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Sexy Wonder Woman Costumes

Shopping for Halloween costumes is something that most fun-loving humans take seriously. Dressing up silly once a year is, after all, something to look forward to. Halloween costumes have been part of human tradition that people really want to go the distance when it comes to preparations. Parties, candies, trick or treating, decorations are all part of it but nothing compares to the thrill of putting together a Halloween costume. If you are really into the spirit (no pun intended), then at least a month’s preparation will suffice to pull off an epic Halloween ensemble. Although we have annual celebrations, Halloween costume ideas are sometimes a struggle to conceptualize. With the flurry of costumes in the market, the perfect Halloween costume will not fall on our laps as much as we want it to.

Here is when people turn to the interwebs. When you search the web for the most popular Halloween costumes for women, superhero costumes are sure to pop up at the very top. From toddlers to adults, a superhero costume is a no-fail option for your costume parties. It leaves us with less to think about because honestly, we know our superhero characters all too well that we do not need research for that!

Superhero costumes are not limited to the youngsters but it can also be the young at heart! There are multiple superhero costumes that can be super sexy. With the most recent movie, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman portrayal took the box office by storm. Now every female wants to be wonder woman. Consequentially, it comes to no surprise that a sexy wonder woman costume may pop up more times that you would expect. According to multiple websites, the wonder woman costumes come up as the most googled out of all the male and female superheroes. Talk about girl power!

5 Reasons Why We Love Wonder Woman:

1. Her sassiness – There’s nothing sexier than a woman who has incredible looks but also has wit and humor. Her strong personality inspires every woman to speak up and retort when putting up with nonsense! Truly, she is a no nonsense woman! Wearing a wonderwoman costume will give you just as much attitude!

2. Her incomparable determination – In every battle, you will see wonder woman sporting her game face. This means she is not giving up that easily. Every woman wants embody that kind of prowess. Wonder woman is one tough chick! But it will never be tough to pick out wonder woman outfits. Julbie will provide you with everything. All you need is the determination to look like one tough chick!

3. Her global reach and inclusivity – Did you know that wonder woman speaks all languages known to man? Inclusivity is one of her strong points and all walks of life can relate to her character because she is a global citizen. So it does not matter what nationality or race you are, wonder women costume is for literally everyone! Wonder woman herself would not have it in any other way!

4. Her sexiness – I mean, did you see that bod? No one can deny that wonder woman is the epitome of hot. What makes it so evident is how her clothes highlight her sex appeal. From her bustier to her boots, everything adds up to her whole sex appeal. So take note of those when you pick out your wonder woman adult costume! You should not miss a detail.

5. Her costume – How can we not mention that legendary one piece suit? Only wonder woman can obliterate enemies and save mankind in a skimpy outfit. Her iconic look promotes female empowerment. Her overall get up screams that you can be spunky and powerful yet still ooze femininity and charm. A sexy superhero costume is just what you need to embody that look.

Wonder Woman Costumes and Their Elements

Wonder woman is already almost an ancient superhero character. Her look (as well as the actresses that played her) has changed over the years from her classic comic book costume but the prominent elements of her costume has retained and stood the test of time. There have been a lot versions of the sexy wonder woman costume that you can even purchase wonder woman lingerie for the battle in the bedroom!

The following are the essential elements that you need to take note of if you want to make your adult wonder woman costume look straight out of the Amazon.

1. The suit – While the original costume worn by wonder woman showcases an elaborate bustier or corset and her booty shorts. Julbie has picked out variations of her suit that you could easily choose from. You can go for a one piece romper which can be slipped on smoothly. You can also go for more a sexy wonder woman costume that comes with separates. A red top pr bra is a must plus a golden waist cincher. There are a few costumes that features a separate belt-like waist band that ties the whole costume together. Not only that, it also makes your waist appear smaller, therefore accentuating your curves better. Some waist cinchers act like a corset that you can lace up depending on how tight you want it. You get to have full control.

2. The colors – Namely red, gold, and blue and a bit of white. The modern wonder woman costume has to have something metallic but the recent version from the latest movie s more rugged which you also go for. If you are want a more subdued color.

3. The stars – Adding the stars to the costume may seem as if wonder woman is patriotic to the USA since all the elements of its flag is now on her costume. Though her Amazonian roots may have sparked some confusion as to why she has the US flag around her body, it was actually intended to be there. Before wonder woman, she was just Diana the Amazonian. But since Diana started becoming her own hero in the land of the free, it was only fitting that she incorporate it in her garments. She was, all the same, fighting for freedom.

 And those elements may already give out that you are going for the sexy warrior princess. There are some extra accessories that you can include in your outfit that will make it look genuinely thought out.

4. The tiara – This symbolizes her royalty as a princess. Of course, it is not all for show since wonder woman’s tiara is also a strong weapon. Her tiara features a star at the middle of metallic gold. Though you can improvise depending on your costume. Opting for a heavy tiara might not be the most convenient, especially if you are planning to dance all night long. Since you are not going to fight off baddies, you can go for something that is lightweight like an elastic headband so that it is easy to take off just in case. We don’t want anything messing up our super do’s!

5. The Lasso of Truth – Maybe just a golden rope. Wonder woman was famous for her lasso of truth in which if one is caught with it, will be forced to tell the absolute truth. As much as we want that power in our hands, we’ll just settle with a cute prop. Some of Julbie’s wonder woman outfits already come with a small lasso so you do not have to worry about DIY-ing your own.

6. The Bracelets – No superhero does accessorize better than wonder woman! Her bracelets are handy as shields when it comes to dodging those bullets but they look incredibly glam around her wrists too! Put one or maybe a pair around yours too and look badass and oh-so-stylish too!

7. The Boots – How can we forget those unbelievably sexy boots? Cop a pair of knee-high (maybe even thigh high) scarlet boots as the cherry on top. It will look very flattering when worn below your booty shorts or romper. If a new pair of boots is not a practical addition for you then wear knee-high or thigh-high socks with your heels to improvise. It will look just as good! Julbie also has a selection of hosiery you can choose from to add a bit more charm to your costume may it be red thigh-highs, leg wraps,  or colored stockings.

8. The Cape – Although you can do without the cape since only some depictions feature wonder woman with a cape, it will still be nice and quirky to move around with the air flowing through your cape at your back. It can add movement to a rather skin tight outfit.

Wonder Woman as the Amazonian Princess

The recent wonder woman movie costume has set a different standard when it came to its classic counterpart. It featured wonder woman as a more realistic warrior princess rather than a comic book superhero. For the women who want to recreate Gal Gadot’s iconic look from the movie then you could go for the Amazonian Warrior costume. This may look worlds apart from all the wonder woman costumes displayed but it is no less still a sexy wonder woman costume. With its corset and rugged mini skirt along with the faux leather and metal details, it also has gauntlets, a lasso, a headpiece and a sword! Everything is supplied. Without breaking a sweat, you will definitely look like one tough cookie!

“Wonder Woman is more than just a fictional character, she is a mindset.” Women have their own wonder woman side in them. The empowered, brave, virtuous, let’s not forget sexy fictional character is the epitome of female empowerment. You always have a choice to be yourself everyday. But unless you can be wonder woman, then always be a wonder woman!