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Sexy Pirate Costumes

Ahoy, Matey!

Are you here looking for a sexy pirate costume? Well, you have come to the right place! Everything you need to know about pirates and how to dress like them is right here on your fingertips. Use these information well and you will be the finest maiden in all the seven seas!

All About Pirates and Wenches

Pirates have been around for as long as there have been sailing ships. Because pirates were always on the hunt for loots of treasure, they were able to dress eccentrically. Their colorful and luxuriant clothing overshadowed what they were originally famous for: robbing the seven seas. Like most characters in history, pirate’s clothes have evolved. The inspiration for all famous movies such as The Pirates of the Caribbean, Treasure Island and, Captain Hook is from the Golden Age of Pirates in between the 1600s and 1700s. Pirate costumes in this era were the most intricate and complex that’s why it is so engrossing. It is being imitated all over the world up to this modern age.

Wench or a vixen are terms used for a woman in pirate lingo. Female pirate costumes are at par with those of the male in terms of popularity and appearance. They are very similar as women were compelled to dress as males. What they wore symbolized their accomplishments – in thieving of course. The more bling around a wench’s neck, the richer she is.

A Vixen’s Guide to Ladies’ Pirate Costumes

Aside from Halloween, Talk Like a Pirate Day is a holiday dedicated to all things scalawags ad buccaneers. And, yes it is a legitimate holiday. So you can imagine how people take pirate costumes seriously. You don’t want to feel left out so here is a comprehensive guide on how to wear a female pirate costume.

Step 1: Do your research. Shiver me timber! You haven’t done it yet? Well, before you proceed, read about what wenches are actually supposed to look like. You should look like a you just found a treasure chest, not a sunken ship. Read all about the elements of a pirate costume women. Scroll down product descriptions if you have to so that you will be sure not to walk the plank in your next party. The classic sexy pirate costume always includes peasant tops, an eye patch, and peasant ruffled skirt that run a little too small. These women were masters at creating the ultimate wench costume with the wench drama personality to match!

Step 2: Determine the level of sexiness. Pirate costumes for women range from a provocative booty to private booty. So determine which way you will feel happier with. Do the process of elimination so that  you can narrow down to the best ones. Do you feel better wearing white striped leggings with a peasant top to play down your sexiness? This sexy pirate costume is one that can wrestle with the boys! If you’re in the mood for wench sexiness, then stick to the peasant outfit with your cleavage pushed high, these women knew how to ride the high seas!

Step 3: Pick your pirate woman costume. It might take time to finally settle with one sexy pirate halloween costume, but the time and effort will be worth it in the end. Heave ho and heave ho until the perfect one ideal for your body type as well as fitting to your preferences. Are you creative enough to create your own or would you rather buy a sexy costume sold as a set? Either options are fine to set sail.

Step 4: Add your own flavor. What will make a pirate woman costume special is the personalization that you put into it. It is easy to click and purchase one whole set of pirate costume for women, but making it uniquely your own will be the challenge. Factors such as hair, makeup and accessories will be the thin line between a retail costume to YOUR costume. Add a sexy pirate waist cincher to make your waist size small and just like those scallywags in the pirate days.

Things to Consider when Purchasing Your Sexy Pirate Halloween Costume

Now that you are oriented on the steps you need to embark on, let’s get in-depth about what you need to scrutinize before making that purchase.

Fabric – Wealthy pirate women did not settle for mediocre fabric. They had booty (which means treasure in pirate lingo) to spare after all. Depending on your personal preference, here are some fabrics that will make your women pirate costume look like it’s worth a whole chest of gold. Fabrics such as velvet were only for the wealthiest pirates, go for a royal purple velvet with gold trim to really turn up the look. If you want a wench costume, go for peasant style material that is light, cream color, and billows around the arms and waist. Introduce different materials such as leather into your boots, belt, and hat to really pull off a Pirates of the Caribbean look.

Colors – Pirate ladies weren’t really paying much attention to the details in color but since women are more sophisticated in this era, consider what hues you’d like to go for. Jewel tones like emerald. scarlet/crimson, purple and other deep toned colors will give out that rich vibe. Go for anything dark and bright but make sure colors complement each other to avoid looking like you came from Davey Jones’ Locker. Keep the colors up to a maximum of three so that it won’t be overwhelming to the eyes. Even white and black stripes add a pop of color and pattern to a sexy pirate costume.

Props – Weapons are for women pirates too, right? Aye Aye! Let’s not limit the fierceness to just the clothing. Take the extra mile and dress up your costume by adding trinkets such as pirate cutlass or a long sword, daggers and guns. The longer the sword, the higher the rank. Pick an extra long sword to show that you are the captain of your fellow pirates and make them scrub the deck!

Accessories – Avast Ye! How can a proper pirate forget her accessories! A pirate is scum without a pile of bling around her. They were known to be the proponents of the first hoop and dangling earrings so don’t go easy on the ear candy. Chains and necklaces made of gold are also essential. High boots and a pirate hat will make your pirate costume noticeable from a mile away. There are no rules when it comes to pirate costume accessories since the more they have on them = the wealthier they are.

Heave ho, me hearties! Take these tips and tricks into heart so that all the other pirates on that ship will want to “crack your teacup” – as a true blue pirate would mutter.