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Rhinestone Lingerie

There’s no such thing as too much bling!

You love lingerie as much as the next person, but do you already have a blinged-out panty? A bedazzled bra? Or a rhinestone bodysuit? If you are an all-out lingerie lover, do not miss out on the wonders and magic of lingerie lined with jewels. When you want to add another layer of your glow, rhinestone lingerie makes you look like you are walking with a spotlight following you.


Rhinestones are a Girl’s Bestfriend!

…at least when it comes to lingerie. You may not be able to wear genuine diamonds on your dress, but a rhinestone mesh dress is the next best thing! Look like a bougie babe with shining gems all over that body. Paint a pretty picture of lingerie that matches the twinkle in your eye.


Sparkle Inside and Out

Take it literally or figuratively, but a rhinestone two-piece set will cast a brilliant aura on your persona. It is like wearing the whole universe on your top and bottom. So, you walk every step like it’s the red carpet!

If you are looking for a valid reason to cop a sparkly bra or a rhinestone fishnet bodysuit, for as long as it makes you feel sexy and happy, go for it!

Apart from being the perfect backdrop to a dark, steamy and sexy night, you can let the sun get a glimpse of that sparkle by wearing it in public. A rhinestone bra set can be the diamond in the rough underneath your everyday clothes. Let it add a subtle sparkle to your sheer shirt, or pair it up with basics and

Extra Details, Extra Comfort, Extra Care

Everything about rhinestone lingerie is extraordinary. Get everybody’s eyes glued to your body whenever you wear a head-to-toe bejeweled look like a rhinestone fishnet bodysuit.

Of course, fine crystals come with great responsibility – and maintenance. Products lined with jewels come with very specific care instructions. So, before you toss it in the washer, make sure you read the label.

Treat extra delicate items like a sheer rhinestone dress like your precious pantyhose. Take the extra step to preserve your stones' luster and keep them all in place by turning the lingerie inside out when washing. It also helps to apply nail polish to keep bodystockings from running. Avoid using hot water in the laundry and use the machine’s settings in ‘gentle’ or ‘delicate.’

A Studded see-through rhinestone dress may not look the comfiest at face value, but the material and brand you choose will dictate the level of comfort against its visual and sex appeal. Sexiness is effortless when it comes to these products but the level of sex appeal is always higher when you wear well-made and comfortable pieces. Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds. We made sure that you are getting high-quality pieces at an affordable price, so all you really have to do is roll the dice!

Glitz and Glamour in the Bag

Julbie is a treasure chest of shining, shimmering and splendid lingerie! Open up the door to a magical and risqué rhinestone-studded world where sexy queens reign supreme!