I spy with my little eye an itsy bitsy teeny weeny see thru bikini!

Do you know what’s better than being naked? Sexy bikinis! Not just any kind of bikini for that matter – See thru bikinis push all the other kinds to the back. It may cause some heads to shake and some eyebrows to raise but we are completely into the trend which has you covered, (but not really)!

When you want to make a splash, make sure it is a tidal one. We have had our nice share of sexy swimsuits. From g-string tanga bottoms to microkinis, it’s fun to turn things a notch sexier every time we put on a swim suit. Our thirst cannot simply be quenched. Just when you think you are throwing it all out there with your daring micro bikinis, you suddenly realize that there are see thru swim wear that changes the whole game!

If you are curious why the see thru swimsuit is making waves in the fashion industry then we are here to get you up to speed.

One Thing’s Clear, We Love to Go Sheer!

Popular for stirring up a crowd, sheer clothing has always been controversial. A clear bikini is no exception. While you might be perfectly comfortable with a regular swimsuit, the thrill and excitement of making it a lot more daring is enough to get your heart pumping from the all the adrenaline! Why wouldn’t it? You will get an all-time high from all the attention and compliments you’ll be getting.

Transparency is trending. This we know for sure for both clothing and all other aspects of life. This generation loves a no-holds-barred, true-to-self personality and we use fashion to reflect that. Our bodies are worthy to be celebrated no matter what size, shape or color it comes in. There’s no reason not to show it off! Being perfectly comfortable in your body sometimes take more time. Going for a see thru swimsuit that shows off your body without really putting it out there is a way to boost your confidence and gain a higher sense of self-love.

Oh, and did we mention, it is super breezy and cool? Who doesn’t love clothes which doesn’t make them break a sweat?

Spice Things Up... in the Beach?

The bedroom is not the only place you are allowed to shake things up. Why not sizzle under the equally sizzling sun? The beach is the perfect excuse to dip your toe in a unique style of swimsuit. The shore and sand is a place of golden tans, bright outfits and a whole lot of skin. With the crowd decked out in the best and sexiest swimwear they can find, you might blend in. We do not always want to be one of the faces in the crowd. You were born to stand out and a see thru micro bikini is a way to go! Go see and sea! In this day and age, a see thru swim suit is not a novelty. It is a statement of embracing one’s body and individuality while looking totally cute!

A Nude Beach Goer Staple

It is perfectly fine (and encouraged) to indulge yourself with a pair or two for your next beach trip. But before you go out with an almost-naked suit, do your research first. Not all resorts and beaches are accommodating of the see thru and transparent trend. There are local regulations in some areas (your own backyard included) that prohibits beach-goers from skinny-dipping. While you are not technically going in the nude, there are some resorts that follow a strict swimwear policy. Not to worry though, there are a lot of clothing optional beaches and resorts that will definitely allow your transparent mesh bikini.

If a nude beach or clothing optional is your intended destination and you are a newbie. You can ease into going full commando by starting out with a see thru swimsuit. You won’t feel as self-conscious at first but you are still making your private parts exposed and vulnerable. You can start with one part at a time. Keep downtown covered with an opaque bikini bottom and pairing it with a sheer bikini top. You can go whichever pace you want until you feel fully comfortable in baring your skin in public. Do not forget to trim, groom and condition your body to make it feel its best so that your radiant self will shine through the little to nothing fabric.

To guide you through choosing which type of material fits the bill of clear swimsuits, here are staple fabrics that will leave little to the imagination.

See Thru Materials:

* Mesh Bikini – A mesh bikini top and bottoms give a retro and relaxed vibe. It might not seem to see through when dry and viewed from afar. It will envelop you with sheer color and shine when it is wet. It is ultra comfortable. A mesh micro bikini is easy to pull off because they are soft to touch.

* Fishnet Bikini – A more noticeable fabric is the fishnet bikini. It is one way to wear pattern despite going for a clear bikini. You can wear this proudly and comfortably as it is a familiar feeling – your fishnet hosiery!

* Lace Bikini – Dainty and girly but still undeniably risque, lace is also a see through number that is reminiscent of lingerie. Embrace your feminine side but also be feline at the same time.

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