Sexy Bikinis


Fill your life with love, fun, and sexy bikinis!

Let’s face it, is there actually any part of the year that you wouldn’t rather be in a sexy bikini? The answer would be a big NO. Whether you are inside an office or somewhere with a negative degree temperature, you are most likely dreaming of being in a bright, sunny place like the Bahamas, soaking up the sunshine with a floppy hat, aviators and a margarita in hand.

What is it with bikinis that women clamor for the perfect sexy bikini set? Ever since bikinis have been introduced to humankind, it has never been out of the spotlight. From the seashore to the silver screen, you will always see bikini-clad girls celebrating their womanhood and all the glory that comes with it. The bikini actually has its own day – July 5th marks the birthday of the phenomenal two-piece bathing suit. What was once scandalous and unorthodox, sexy bikini swimwear is now highly sought after. Swimsuit trends come and go but bikinis are not going anywhere, anytime soon.

We wish landing on the perfect bikini set would be easy as ABC but sometimes the phrase ‘bikini shopping’ strikes anxiety. As simple as it may seem, shopping for cheap sexy bikinis requires doing your homework. It isn’t rocket science but it is best to keep yourself in the loop so as to avoid unwanted bikini mishaps.

Always be in the know with the nitty gritty of women’s favorite piece of swimwear while also keeping yourself up to date with fresh and sexy bikini styles by browsing through Julbie’s specially curated bikini collection.

Basics of Bikinis: The Blueprint for Bold and Beautiful!

It is essential to know the simple in’s and out’s of a bikini, so you can pick out best flower out of the bunch. It is not enough to pick out the prettiest without considering other factors. You have to think of certain elements when shopping for a bikini. Wearing a bikini solely for being aesthetically pleasing is a disaster waiting to happen. You will always want to avoid a fashion faux pas at all costs!

The term ‘bikini’ has been tossed around candidly and because of this, it has become almost synonymous to swimsuits. However, the first thing you need to know is that bikinis do not refer to any random type of swimwear. Specifically, bikini is a term used just for two-piece swimwear. So if you have a swimwear top and a bottom, voila! that equates to a bikini.

The paradigm of a bikini is not stationary and uniform. A fun thing about a bikini is that there is no specific formula A bikini top and bottom could come in a bikini set with likewise twin designs or you can experiment and play with mix and match bikinis.

Bikinis, as straightforward as they may seem, does not come in one form. After all, one size fits all is already long out of the charts. There are a lot of bikini styles to choose from, tailored specifically for different body types.


Different Bikini Types you Need to Mind Map

Now that you have a clear picture of what a bikini is, it is time to delve into details. You have established that a bikini is a dual piece swimsuit, but it does not end there. Bikinis can be classified by their tops or bottoms. Here are some terms you need to jot down to help you make a decision for your next bikini shopping spree.

String Bikinis

A string bikini is one of the classics that will never go out of style. To spot a string bikini, all you need to look for are – you guessed it: strings! Strings that hold the fabric which cover your private parts. Most times, the fabrics that comprise of the bikini top are in triangle shape which are held together by thin straps. String bikini bottoms often sit low on the waist, highlighting your hips and your butt. Some popular styles of string bikinis are your greatly coveted g-string and v-string swimsuit. String bikinis are recommended for fun and daring girls who appreciate a time-honored cut with enough skin-show.

Micro Bikinis

Micro bikini swimwear is not a foreign term for bikini lovers. This type of bikini is making noise in the swimsuit fashion industry. If you think string bikinis are revealing, you’ll think otherwise once you have laid eyes on a micro bikini. What sets a micro bikini apart from other bikini styles is the amount of fabric that cover your lady parts. In most cases, the bottoms are almost imaginary with only a thin piece of fabric covering the crotch grasped together by straps that make up the micro thong. The micro bikini top likewise has tiny pieces of fabric covering mostly just your nipples. Micro bikinis are usually taboo in most beaches, but you can use it as segue when you want to go to a nude beach.

Brazilian Bikinis

Brazilian micro bikini swimwear mainly zooms in on the bikini bottoms. It refers to cheeky bottoms, showing off the most part of your bum. It can range from modest to daring. It can go from boy shorts to thongs, for as long as a big percent of your butt cheeks are exposed. Brazilian thong bathing suits are sweeping Instagram by storm with a flurry of backside snapshots. The rising popularity of Brazilian thong bikini swimwear is rooted from the flattering nature of the bikini. Regular bikinis that go up to the bottom of the rear can cause a ‘diaper’ effect when the bottoms do not fit to a T, and so the Brazilian string bikini comes into the picture. Because it goes high up the butt, it does not cause any unflattering fabric crease.

These are only a fraction of the countless bikini styles. As much as we would like to feed you every single thing about bikinis, the best way for you to expand your bikini encyclopedia is to try different styles yourself. As long as you know the basic styles above and beyond, getting the perfect sexy bikini for you is in the bag!

Three Bikini Myths Debunked

Is there anything getting in the way of you wearing the sexiest bikini for you? Certain circumstances cause you to settle for the usual monokini or tankini set. It’s time to let go of those apprehensions and the best solution for that is to shop! You will never know until you try. Read, shop til you drop and eventually be converted into a bikini enthusiast (if you aren’t already)!

Myth # 1: Bikinis are for only for the Sports Illustrated Body Types

Every body is a bikini body! You do not have to shed pounds overnight for you to be worthy of a bikini. No matter what it says on the scale, you deserve to indulge yourself in a sexy bikini. Instead of altering your body to fit a bikini, why not find a bikini that fits your body well. Read up on guides that will help you grab hold of a bikini style that will highlight your best assets and conceal your insecurities. G-strings for an illusion of a bigger butt, high waist for hiding that food belly, and push up bras for a fuller cleavage! Julbie is providing you with a ton of options that will cater to any body type. Your body is beautiful so flaunt it in a sexy bikini!

Myth # 2: It is Better to Shop for Bikinis in a Physical Store

Sometimes, what makes bikini shopping a daunting task is the environment. The pressure of being in a public place adds to the anxiety you have from fitting your choices in brightly lit dressing rooms that highlight every nook and cranny of your body. If you are not fully comfortable being almost naked in such spaces, you do not have to take that trip! Online shopping might be a risky business, but retail websites such as Julbie already provide the most convenient shopping experience in the comfort of your homes. Bend, twist, contort your body in the bikini however you want! Free and easy returns make it a breeze. You do not have to worry about taking too long behind those fitting room curtains or trouble yourself with asking an intimidating salesperson their opinion on your bikini-clad body. Online shopping is the way to go.

Myth # 3: Wearing Very Sexy Bikinis is only for Seduction

This may have crossed your mind when an old lady at the beach might have given you a dirty side eye when you went all out with your swimsuit at the beach. A bikini is not only for those women who hope to attract a man. A bikini is a symbol of confidence and empowerment. Those thin pieces of fabric can boost the mood and shift the disposition of anyone who’s wearing it. A man does not have to be a reason for you to purchase that bikini. Put that sexy blue bikini in the cart, not for a man, but for the simple reason that it matches your eyes. Bikinis = Self Love!

Shove these tricks of the trade up your sleeve for the next time you go swimsuit shopping. Make Julbie your bikini comfort zone and live the best moments of your life with a bikini by your side!