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Thigh High Boots


How High? Thigh High!

This should be the chant of empowered women all over the globe. A pair of over-the-knees will be the most dramatic pair that will grace the hallowed walls of your shoe cabinet. It will certainly be a magnet of attention, and we are all for it! Who could forget Julia Robert’s black thigh high boots from Pretty Woman? Though her role was on the more sexually provocative, morally-questionable side, we all wished at one point that we can also bag a man like Richard Gere. Well, we can all agree that a large part of that would be her thigh high boots. We can all also agree that her boots deserved its part in the movie credits!

Even though it was in the ’90s when Julia Roberts rocked her boots in the big screen, our love for thigh high heel boots is still going strong. This overly dramatic yet timeless piece has earned a spot beyond the box office. The market for the stripper boots have expanded from being exclusive to exotic dancers to actresses and models and has now made its way to a normal girl’s closet. It’s a fashion craze that is still satisfying every girl’s craving for sexual expression.


“Pretty woman, walking down the street.”

Indeed, a pretty woman you will always be when you don a pair of thigh high heel boots – even when the streets are shivering cold. One look at those and anyone would be smitten. With its higher scope, it also has a higher ‘coolness factor’ than its shorter counterparts like the bootie. In another sense of “cool”, these boots make looking chic during cold weather look easy! Thigh high boots are heaven-sent when it comes to keeping you protected from the cold while still keeping up with your high style standards. Adding a layer of warmth has never been this stylish. Suit up and boot up for the warm seasons with a chic ensemble featuring these pleaser boots!


More reasons to buy a new pair of women’s thigh high boots:

   • Having it around your legs is like being given a big warm hug.

   • Who needs tights when you already have these on?

   • Exposing skin is necessary for a sexy look. NOT! Not with these boots!

   • It is a classic style that’s always on-trend.

   • When you need to protect your legs but want to keep stylish while doing so, the OTK is a two-in-one solution.

   • Wear it with anything in your wardrobe and look instantly hot – even with only your birthday suit.

   • A pair that screams fun yet can also mean business. We love its versatility!

   • It comes in a variety of styles and height. All you have to do is choose.

   • Want to look like a pop star? Lace Up Thigh High Boots! Want to look       emulate a sassy socialite ala Gossip Girl? Black Thigh High Boots! Want to be a seductive temptress? Thigh High Strappy Heels! It’s practically the   answer to every fashion dilemma.

Is there any limitation to the never-ending trend? We think not! We can list down all the things we love about it but the best way to find out is to experience it for yourself. makes it possible for all women to explore their style personality with the most deliciously high over the knee boots.

Totally Scandalous Shoes!

Considered as the most daring of all boots options, women’s thigh high boots should not be worn if you want to go incognito. Turning heads is a risk worth taking just to get to experience the sex appeal of one of the industry’s most scandalous shoes. When you are totally feeling yourself, these are the shoes to grab.

Making this bold choice may not be simple for some because of the reputation thigh high heel boots have. On the other hand, the fashion industry has thrown us such a bold and daring style and we want to accept the challenge. There are so many potential styles you can do with exotic dancer boots without really having to be an actual exotic dancer. You can turn slutty into classy (or maybe the other way around) with the right mix and match. If you are a rookie when it comes to OTK boots, then we are here to help.


A Sexy Style Guide: Thigh High Boots

Under broad daylight till after hours, a pair of thigh high heels will still work. It can dress up or tone down any outfit. Knowing the sartorial possibilities will help you create your ensembles featuring thigh highs.

Rock and Roll Chic – Leather black thigh high boots already gives out rocker vibes all on its own. Throw on a leather jacket with a mini skirt to boot and it will be like a profession of love to Sandy from Grease – post-makeover, of course!

Mysteriously Sexy – Play around with other people’s imaginations when you layer on a trench coat over a bodycon dress and a lace up thigh high heels. They’ll be wondering what goes on underneath it all. Wear lingerie with it and wow your man when you strip off your covers.

Party Animal – Sparkling metallic boots to a night club? There isn’t a better idea. Plop on a basic dress and turn day into night with sparkly boots! Opt for boots with high platforms for a comfier dancing shoe.

Office Sorta-Appropriate – The corporate world might not be as forgiving to this as the booties, but when you pair it with the crisp button-down, a lightweight blazer, and a tight-fitting black pants tucked in your boots, is there an office that will ban such a stylish combo? Skip the leather and the platforms and go for a suede low-heeled stiletto.

Pole-Dancing Uniform – 8” platform boots to 10 inch platform boots, pole dancers will know what the hype is all about. You get to keep the full-blown pole dancer style without the danger of getting your legs all bruised up. Twirl and twist around the pole or dance floor with soaring heels that add sex appeal to your routine. Those boots featuring high heels and platforms will also reinforce the physical exercise that comes with exotic dancing.

Tricks to Tackle the Tricky High Heel Boots

Exotic dancer boots are no doubt too gorgeous to pass up. However, when you go boots shopping, the right fit is of the essence. A size too large might cause it to roll down your thigh and a size too small might cause your legs to suffocate. We will be glad to help you out with fitting and size concerns starting with a size chart that will guide you through picking the right one.

Keep Your Confidence as High as Your Thigh High Heel Boots!

All hail the thigh high stripper boots! With the never-ending list of advantages, one will get from a pair of thigh high boots, our favorite would be the empowering feeling it gives to anyone wearing it. There’s something about it that makes us love it even more! Call it sorcery or just a blessing from our sartorial gods, wearing it will always be a step in the right direction. It is like sprinkling a bit of pixie dust to any of your ensembles making you look and feel magical! Instead of a fairy godmother, you have and instead of a glass slipper, we have thigh high boots. Bippity, boppity, boo, a bombshell you will be with this shoe!