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Corset Lingerie

The 16th century saw the dawn of the corset. Back then, corsets were worn for completely different purposes. In the Elizabethan and Victorian era, corsets were painstakingly forced tightly to the waist to create a prominent hourglass figure. To achieve this, the corset is laced firmly to flatten the tummy and hike up the breasts for that push up effect that results to fuller and perkier busts. This method seemed vile and torturous to the female body but it deemed the only way a woman can achieve a sexier look. From the day corsets sexy made its name in women’s clothing, it has ever since been a symbol of the female sex. It was and is used to distinguish a woman’s figure with its constricting shape. It was for a time, a way to improve the posture. As an upright posture is a reflection of confidence, grace and beauty, women of high descent has made it almost a requirement. Thus, in almost every classic literature with a female heroine, they wore balloon skirts, a petticoat and of course, a corset.

Since then, corsets were never out of the limelight. Though the pain element of it has been completely eliminated from the picture. The corset has gone through innovations that made it easier for a woman to wear. However, there is no denying that the message this piece of lingerie has been sending has been the same up to this date: Women are sexy. It had been the go-to apparel of almost all sex symbols we have come to love over different generations. The most famous might have been Marilyn Monroe who was the epitome of all things beautiful during the 1950s. She revolutionized the term ‘sexy’ and made it her own. She was always seen wearing corsets for her shows and photo shoots. Aside from her, Jessica Rabbit who is a fashion ans sex icon in the cartoon world also wears a corset. Who could forget Nicole Kidman, who stars in Moulin Rouge, wearing gorgeous corset lingerie that kept the viewer’s eyes glued to the screen the whole time. It was apparent that corsets had a huge influence for women, fictional or not. The corset trend blew up until the modern era. From the city streets to the catwalk, sexy corsets are real deal. Celebrities here and there are being spotted sporting red corsets both on and off the screen. It was only inevitable that every woman in the human race followed suit. If you haven’t dipped your toe in the water yet, then you are missing out!

Corsets Lingerie: A Wardrobe Must-Have

What is the nitty gritty of this ancient fashion piece? A corset in general is a tight-fitting top that is slightly more defined towards the waist to create an illusion or an emphasis of a smaller waist, a bigger bust and wider hips. It is laced up either in front, at the back or both so that you can adjust the tightness to your liking. Even if the corset is used underneath clothes to create a svelte figure, it has been innovated to be worn in countless ways but the most popular, per se, is to be used in boudoir. Many women are wearing sexy corsets lingerie for boudoir photo shoots that are sexy gifts to a significant other or for their own sexual confidence. When planning a boudoir photo shoot, add some additional sex appeal with a lacy corset that has underwire cups to give your cleavage an extra boost. In addition, a corset with garter straps is a sexy way to add thigh high stockings with lace up detail to your sensual look. It is only fitting that a sexy lingerie corset is used for the intention of seduction. The lingerie corset is already very sensual and requires little effort to turn the heat up. It is both functional and sexy. It is really a must-have for every girl who wants to express her sexuality.

Sexy lingerie corsets can be worn with straps or as a tube top and it comes in multiple colors, fabrics and styles. Finding the perfect one to add to your lingerie collection. If you are a neophyte lingerie wearer, the corset is a guaranteed to spark your interest more. Whichever level you are in the lingerie game, a lingerie corset will surely turn heads when worn casually, and will definitely make your man drool when you wear it in the bedroom. Wear them both ways and turn into an instant bombshell!

Nothing is sexier than a white corset on your wedding day! Many wedding dresses already contain cinching to pull your waist in, but if your dress is more simplistic, then consider an underbust corset that only covers the waist. Are you looking to be a devil for Halloween? Pull together your own costume with a red corset and some black leather leggings that will give your look that she-devil style!

Tips on Finding the Right Corset

Here are some tips to help you choose that waist-cinching, figure-altering corset lingerie for you. Do not be intimidated with how corsets work, designers have made it perfectly snug without letting go of its silhouette enhancing ability.

1. Know your purpose then pick a style

If you want a multifunctional corset, then go for a classic with a fair amount of coverage so you can wear it on a day out. A black corset is an indispensable item and can be worn in multiple ways. It can be paired with any accessory as it will go well with anything. Many women wear a steel boned black lace corset with a pair of skinny jeans or leather leggings as a going out ensemble to dance at the club or grab a drink with new date.

If you only intend to wear a corset for the bedroom then a skin-bearing one will be better. This is your chance to be risque with a more daring option. If you think a corset in itself is suggestive enough. Think again, because you may now wear a corset crotchless and cup less. There’s nothing more seductive than that!

You’ll never be able to guess that corsets can be quirky and fun, too! Designs are not limited only with the basic black lace and lipstick red. Do you know that offers a rainbow sequin corset! Its eccentric style will not overshadow your sexy figure since it is in the form of a corset. We can think many occasions you can wear this to. Raves, music festival, even Halloween parties where you can dress up as a sexy unicorn with matching rainbow headpiece and colorful tutu! No one will ever have thought of putting together that sexy Halloween Costume!

Some bras feature the defining bone structure of a corset. A corset bra is a standard bra that contains boning in the cups for additional support and cleavage. Shop for shelf bras that contain supportive boning if you only want your support in the bra and not an entire corset. 

If you're looking for the best waist trainer corset, then look for waist trainers that contain boning such as a waist trainer corset or underbust corset. Underbust corsets do not contain cups and are strictly designed for the waist. What's an overbust you ask? Just that, an underbust corset with cups! 

2. Pick a fabric that won’t be troublesome

We cannot stress this enough: feel comfortable with what you are wearing so that your confidence will shine through immensely. It is one thing to look sexy but another thing when you feel it within yourself. Whilst it is a different story for every woman, it is where picking the right material comes in. Take note that a corset may be clinging to you the whole time during love-making or the whole time you are wearing it out and about. Also consider that it is going to be tighter than the usual lingerie you are accustomed to so the material is crucial in making in making you feel cozy despite looking like a million bucks. It is a trick that everyone wants to learn and yet it could be so challenging. We tend to lean more towards the aesthetic of something rather than the quality. So before purchasing, click on the product description, and find out what the corset lingerie is made of. A sequined corset may look divine when on the dance floor or under dim lights of your love cave but can cause rashes for sensitive skin. Leather corsets versus polyester will be 100% eye-catching but is still worth contemplating on. Both will be giving you that sultry “wet look” but leather is thicker and may cause sweat when worn in humid settings. Julbie provides all these information so you will be in the know, assuring that you won’t regret any purchase. Lace corsets are soft to the touch and will not rub against your skin. Additionally, if you want your corset to stay-put through the night, consider a sexy corset with garters and hook and eye back closure to secure your corset in place.

3. Right sizing is important

Although wearing a sexy lingerie corset is intended to make you look like you have an hourglass shape. Sizing is definitely not a factor to make light of. When you have narrowed down to the color, the design, the fabric and whatnot, take your time in determining your size. There are size charts in every item so you are properly guided. Have measuring tape nearby. It will come in handy when you are in between sizes. The size guide will be providing the measurements for the cup, bust, waist and hips. The waist is the foremost thing to ponder on. It is better to go down a size if you want your skin to peek from the laces. Be careful, though because we do not want any bulges! If you are looking to cinch your waist to look tinier, then measure your regular waist and deduct 2 to 4 inches. We do not recommend this for beginners. A full steel boned corset will be your option if you want to pull those laces tight and create a really tiny waist. If you want something more comfy, then the measurement of your actual waist will do. The traditional corset uses laces as the closure. You have to tie it up like a shoelace and adjust the tightness to your preference but there are corsets that offer a zip up type of fastener or metal clips for the women who want a speedier dress option.

4. Accessorize!

Corsets are already eccentric on its own but it will not make an impact if you use the wrong accessories. First, pick your panty. Most lingerie corsets already have built-in push up bras, some are one-piece teddiess. If the corset you have chosen does not come with matching bottoms, choose something that will complement the overall look. A leather corset will look good with a mesh thong. The best selling cup less and crotchless corset may or may not be worn with panties. If you want to add an air of mystery before stripping off, then make use of pasties or a g-string. The usual accessory that without a doubt would look nice with a corset is a pair of stockings. Use a garter belt to keep it in place or plainly slip on lacy thigh high stockings. The rest will be up to your taste! Wrist cuffs, necklaces, gloves. Wear it depending on your mood or your theme but make sure to keep the corset the highlight of your sexy lingerie ensemble. The corset black traditional look can be accessorized with an alluring black choker that will show off the neckline and add a deliciously sensual look.

If you want to accentuate your waist even more, then a corset belt will draw more attention to the waist and a slimmer profile. 

Corsets are a Game-Changer

When you wear a corset for the first time in your smash lab, it will elevate the sensations like you have never felt before. Since time immemorial corsets are worn to change a woman’s state of mind; her posture, her figure and of course, her confidence. Wear your corset over a baggy t-shirt and some boots, or wear it underneath a tight dress. Either way, it will magnify a woman’s femininity by accentuating her curves. From casual to erotic, the right sexy lingerie corset will definitely take you places you have never been. Treat it as an art, a fashion statement.  Some treat it as something private, only to be worn on special occasions. It will be up to you how you will utilize this classic yet at the same time innovative piece of clothing. Before purchasing a garter corset, be sure to read on the many customer reviews that will help to decide on the right size for your body type. The corset trend won’t be dying down anytime soon so cop yourself one here at Julbie!