as a present for your lover and let him unwrap you under a mistletoe. It will be a Christmas you’ll never forget!

Body Stocking Lingerie - Most people are confused by the idea of wearing a stocking over your body, but do not be deceived! Sexy body stockings are a favorite among many for several reasons. Most body stockings are fishnet bodystockings which are large net designs that are see through and sheer. Everything is exposed! Sexy fishnet bodystockings come in a variety of designs such as dresses, full body, crotchless, cupless, you name it! Depending on your preference, crotchless bodystockings are a must-have! These sexy numbers provide easy access for your partner and are easy to clean afterwards!

Lingerie is also a fashion piece and you can always incorporate your own taste and style to it. Go with the flow and change with the seasons. Rest assured, there will be lingerie suited for all your preferences.

How to Choose the Right Adult Lingerie for You

Now to have briefed yourself on the ins and outs of women's lingerie terms, it’s your turn to buckle down and put those information to use. It’s now high time for you to choose kinky lingerie for yourself. Here are some things to consider before putting it to the cart:

1. Check the material – Speaking of feeling great, lingerie material  (i.e. fabric) plays a big part on this. So be sure to check the product description on what the lingerie is made of. Leather lingerie looks hell of sexy, only if you also feel good in it. To each, her own. In order to look great, you also have to feel great. Feeling great comes from the love from what you are wearing. Purchase a style that you are absolutely confident in. Never sacrifice comfort just to look like a million bucks. Material is very important when it comes to the type of lingerie. Sexy long lingerie for instance typically comes in sheer mesh or sheer lingerie to allow a breathable material so you don't get too hot. 

2. Size matters – Size of your lingerie, at least. Good sizing ensures overall comfortability and comfortability amps up your confidence. Do not neglect looking at the size charts. Know your measurements well or keep a measuring tape when you purchase online,  it comes in handy and keeps sizes accurate so no unwanted bulges or crevices are peeking out when you finally fit it. Oh, and, remember, there is no size requirement in wearing lingerie. You can rock adult lingerie, no matter what body type or size you are!

3. Be bold! - Gradually take your lingerie game up a notch every time you decide to purchase. Do not be afraid to try something new and out-of-the-box to see your kinky lingerie side. There’s no other way to know if you like it, if you do not try it for yourself. Keep up with the trends and maybe after the nudes, the whites and blacks, why not go for reds, pink and whatever color you desire! If all else flops, lingerie sets are your best bet.

5. Grab good deals - The right lingerie can make you feel the sexiest. There are lingerie for cheap prices that are as good as the more high-end ones. You just have to look at the right places (which you are in!). The best lingerie brands are bequeathed right here for the sexy queen that you are.

Look and Feel Sexy 24/7

We can only go as far as providing you with the best possible lingerie that would make you feel confident! Feel positive and know that you are beautiful! When you invest in a good set of lingerie, you are also investing on your self-confidence. You deserve to indulge in the little things that make a great difference! You are worth it! If you're just starting out wearing sexy lingerie, start with something small like sexy night dresses that show some leg and cleavage. You'll be surprised at the response you receive!

What is the best lingerie for women?

The best lingerie for women is lingerie that appeals to both her unique personality and budget. Just like a pair of heels, women want lingerie that will: exude her self-confidence, bring attention to her favorite body parts, and be favorable for special occasions or everyday use. We favor all kinds of kinky lingerie, from sexy panty hose, lace babydolls, to lingerie garters, you can't go wrong! Most of all, finding adult lingerie that's affordable like discount lingerie is important to make you feel confident and secure.