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Sexy Bedroom Costumes

Let’s play dress up!

Spice things up in the bedroom by upgrading your simple adult lingerie into costume lingerie. It never hurts to put a little bit of extra thought into your usual nighties. Be adventurous and take advantage of some of these role play lingerie costumes and instantly earn bonus points from your partner. You will definitely leave him wanting more.

There’s a thin line between your regular negligee and sexy costume lingerie and that is – imagination! There’s a lot more to lingerie than just lace, silk, see-through, G-strings and what not. You can incorporate a whole lot more fun into the bedroom with a wide array of out-of-the-box ideas for your intimate role play nights.

The Game of Seduction

If you are foreign in the land of sexual role-playing, the idea might seem unconventional and intimidating. The thought might have crossed your mind a couple of times but your mind always seems to land on “Could I ever pull it off?”. Anyone can pull it off with the right choice of sexy costume lingerie, along with the right timing and not to mention full-on confidence.

Have you ever had fantasies about that hunky fireman or once had a crush on a college professor? You have probably fantasized about being in one of those steamy romance movies and imagining as if it were you and your beau. Well, it doesn’t have to be stuck in your head any longer. Release those inhibitions and add fuel to the fire by copping one (or two?) sexy bedroom costumes.

Turn Fantasy into Reality

Although sexy roleplay outfits are usually reserved for occasions specifically for the Halloween “after party”, it doesn’t have to be just for your annual Trick-or-Treat hookups. Surprise your man and don your sexy character for your unsuspecting partner. Certain rules apply so that you get the best, most memorable experience from this.

Rule #1: Find a way to transition into the topic If you are quite apprehensive whether your partner is up for role-play or if he thinks it is taboo, it’s perfectly fine to drop some subtle hints prior to making plans. If you are that couple who can openly talk about it, then go for it without any reservations! Show him photos, or maybe tell him about a fantasy that you had. If he responds positively, then it’s a green light to go shopping for new threads!

Rule #2: Pick the right character that suits your personality. If you are thinking of putting on a so-called mask and showing a whole new persona, make sure you can portray it. If you aren’t comfortable with the character, it will definitely reflect. It is best to represent a character that you know well and stand your ground until the end. A case in point: If you are the type of woman who has a caring nature and once dreamed of being like Florence Nightingale, you can now pamper your man in a sexy nurse lingerie costume. He can play "sick”, then it will be your chance to ‘inspect’ and make him feel better. Pull off that steamy scenario and certainly, both of you will be living your fantasies.

Rule #3: Have fun! Do your research, however, if you really want to take it up a notch. It’s better to be prepared so that you can look good and feel good in every aspect. The perfect accessories, makeup and even props take a bit of time and effort but don’t overthink it. If you are feeling a bit spontaneous, it’s always a good idea to add an element of surprise to add that extra spark.

Bring out your Creativity in the Bedroom

A variety of styles are right at your fingertips. There is a wide array of sexy lingerie costumes to choose from. Here are some examples:

(1) Men also love women in uniform, more so without it but project a woman who is in control with some career-inspired sexy lingerie costume. Fake a scenario where one of you might need help and proceed to “thanking” each other in more ways than one. From your naughty nurse to the sultry stewardess, it will definitely tell your man that you’re in-charge.

(2) We’ve had our fair share of teacher crushes when we were younger. Play a submissive role by dressing up as a student in need of a man’s ‘instruction’. Put your hair up in a cute ponytail or slip on some knee-high socks, a pair of geeky glasses and you are good to go.

(3) A sexy role play costume which is considered classic is the alluring French maid costume. Serve your master some of those fierce looks. You can pair your lingerie costume with a feather duster, constantly bend over to clean up the bedroom and simply be at your partner’s beck and call.

Finding the best role play costume for you doesn’t have to feel like a chore. Let your creativity run free and open up a lot of possibilities. Sexy costumes for the bedroom will instantly shake up dormant sexual fantasies and will keep your heart racing. Even though it requires a bit more effort and creativity than your usual intimate set-up, the results are always more titillating and no doubt totally exhilarating with sexy bedroom lingerie costumes for role play.