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As the lips of our eternal sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, once uttered: “Give the girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world.”

Truly, a woman can go wherever she desires with a pair of shoes. They say a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step but we believe it starts with a fabulous pair of sexy shoes.

Women love a dainty pair of ballet flats, a comfy pair of sneakers and a lightweight pair of sandals but your shoe collection would not be complete without a pair or two (although we want a whole closet full) of the sexiest women’s shoes! They are like ice cream, there’s always room for more. Accessories, jewelry, makeup, and other embellishments can do so much but shoes determine the level of your outfit’s sex appeal. Which kind of shoe makes your sex appeal go off the scales?

Why You Need Sexy Shoes

Our feet take us to where we need and want to go every day so it makes perfect sense to don them with the most beautiful footwear.

It is also known that footwear can reflect your personality. When you are feeling yourself and want the world to While it may look good as an accessory, it does more than that. It is the key point on how you bring out your inner confidence. Treat it as more than just an accessory and it will work its magic!

Although it takes no ordinary shoe to make your confidence levels go to an all-time high. The higher the heels, the higher the self-confidence! Sexy heels or pumps are all a woman has to grab when she needs an extra nudge. If you were not a fan of sky-high stilettos, take it from heel enthusiasts and try walking in their sexy shoes... literally! Take a page out of their book and see the difference before and after you add a couple (or several) inches.

It goes beyond making your legs look more slender and more eye-catching. Purchasing a luxurious pair is a self-love measure and a sure-fire way to give you an instant boost!

The Power of a Woman in Sexy Shoes

Cinderella sure knew what we are talking about when we say that the perfect pair of shoes can change your whole life. They say that the perfect one will lead your feet to the right place, or the right person. You make ripples as you walk causing people to turn and look at your gorgeous gams or at least your fab outfit. Not to mention, it makes you feel as if you can conquer anything with a pair of killer heels

It does not make sense to argue that high heels are undeniably the sexiest womens shoes ever invented. You might already have a proper pair of sexy black shoes bought for your job interview or a pair of strappy stilettos for a girl’s night out. Those do a good job in making you feel poised but having sexy shoes are the real deal!

Exotic, Extraordinary, and Evocative Shoes

Exotic dancer outfits are not entirely satisfying without a pair of exotic dancer shoes. They are not simply something to match the exotic dance outfit, but it is a statement. A statement that shouts: “I mean business.” A dancer cannot be seen with just any other regular shoe. Sexy hooker shoes are the ‘piece de resistance’ to any slutty ensemble.

However, you do not have to be a professional to put on the sexiest pair of womens shoes you can find. Any woman is eligible to experience the one-of-a-kind powerful magic the pleaser shoes provide. You only have to know where to look. You can use yours to wear to a club, a special occasion when you are up for some seducing or simply want to attract attention!

Style and Design Guide: Provocative Passion and Fashion

There are a lot of designs in retail stores and one could easily be infatuated with a myriad of styles. With the wide range of styles for different characteristics and different purposes, it all boils down to a few similarities: (1) As long as it has heels, they can be as cute as kitten heels or as high as at least 5-7 to a whopping 8 inches, (2) platform soles for comfort and (3) vibrant colors and bold designs.

It is essential to know the kinds of sexy women’s shoes so you can land on a pair that is perfect for you. Here are some of our favorite kinds of sexy shoes which you might want to consider when you go shopping:

Contemporary Glass Slippers – Be a princess but with a sexy twist. A modern-day princess no longer needs an itty bitty glass slipper. You need a clear glass-like number to allow you to show off your feet and make herself look like a clear drink of water! This minimalistic design is bound to make you look leaner and taller without adding to much detail. Not to mention, this goes with everything!

Leather Sexy Boots – If you are in the exotic dance industry, then what are you doing without black stripper boots? They are a staple stripper shoe that is effortless to style. It covers up your legs, highlighting other parts of your body but still emphasizes your voluptuous curves. Exotic dancer boots come in a variety of designs. They can be peep-toe, lace-up, knee-high and more! You can never go wrong with a pair of skyscraper stripper boots.

Thigh High Strappy Heels – Sexy womens boots are not the only thing that can go as high to your thighs. If you want to keep your skin exposed but want a bit of embellishment on the length of your limbs, thigh high sandals are the way to go. The straps are customizable on how you want it wrapped around your leg. Step up your shoe game by also stepping up your effort! It might take a while in winding the straps but it will all be worth it once you see all eyes on you!

Bedazzled Bedroom Heels – Another classic design every woman should be able to try is the ‘shining, shimmering and splendid’ shoes. Adding a bit of glisten to your ensemble will make heads turn even when you are in the darkest corners. This kind of sexy shoe serves as a pleaser both on the exotic dance floor as well as in the bedroom! Because of their glittering detail, it will look absolutely gorgeous on its own. When picking a stripper outfit or a boudoir outfit, look for bedroom heels which will make you look great even if you do not have any outfit to match it!

Size and Fit Guide: If the sexy shoe fits... buy it!

While one might contend that heels are the most uncomfortable too but this is not the case for every pair. After all, the wrong pair of flats can be as uncomfortable as the wrong pair of heels. When you choose the right ones for you and wear it properly, it can be as good as walking on cloud nine.

Get the hand of walking as if tip-toed with your heels and you will be able to use it in virtually any occasion. It is easier to choose a style than to choose a size! Getting the most accurate sizing is crucial in making you feel your best in those shoes. Take note of these tips in buying the right size to get the full magical effect of your pair.

1. Know Your Feet’s Dimensions -- It is better to be sure than sorry. Every brand has different size measurements so you cannot rely on your mere sneaker size. If you are not sure how to get your accurate measurements, you can visit a professional who has the right tools to do it for you. Take all the time you need with your measuring tape and see which size corresponds with the dimensions stipulated in the product description. Do not neglect this step because throbbing feet with skin bulging out is not sexy at all!

2. Pick a Realistic and Comfy Heel Height – While an 8-inch pump sounds absolutely breathtaking, it might not be the ideal choice for someone who has just begun her high-heel career. Gradually climb to higher heights once you have gotten used to lower ones. It is easier to transition one at a time rather than shock your foot into going numb. On the other hand, do not be intimidated by chunkiness. The close the height of the heel to the height of the platform, the likelier the shoe would be comfy.

3. Consider Your Body Frame – Your stance and posture will greatly benefit from the right sexy shoes. If you pick the wrong one for your physique, it may not look as flattering even if they are the most expensive ones in the store. If you are of shorter, more petite stature, avoid figuratively cutting off your legs. Opt for ankle shoes or clear ones that give the illusion of longer legs. Long-legged women could go for gladiator-like shoes that put emphasis on their legs for days.

4. Take them for a ‘Test Run’ -- Once the package arrives on your doorstep, put on your stockings and take them for a walk around the house. The stockings provide an allowance to determine if the shoe is the right size. If after your test run, the stockings develop a run quickly, or if the shoe slips off your feet when you lift them up, have them exchanged for another size. The most important factor is that you are comfortable with it. For online retailers like, it will not impose any problem or hassle to have your item exchanged for another size. This determines that you are getting quality service on top of a quality product. When you need us to ship you another size... No problem! We offer free shipping and no fees! *Only one exchange per order.

Storing and Cleaning Your Sexy Shoes

Your pleaser heels are as beautiful on your feet as they are as a decorative piece. Some women make it a collector’s item as they are extremely pleasurable to look at. Take care of your sexy shoe investments by following simple cleaning and storage rules. Plastic or PVC shoes are relatively easier to clean off. Just wipe with a wet or soapy cloth before you store in a cool dry place. Leather items should be treated differently. Use a non-abrasive brush or cloth with a leather specific cleaner. Never pile shoes on top of one another as the embellishments might scratch other shoes. Line them up side by side keeping them upright. For sexy shoes which are delicate and have softer materials, it is recommended to fill it with stuffing so that it will not lose its sexy shape.

Be Sexy from Head to Toe!

Dressing sexy is something most women take pleasure in. Life is short... but your heels do not have to be! Buy that sexy red shoe to match that red lipstick of yours! Your sexy outfit is a full-course meal and it will not be complete without the extra relish.