The Shoe That Will Take You to New Heights


A plethora of shoes may invade your closet but there’s always one kind of shoe that’s always a cut above the rest. Call it a blessing or a curse, platform shoes are already embedded in history. It has earned its own place in the sartorial hall of fame. The go-to shoe of the vertically challenged has already become a household name. There’s a reason why the footwear industry finds it hard to let go of this staggering shoe. It isn’t perplexing at all why it has made its mark. It is that heaven-sent chunk of extra shoe that makes the exaggerated heel more suitable for walking or dancing.

Platform shoes are the oldest trick in the book when you need a boost (both literally and figuratively speaking). With its gravity-defying style, it has introduced a new way of going beyond what your genetic makeup offers. Want to walk in 8-inch heels without your feet looking like it ended up in a murder scene? Get them in platforms and it will be your feet’s savior.


A History of the Platforms

The tenacity of the platform shoe is remarkable. It has spanned generation after generation with its signature form yet still constantly changing to fit the demand of the trends. It works with no matter what look you might go for: classic, retro or punk! Books could say that the shoe has come and gone but we want to think that it never really left! No matter how many times the world will witness a resurrection, we will always get on board. Who could forget the time when the Spice Girls wore their platforms in every music video and so every teenage girl wanted to bop to every hit song with those extra inches beneath their feet. But before teeny-bopping tunes made the platform heel its poster child, it has already graced the feet of many noblemen. Yes, you read that right – men. Upperclassmen of early civilization were one of the first users of the platform heel. Heels were used as a status symbol. The higher the heel, the higher the status. Those of high status were wearing platforms to emphasize their nobility and class, or to keep mud and dirt off their feet.

Ankle breaking heels were reborn in the ‘70s. It gained a more carefree reputation when hipsters and disco-goers were wearing them practically everywhere! The entertainment industry started concocting outlandish versions of the heel. Pretty soon, it won the hearts of many who found power and confidence upon wearing it. It has already stacked every rack of every boutique wishing to satisfy every customer’s need for soaring confidence. Since then, the platform has become ubiquitous. We have a quiet but fierce loyalty for the shoe that looks good and feels good!


The Statement Shoe

The density of its sole is no subtle feature. If you are looking for a statement piece to pair with your basics, the platform shoe is the bona fide choice. The best thing about platforms is that it is still relatively comfortable despite it being a billboard type of appeal that screams your hearts desires.


Our Fresh and Funky Favorites 

It is never big talk we say that the platform shoe is one of the best and most versatile types of shoes there is. Bold as it is, it can be a lot more than just its sky-high silhouette. We all love a platform stripper pump which we can wear to everywhere else aside from the club and the clear platform heel for the modern Cinderella vibe. We bet you already went through a couple of platforms yourself but other styles remain unexplored by plenty. Consider this list of unique ideas for your next footwear fix.

Platform Sandals are the perfect dressed down the heel. Who says you cannot wear heels during the summer? Platform sandals make it possible. Walk-friendly sandals in an eye-catching package? We’re sold!

Platform Knee High Boots will change the way you wear EVERY outfit. Boots add instant pizzazz to whatever outfit you decide to throw on. Platform knee highs do not only give extra length but it also slims down your frame. There is an abundance of platform boots for different purposes. You can use them for the boudoir with some dominatrix style latex boots or opt for grunge boots you can take to go dancing!

Punk Boots Womens are the classic ‘devil may care’ shoe. Even a plain shirt and jeans paired with punk boots will make you look rebellious! Studs, buckles, leather and the color black in a platform heel shoe are the ingredients for a cool look!

Platform Creepers are your flats on steroids. If you are a sneaker type of gal, consider going a notch higher with creepers. Creepers are tricky to wear yet its androgynous vibe will inevitably turn heads. Turn any look into a badass with a platform shoe they would least expect.

The perfect mixture of comfort and style is right in front of you. A lot of factors come into play when you pick out a shoe and platforms (heels, boots, sandals and basically everything platform) hit every mark. You never have to sacrifice your comfort for the sake of having that ‘legs for days’ moment. Just take a look at our specially curated collection for a pain-free, sky-high, extremely sexy shoe experience!