Knee High Boots


If there is anything else that proved immortal in the fashion industry, it’s women’s knee high boots. When the cold winds start making themselves felt, this is the winter/fall footwear of choice. Still, pop culture has made this classic something you could carry with you through the seasons.

Boot season is always right around the corner and this particular style is more forgiving in warmer weather than over the knee boots. Sexy knee high boots are everywhere in the Coachella scene so who says you cannot wear knee high boots during summer and spring?

Knee high boots are the perfect balance of practicality and style. Caught in the middle between booties and thigh highs, it should be the easy choice for those on the fence about boot styles. Styling this for your everyday escapades is a no-brainer. It is the right blend of the dramatic thigh highs and the adorable booties. You’ll soon find yourself reaching out for your knee high boots more than any other shoe item in your closet.

Simple to Scandalous: The True Meaning of Versatility

Equestrian to Erotic? Subtle to Shocking? These boots can do it all. Our favorite knee high boots have gone beyond being an equestrian’s uniform to a stripper’s staple shoe as modern fashion progressed. It may seem as women have been setting up more and more excuses to wear a pair of knee high heel boots. If you are looking for pairs that will look great in most items in your closet, we’ve got you covered (from head to toe!). Here is a list of some styles that will take you far and wide giving you the biggest bang for your buck:

   • Black Knee High Heel Leather Boots – Black and leather go together like peanut butter and jelly. Go for higher inched heels and higher platforms for a temptress look while no platforms with thin stiletto heels are a classy and timeless look.

   • Red Knee High Boots – You can go for lace up or a patent material but whichever you pick, these will be the perfect pop of color for any ‘basic’, monotonous or monochromatic outfit you have. It provides the same magic and power as your red lipstick, only it does not wipe off after you eat!

   • White High Heel Boots – This throwback trend keeps coming back and we’re never letting it out of our sights again. Shiny patent white heeled boots have a taken its cue from the ‘60s and are dominating the modern hemisphere as of the moment. With influencers here, there and everywhere posting their instaphotos featuring their chic outfits with refreshing white boots, we totally want in!


Taking Over the World in Knee High Boots

Knee high boots have been edging in every corner of the fashion territory and we have proof that it may be the best shoe investment you’ll make today. It is a great way to upgrade your closet with a stylish and versatile piece. Take a dip into this trend and you will never want to get out of the water. We’ve rounded up some situations where it calls for knee high boots.


   1. When it’s rainy or muddy outside yet you want to stay stylish.

   2. When you need to cover your legs (i.e. strawberry legs, veins or stubble) but still want to keep wearing the latest trends.

   3. When you need to tone down an evening dress and turn it into a casual daytime look.

   4. When your skirt is short and you need something to balance the skin exposure.

   5. When you want to take your usual sneaker outfit up a notch without putting too much on the table.

   6. When you are going out and you need comfortable shoes for dancing while still looking 100% hot.

   7. When you need to keep warm without needing to pile up layers of socks.

   8. When you are transitioning from winter to spring but still cannot fully let go of your boots.

   9. When you need to seduce in the bedroom with an erotic outfit complete from head to toe.

   10. When you want something to enhance your pole dancing routine.

   11. When you want to grunge up a very feminine dress.

   12. When you want to experiment with styles and need a bold accessory to spark your creative juices.

   13. When you want to look like you have a longer, leaner silhouette while providing coverage from the cold.

You can conclude from our long list that every situation can be a knee-high boots situation. We simply cannot hide our admiration for knee high boots. Of course, this list is just a margin of the situations you can use your fresh pair for. Imagine the possibilities that will open up when you purchase this shoe. It certainly is a whole new world right on your feet.

Finding the Perfect Pair of Sexy Knee High Boots: Details and Digits Matter

Shopping for another pair of boots? Make sure it is knee-high! When you have your hands on the perfect pair of knee high boots, do you really need any other shoe? The pleasure of having knee-high boots just ready to grab anytime a situation calls for it cannot happen with any random shoe. Although considered universally flattering, sometimes the perfect fit can only be realized in retrospect. We cannot name anyone who cannot pull off any style of boots. True blue digital shoppers know the struggle and frustration of purchasing a shoe that just doesn’t fit. Online stores can only do so much as provide the details and the digits but you are responsible for determining which size and style suits you the best.


Reading the fine print is often overlooked but when it comes to shopping the web for boots, it is an absolute must. There’s a reason those bullet points are there for your perusal, it’s not just filler texts you ignore. Take time to go over each measurement and each information to know if this particular pair your are eyeing suits you.

Boots will have quite a different structure against your ordinary pumps so your usual shoe size might not work both ways. If this is your first time trying out pleaser boots then consider these factors before you choose the wrong one.

Calves: Our calves are built differently from one another no matter what body type you are under. Since it will be enveloped by the boots to a great extent, take a moment to measure the circumference of your calves and compare it against the measurements provided with the shoe. Slouchy, relaxed fit boots will flatter thick legs while thin legs will look better with embellished boots with buckles, laces or rhinestones. No matter how beautiful and flattering the design you go for, it will never work with poorly fitted boots! Get your calves fitted before it is too late!

Boot Shaft Height: Your height will play a big part in where your boots will end. Some knee high boots will become slightly over the knee for shorter girls and vice versa for taller girls. If you are particular about your boot shaft height, go over the numbers again and see whether your leg will be appropriate or awkward.

Heel Height: For high heels enthusiasts, picking a heel height can be done with eyes closed. For rookies, heel training is better with boots. It provides more protection around the ankles and the legs. Especially for pole dancers who are looking for options wherein they can practice their routine in 10” inch heels, knee high boots will not fall off in mid-air and it will keep your skin from having bruises and scratches.

Platform Height: Remember, the closer the platform height to the heel height, the easier it is to walk in. The platform only looks intimidating but they provide more convenience than they seem. No platforms may seem like a ‘simpler’ option but in actuality, it will make your toes tilt more. Platforms will aid you in those soaring heels.

Your Shoes Speak Louder Than Words – Imagine What Your Boots are Saying!

Our knee high boots are more than just footwear. It is a statement that always screams confidence! Even if it might be a step out of one’s comfort zone, the feeling of walking out in knee-high boots gives out a gush of confidence that no pair of our old beaten down sneakers could ever give. Purchase one, polish it, put them on and get ready to paint the town red!