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Sexy Fairytale Costume 

Once upon a time, a very baffled customer did not know what to wear for her costume party. She wanted to be swept off her feet by a hunky prince. Before losing all her hope, her fairy godmother appeared in this website, flicked her wand and presented all the magical and amazing choices she can dress up as; the fanciful dress designs, the sexy adult princess costumesand even classy, fierce villain suits! All she had to do was take her pick, let her imagination run wild, and have a magical time at the ball.

Fantasy Vs. Reality

A fairytale is a story that is so wonderful that you hardly believe that it’s real.

Have you ever dreamed of being a princess looking for her prince charming? Have you ever believed in unicorns and fairies? Those were the days when you were carefree and lived inside the pages of storybooks.

Magic and imagination are the two ingredients of a fairytale. There is always a sense of wonder and awe from the stories of our childhood that we cling on to as the years pass by. We never really fully let go of these fantasies even when we grow old. This is probably the reason why we always see people sporting whimsical costumes during themed-parties, young and old alike. Fairytales can be someone’s escape from reality. So, when you are presented with an opportunity to dress up in a fairytale costume, you grab it. All you need is to add a little “oomph!” to make everyone go” va va voom!”.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Pick the Right Princess Costume

It is never too late to make your dream come true. Dress up as one of your favorite characters and put together a Sexy Disney Princess Costume. There are a lot of princesses that will make you feel empowered aside from just beautiful. Make yourself overflow with confidence and royalty with the right costume.

Look straight out of a storybook by picking out a seductive Snow White number. The classic blue, red and yellow dress that you can wear with fishnet stockings and a big red bow on your hair. It will surely make you the fairest of them all.

 Feeling regal? Wear a Sexy Sleeping Beauty Costume or wear your crown high with a Queen of Hearts piece. Aside from this, you can never go wrong with a yellow ruffled dress and silk gloves that will surely make you the Belle of the ball.

Adult Princess Costumescome in a lot of varieties you can choose from: Ruffles, ribbons, poufy sleeves, sparkly crowns, the list goes on! Indulge on your fairytale and plan every detail and make your outfit one-of-a-kind.

Who’s the Fairest of them All: Be a Sultry Villain

A fairytale will not be complete without a villain. Standout from the crowd with a daring witch costume and be absolutely spellbinding. Turn heads with this dark persona. Usually in dark, luxurious fabric, evil can also be classy with the right details. High neck-collars, jewels and gold are a must. This is definitely a fun and unexpected twist to your conventional Halloween Princess Costume.

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust

Nothing spells quirky and fun more than a fairy costume. Sequins and fabrics in bright green and purple. Top it off with some wings and prepare to take heights with Tinkerbell-inspired dresses. Being a fairy on Halloween can become common so you can spruce up your winged costume by adding some accessories or props. Play with different colors or glitter to make you feel a little extra. You can also experiment with makeup by adding a bit of face painting aside from your usual eyeshadow and lipstick.

The Beauty of Transformation

Characters such as Minnie Mouse, Robin Hood and Little Red Riding Hood are also sure-fire ways to transform your look into something witty and entertaining. Whether it be a princess, a villain, a fairy, or a cartoon character, there’s a costume fit for your body and personality.

It takes a lot more than just bagging the right Adult Princess Costumeto make the experience truly magical. The process in creating a head-to-toe costume will require a bit of time, effort and of course, imagination. Consider all these elements so that your look will blend well with your character. Fairytale costumes let you forget reality even for a while and allow you to live your happily ever after.