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Lace Cage Bra and Garter Set
RedRoyal BlueBlackLight PinkHot PinkIvoryBurgundyShoreline Grey+ 5 more
Contrast Daisy Lace Bra Set
$21.95 $24.95 Sale
Black/BlueBlack/RedBlack/GreenBlack/WhiteBlack/GoldBlack/Fuchsia+ 3 more
Slay Me Bra Lingerie Set
BlackRoyal BluePurpleSilver BlueWhiteHot PinkAqua Blue+ 4 more
Cutesy Contrast Lace Bra Set
$22.95 $31.95 Sale
Black / BlueBlack / RedBlack / GreenBlack / Purple+ 1 more
Lacy Contrast Bra Set
Black / RedBlack / BlueBlack / GreenBlack/Purple+ 1 more
Neon Net Bra Set
Sapphire BlueHot PinkRedBlack+ 1 more
Lace and Satin Underwire Bra Set
Silver/WhiteNavy/BlackPink/WhitePurple/BlackRed/BlackBlackWhite+ 4 more
Caged Chain Bra Set
Lace Top and Panty Lingerie Set
BlackWhiteRedHot PinkHot GreenTurquoiseOrange+ 4 more

Bra and Panty Sets

In the world of fashion, trends and styles come and go but one thing is universal and never changing: a woman needs a good base. Ergo, underwear or lingerie will always be the foundation of every outfit, literally and figuratively. It can truly be claimed that what is worn underneath can make or break your ensemble, no matter how stylish it may seem. A chic and in vogue body con dress will look tacky if a bra strap or a panty crease shows through that costly fabric.

Beautiful begins underneath.

A famous designer once said that “Real elegance is everywhere, especially in the things we do not show.” This saying is applicable whether we are talking about physical beauty or inner beauty. What is underneath reflects what is outside. This is a true story when it comes to our unmentionables. They are often overlooked and taken for granted because of the fact that most of the time no one ever gets to see them.

It is also due to the perception that what is worn underneath is more of a basic need than something you indulge or splurge on. Normally, women take their precious time to carefully pick out what outfit they are going to wear but only a few take importance on what is inside.

Always consider lingerie versus simply underwear. All lingerie is considered undergarments but not all undergarments are considered lingerie. These terms are interchangeable but they technically serve different purposes. Both are worn underneath your garbs but only one of them is designed to be fashionable. Underwear is what is used for practical purposes but lingerie is what is used with the intention of being visually enticing.

Though with or without the scheme of seduction, it is better to sport lingerie at all costs. Even though lingerie is worn to obtain triumph in the bedroom, this doe not have to be the case all the time. Lingerie should be worn not only for a significant other, but also because you are a woman and you deserve to indulge in beautiful things. Lingerie was intended to be used by women and so women should also be able to use it for themselves, not only to be brought out to display a man. The real magic happens not when a man strips it off you but knowing that there’s a party going on underneath. It can serve as a secret superpower that radiates your inner beauty to the outside.

Upgrade Your Basics: Bras and Panties

If you now realize that you need to hustle your lingerie game, then start from the rudimentary level. When searching for lingerie, sexy bras and panties are always first string before being introduced to bodystockings, corsets, chemises and others. It is best to focus on these two first when upgrading your lingerie closet.

We have rounded up some life hacks that will help you get a kick start in refining your lingerie choices.

1. You can never have too many lingerie! Do you find yourself counting your pairs and wondering if you should purchase that beautiful sexy bra and panty set which you can’t stop thinking about? No woman should ever feel guilty adding another sexy bra and pantie set to her growing collection especially if you are a lingerie aficionado. This, however, is totally different from hoarding. If you never use half of your collection for reasons such as size and comfort, then maybe consider a closet detox. Sexy bras and panty is still considered ‘sine qua non’ so you never have to worry about it going to waste but always make sure to pick something you absolutely love. Half hearted purchases are always a bummer and we don’t want it simply collecting dust in your closet. It is always acceptable to continue adding to your roster if you tend to use them all.

2. Matchy-matchy is in! There is something about having a coordinated clothing that gives us that instant uplift. A good combination will make you feel good inside. When you pay attention to detail and take pride in an outfit that is well put together, it makes you carry yourself with your chin up a little higher. This simple detail that only you might know will make you feel complete because your lingerie looks complete and pieced together. Power dressing is also giving precision and accuracy to the way you dress which includes your lingerie. A sexy bra and panties set is an effortless yet sure fire way to feel powerful and send that message across to anyone you encounter.

Matching sets are also for the busybodies who simply do not have the time to match their panty and bras but still fell good in doing so anyway. Merely store your lingerie in an organized manner wherein set pieces are together so you can grab and go. Matching sets are convenience and fashion rolled into one.

3. Widen your Style Range. From the simplest designs to the most complex and intricate variety, you deserve to have them in your wardrobe. Julbie has an extensive array of sexy bra and pantie sets that would let you advance in your lingerie wardrobe upgrade. You can pick from a sweet and sexy panty and bra set to risque and dominatrix bra and panty set. A laid back Saturday Mocha Bralette with matching Booty Shorts will be perfect for casual and carefree days while a sultry Garnet Strappy Lingerie Set for a come hither look in the bedroom. Wear it either way, these two are worlds apart but are both a must have for every woman!

4. Widen your Color Range, too! Never be afraid to experiment with colors. Step out of your comfort zone and pick colors that you still haven’t tried. As simple as this step may seem, it still is quite a tantalizing experience seeing different colors of lingerie against your skin. You may even get to style it to give your outfits a subtle pop of color. You can use a neon pink Bralette underneath a white sheer top as a subtle way of adding a burst of hue to a basic outfit.

5. Make it a Win-Win Situation. Cop a lingerie set that you can use for more than one purpose. From Julbie’s selection, the Enchanting Love Panty and Bra Set features a very delicate white mesh top and a high waist panty. This could be used by blushing brides even after the honeymoon. The mesh top can be used as a casual crop top paired with your jeans or shorts while the high waist panty can also be mixed and matched with a simple bras in your closet to add a tinge of elegance to your ensemble.

6. Aftercare and organization is a must. Your bra and panties sets also deserve some TLC! Since you are expanding your lingerie collection, quality is more important than quantity. It will not matter if your lingerie will occupy all the space in your closet when all of them gets worn out a couple of uses. Store them according to use. Separate the undergarments from the lingerie then start from there. You can segregate them by color, style or purpose depending on your convenience and preference. You can put your dailies at the place where you will have easy access. If you are planning to ease into wearing your sexy lingerie everyday, then put them in a way that they will be the first in your line of sight when you open your drawers.

Caring for your unmentionables does not stop there, sexy bra and panties will only stay sext if they are clean and hygienic. Adding to your lingerie wardrobe also means you have to upgrade your laundry routine, too. Forget the days when your just throw your bras and panties along with regular clothes. Pay attention to product descriptions and instructions on the labels. These are often disregarded but are actually very important if you want to preserve your intimate apparels. It is best to hand wash lightweight fabrics and let everything dry out naturally than to put it in a dryer. We do not want crusty underwear because crusty underwear is equal to poor fitting, poor fitting is equal to creased and rugged clothes and rugged clothes are equal to a shabby demeanor, a shabby demeanor is equal to low self esteem.

The domino effect starts with the materials that come in direct contact with your skin: your bras and panties. Take care of your lingerie and your lingerie will also take care of you. It will make you feel your womanly elegance. Above all things, believe in the power of a great bra and panty set. Cop your own set and feel the support and power that you would never have known could come from skimpy pieces of underwear. Upgrade your lingerie game because a closet is always better with lace, satin, leather, glitter, and pure magic!