Plus Size Posh Pirate Costume


Pirates are well known for getting their way by being ruthless, using stealth, and instilling fear in those who sail the high seas. You'll accomplish it by wearing this plus-size, Posh Pirate costume while out seafaring, won't you? The cold shoulder cut-outs on the white gauze dress with a peasant-style top give a sexy pirate style and is short enough to make boarding enemy ships simple. The blue and gold brocade vest with a keyhole cut-out bust is similar to what every wench wears, but yours is far more elegant. The corset creates a shell over the skirt in the style of a dashing pirate's coat. And, of course, you'll know exactly what accessories to wear, such as a ruffled thigh garter. The dagger, hat, and sword are not included.

SKU: SA2153X-AS-1X