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Be Ready to Rave: Tops

A rave is an opportunity for you to unleash your inner devil-may-care spirit. It is a party especially designed for you to be able to set free the shackles of everyday living and play out your wild fantasies, even just for a few days. If you are anticipating a rave, then meticulous preparation is in order! Hype yourself up by planning your outfit in advance. Aside from the nonstop partying you will be doing that day, dressing up for it is one of the most exciting parts of a rave. The planning stage of a rave is crucial and your outfit should definitely top the list of priorities. As mentioned, raves are windows of opportunity for you to set free the wildness you have been hiding, and that goes the same for your body!

Now you are ready to assemble your ultimately fun rave outfit. If you are overwhelmed with all the choices, a tip is to start of with one piece you absolutely love and then work your way through completing the while look.

You can start of with your top. One of the initial garments in one’s line of sight is the top. Because it is at the center of a person’s gaze, tops can be used as the base item or as the main feature of your outfit. If you are in dire need of a kick start in getting your rave outfit together, here are some sexy tops from Julbie’s selection which will get you extremely ecstatic!

Crop Tops – If there is a signature piece of rave outfits, it is a crop top. It is both fun and flirty! Partaking in raves will leave you looking like a hot mess if you do not take into consideration its venue. Whether it is indoors or outdoors, the place will be jam packed with people. Thus, expect that it will be hot, both pertaining to the people and the atmosphere. A sexy crop top is one style you can go for to look cute but also feel breezy at the same time. At the same time, you can show off your curves more since it bares your tummy or abs area. You can either go for airy, lightweight crop tops that drift with your movement, or a body hugging crop top Bralette which will be a nonchalant match with any bottom you wish to wear. Opt for sheer crop tops and wear them with pasties

Halter Tops – Halters are one of the most flattering cuts you can wear. Cute halter tops are a no frills option when you want to flaunt your shoulders and your arms. This feature draws attention upward towards your beautiful face. Though it would technically cover up your chest area, there are lace and mesh options that reveal a hint of skin underneath. Merge crop top styles and halter cuts for that cute and classy statement!

Sequined Tops – Sequins are your go-to accent when you want to be alluringly eye catching. Sequins will reflect the lights from the dance floor, making you noticeable even when the room is dark! The center of attention for every party are the lights that mimic the beats and sounds of the music being played, but if you wear tops with sequins, all eyes will be on you. Sequined tops, though naturally eccentric, are also very versatile. You can wear them even outside a rave party. A black sequin top will be an elegant contrast underneath a denim jacket or a crisp blazer. Far out tops with sequins are definitely worth investing in.

There are two golden rules in picking your fun ensemble for a rave party:  

1. Every piece should be about expressing yourself – Individuality is a key element in raves. It is time to let your imagination run wild. This is the time to let your inner beauty shine relentlessly. When you put on your clothes, it shouldn’t feel like mere fabric to cover your body. Your clothes should be an outward reflection of your inner self. So when you have found pieces to fulfill this purpose, grab it without apprehension!

2. You should be comfortable with your choices – Before you check “looking good” and “feeling confident” off your list, also take into account “being comfortable” because both will be futile when you are uneasy with the fit and material of the clothing. Your appearance and confidence will shine the brightest when you are worry free in your garbs!

After you have those two rules down pat, the next step is… anything goes, really!