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Sexy Sailor & Flight Attendant Costumes

Sailors spend most of their time on ships, sailing all over the world through the seas. Their noble job was to protect everything that isn’t on land. Seafarers have always gained much respect from society because of their high-risk professions. Sailors who work for the Navy do not have the most glamorous jobs. They are constantly at sea, away from their families with the danger of riptide or getting lost at sea. Sailing the seas can be laborious. Despite the hazards their occupation brings, no one can deny how dashing their uniforms can be! Young ones who see those dapper uniforms would always think that they want to be one of those seafarers with a cute hat.

The classic sailor uniform we think of today derives from the uniform that men wore for decades. But when did women join the Navy, you ask? Women have been helpful to the U.S. military since the Revolutionary War, assisting as medics, nurses, cooks, and aids to the effort. In WWII, women served in great capacity as nurses, ambulance drivers, mechanics, and administrators. It wasn’t until 1976 that women were allowed to be accepted into the US Service Academies and then in 1991 that women served in their first combat missions for the Persian Gulf War. Since then, women have been climbing the ranks and become heroes in the US military.

In terms of their uniforms, sailors have a distinct attire that you would quickly be able to recognize even from a mile away. Since time out of mind, sailor costumes have been a mainstay in Halloween costume parties. Aside from this, some countries even take inspiration from the sailor motif for their school uniform. Neat! The simplicity of their garments make it a piece of cake to pull off. Not to mention, the details are always so complimentary to all walks of life. From toddlers to the oldies, skinny to hefty, there is definitely a sailor costume with your name on it!

If you’re looking for a sassy sailor costume, then you’ve come to the right place. When it comes to sexy costumes, all you need to do is find the right size for your sailor uniform and you will be good to set sail!

Nautical Fashion

Nautical fashion is ageless. It never fails to make someone look good! Even outside the Halloween and costumes sphere, navy costumes are already a staple when it comes to the fashion world. The nautical designs are always integrated to a lot of clothing, especially in women’s fashion. Nautical fashion usually created imagery of navy blue and white stripes. It finds itself in coastal cities like San Diego and Key West, the tradition of nautical attire never goes out of style. Men and women both, embrace the design of nautical fashion for its effortless appeal.

The classic sailor costume that we all think of right away is the white shirt, white pants, white shoes, and white bib with the navy blue trim. Emulating this look for women is easy, all we ladies need to do is create sailor dresses using white form fitting dresses, gold detail, and a white mini sailor hat or full sailor hat.

So if your are thinking about going as Popeye’s Olive Oil or one of the Sailor Moon chicks, but couldn’t quite picture out what you want to look like, we are all in the same boat! Know the ropes and obtain that sexy sailor halloween costume.

Sexy Sailor Costume: What and How?

There is no doubting that sailor women’s costume are chic and very stylish. They are sophisticated without putting much effort on it. However, if you want to catch more fish in the sea, then put a little “zing” to your costume. Go for the basics and then add your own sexy twist to it. Trust the process, you will look breathtaking!

The Basics: Your need-to-know before bagging that costume

Colors – The colors that should be present in your woman sailor costumes are navy blue, red and white. These are the main hues that are fundamental to make it look like an authentic sailor girl. Sailors wore white so that it symbolized peace, but also because it helps keep them cool since white reflect heat. If you want to be creative and think outside the box, you can apply other color families but make sure to keep it close. i.e., pink, gold, metallic. The colors can be limiting but we do not want to compromise authenticity. Keep the colors simple!

Stripes – Sailor girl costumes have stripes most of the time. Whether it be red, white or blue stripes, it will make your outfit look super chic! The popularity of nautical stripes date way back. The term “Breton Stripes” was coined. It symbolized the military’s victories and was exclusive to the seafarers that served the military. It wasn’t until the likes of Queen Victoria then Coco Chanel made stripes high-fashion. Soon, everyone was wearing stripes as if it was a revolution!

Now that you know the basics of sailor costumes for women, here is where your preferences will come in. There isn’t a strict dress code for women sailor costumes but if you have already brushed up on the basics then it will go smoothly from here.

Here are some questions to ask to help you decide:

Shorts, skirt, bodysuit, bell bottoms? These are variations of your sailor costume that will be determined based on your comfortability. A short bodysuit can be perfect anywhere up to your bedroom for a steamy night with your beau, skirts are perfect for dancing the night away since they let you move freely, while long pants are perfect if you decide to spend the night until the wee hours of the morning. It all really depends on what makes you feel happy and comfortable!

Navy cap or ribbons? A navy cap is a classic accessory for sailor women costumes but if you want to go for that sexy sailor moon character, opt for a couple of silk bows and tie up your locks in cute pigtails.

Socks or boots? Knee-high socks can exude sexiness when paired with a pair of your favorite stilettos or pumps. There are available socks that can go well with your costumes, keep it simple with white or add extra with marine-themed socks in a blue and red color. If socks aren’t your thing then slip on those boots and purchase boot toppers your whole outfit together. These simple sailor costume features will make a large impact on your overall look.

Anchors aweigh! You don’t to go between the devil and the deep blue sea to look awesome for your costume party. Follow our tips by and large. Then once you have everything marked off from your list and everything is down pat, you are ready to set sail! All hands on Deck!