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Sexy Halloween Costumes

Every year, the socially acceptable fashion rules are temporarily suspended on October 31. Everyone gets a free pass to decide on what they want to be on Halloween. It is the time of the year where you can be a totally different person that you are from the regular. Choosing the perfect costume for your parties this year should not be a chore. When you think about Halloween, the first thing that should come into mind is having fun. Avoid thinking about what others expect from you. That can be such a drag!

Yet, here you are, doing the double take on that sexy adult costume, thinking about whether it’s taboo to go as a sexy (insert noun)! The answer is = go for it! Without any reservations, don your costumes in the sexiest way possible.

Halloween should feel like a safe haven for women to freely express themselves and their sexuality. It’s one day out of 365 days where you can step out of your daily monotonous routine and go for something completely different. Let’s face it, the mere thought of you going out with your Halloween sexy costume is totally exhilarating! Well, keep that blood pumping because we have laid out some tips, tricks and sexy costume ideas for you to have one hell of a good time this Halloween!

“Halloween is the one night of the year when you can dress like a slut and no other girls can say anything about it.”

This quote as emphasized by Lindsay Lohan in the movie “Mean Girls”, if you can’t dress freely any other night of the year, Halloween is your free pass. So, full coverage must be out of the question. You can go for sexy adult costumes that still project a body positive image even if it is leaning more towards risqué. Short skirts, French Maid, Red Riding Hood, Star Wars, School girl costumes, all can be accomplished as ‘sexy’ while still maintaining your virtue. If you decide you want to cover up, then go for skin-tight costumes that are just as juicy!

A Comprehensive Guide for Sexy Costumes

If you are still in the dark, here are recommended steps on how you can land on the perfect sexy women Halloween costume:

1. Assess your style and personality – what do you normally wear on a daily basis? If you are a uniformed woman on the regular, then maybe go for a Halloween costume sexy that is totally out of your league. Be imaginative. Consider a sparkly unicorn sexy costume or go for a cute animal with a sexy twist to it. On the other hand, if you live a creative and more liberating lifestyle other days of the year, then why not consider wearing a sexy uniform for a change? It’s all about experimenting styles. Sticking to one style for quite a while can be boring and boring is a no-no on Halloween! Do a personality check – Are you usually an angel? Or are you a resident baddie? You can surprise the crowd by going against your own norm and be your opposite! If you want to stay comfortable and stick with your own attributes, you can totally do that to your sexy costume for Halloween too!

2. Process of Elimination – Create a list of sexy adult costume ideas that you are open to wearing. Have you worn it before? If yes, then it’s definitely a cross off the list! With the wide range of costumes available, why stick to the same one. Do you know someone who is going with this adult sexy costume? If yes, then drop it from the list! We want to be as unique as possible. Also consider the cut and material of the costume. Women have different body types and varied assets, so make sure you highlight the most important asset of your body to make you feel more confident. Got great legs? Then do not skip on the shorts or mini skirt. If you are proud of your buxom, then pick a cleavage revealing top. When you need a bit of help on the ‘curves’ department, cut-outs on all the right places will make you look instantly voluptuous. The key is to know your body well and use it to your advantage.

3. Look for your costume – too soon? Nope, you did not skip a step. If you still have a couple of adult costumes on your list, then head on over to your retail website and scour the pages that cater to your list. Good thing you have come to the right place! There is an abundance of Halloween costumes available with fast overnight shipping that will definitely cater to your list. Getting a glimpse of your choices will help you decide. The best thing is, almost everything in your adult Halloween costumes are pre-curated which means every element of the motif is already put together for you. This makes everything consistent and look seamless! All you need to worry about is how to feign off the trail of guys following you because of your sexiness!

4. Get down to business – Now that you have the adult sexy costumes laid out in front of you. Here are some questions that will help you decide further:

              1. Will this make me LOOK sexy?

              2. Will this make me FEEL sexy?

              3. Will I be COMFORTABLE wearing this?

              4. Does it fit within my Halloween cost budget?

If all the answers are yes for a particular Halloween sexy costume, the last step is to click and purchase! Here are some ideas to help you get that kick-start:

For the girly-girl: You can go for a sexy Disney Princess complete with sparkly mini dresses and of course, a tiara! Next thing you know, you will be with your prince charming before the clock strikes midnight! A Greek goddess costume will be effortless to pull off, yet you will undeniably be oozing with sex appeal and sophistication with those light white fabric and gold details. The best Halloween costume for women in this category is one that is pink, short skirts, and long hair with soft curls.

For the cool babe: Feeling a little rebellious? Release your inner rebel with a sexy ninja costume with a leather catsuit that boasts badass babe!  If you are attending more than one part, that multipurpose leather number is not limited to a ninja costume only, it can double as a foxy feline with some cat ears or be a tough cookie as a sexy SWAT officer with cool aviator sunglasses and a SWAT cap.

For the old souls: Halloween can be a time machine! Travel back to the The Roaring 20s by wearing a sexy flapper costume. Fringe, glitter and a liberating era? Say no more! You can also be a peace and fun-loving hippie from the 60s with groovy prints, tie die and fringed vests! Wear matching bikini set and take psychedelic to a whole new level! Whatever you decide to do, now is your time to throw away pop culture and wear a costume adult worthy of nostalgia.

For the animal lover: Cute and sexy animal costumes are without a fail one of the most sought after sexy adult costumes out there. Bunnies, cats, lioness, and more! In addition to being sexy they are definitely cute and that is one combination we want! If you’re looking for themed costumes, the best Halloween costume ideas for you and your girlfriends are animals! Go as a collection of cats or bunnies.

For the kid at heart: We cannot put a finger on how many costumes you can donned if you are someone who is always looking for something with a youthful vibe! On top of the list is a classic school girl outfit that takes you back to when you were carefree – only now you are also sensual. A Minnie Mouse costume will definitely make everyone want to pinch those cheeks (we’re not talking about your face) from the cuteness! Sexy superhero costumes are also a crowd favorite for women, men, young and old alike! Dress up as your favorite superhero and combat villains. Maybe even be the villain at your next party? Or how about Harry Potter? There are many adult Haloween costumes that cater to your inner child.

These are just a fraction of the truckload of sexy costume ideas out there. Dig deep and you will find a sexy adult costume with your name on it! There is no doubt about it!

A Dirty Mind or Just Sexy Imagination?

We agree that Halloween should suspend all restrictions and let anyone live freely! But of course, when picking the right women’s Halloween costume, it will be more than just slipping on a dress. Preparations for the celebration must be thought out well so that your party will be smooth and worry free!

DO your research. Costumes that have histories or cultural inclination needs a bit of research. It is best to read up on the actual factors that make up a native costume so that you will be accurate! Hey, your new knowledge can be a conversation starter om your next party.

DO read the product description. Details on a potential costume are all included in the product description. It may include something you are looking for like material, sizes and inclusions. Reading this will help you land on a decision.

DON’T give up! No need to feel overwhelmed. We’ve got you fully covered!

DON’T forget to have fun! Letting your imagination and creativity run loose is something you have been waiting for ever since fall arrived. Halloween is the perfect time to let those creative juices flow. So if you went for an adult Halloween costume and feel like tweaking it to your preference, go ahead! There is a humongous array of accessories like wigs, props, shoes and the like, not to mention hair and makeup that can make a costume your own. Not to mention, adult Halloween costumes come in an array of size costumes for every body type. Many costumes are now made in Plus Size and XS, so depending on what you need you can find it!

Never underestimate the power of a good outfit. It can turn anyone’s bad day upside down. Sexy Halloween costumes can be your escape to have fun and simply be happy. Who cares what others think? Looking scantily clad in a slutty costume is an experience that will create memories for a lifetime! So spread the positivity and make the world one sexy place, one costume at a time!