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Yellow T Back Thong Bikini Bottom
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Swim Bottoms

Bikini lovers know the all too familiar scenario when you try on a gorgeous bikini set and the bikini top fits seamlessly but the bikini bottoms tell an entirely different story. Did you ever find yourself reaching out for your swim bikini bottoms because it keeps hiking up in between your butt cheeks? It is not the most comfortable feeling nor the most visually pleasing sight. You are most probably in your swimsuit at the most memorable and exciting moments in your life, so you would not want to waste your time avoiding bikini malfunctions just because you picked the wrong bikini bottoms!

As overlooked your bikini bottoms are, they can actually make or break your whole summer getup. This happens when we focus on the tops and completely disregard examining the bottoms that you pair it with. You only get half of the deal when you only zoom in on the beauty the swimsuit tops. It is also important to take notice if the swim bottoms are up to par with the top. A great bikini top will give you good cleavage exposure but when women’s bikini bottom isn’t the right fit. Sexiness also depends even in the smallest details.

How do you know which sexy bikini bottom is meant for you? It might take more than just listening to your heart's desire. Julbie has rounded up the whole spectrum of the need-to-know basics of shopping for sexy swimsuit bottoms.

Best Bikini Bottoms for Every Body

Instead of making your body morph to fit that bikini bottom, make that bikini bottom work for your body! With the wide array of cuts and styles, it is nearly impossible not to find a bottom that does not flatter your body shape. Face the mirror and analyze your body on which features you want to be highlighted and which points you want to be concealed. Browse through which of these attributes fall under your body type and we’ll help you decide which bathing suit bottoms will do that butt justice.

Big Butts

It is as if Sir Mix-A-Lot’s hit track is part of your life’s playlist with his “I like big butts and I can not lie” lyrics. You cannot deny nor hide your full, round buttocks. Whether you ‘got it from your momma’ or you worked your ass off (literally) for it, when you have those to-die-for buns, you flaunt it! Songs were made for you and that blessing is not for hiding. Cheeky thongs with tie side bottoms can be your best friend. You can adjust the strings to your preferred coverage. Teeny weeny, tight bikini bottoms can deflate your cheeky bottoms so tie sides can give you the freedom to manipulate the situation. Aside from that, side ties are usually thin and minimal so it does not add any undesirable bulk that could unbalance your proportions.

Wide Hips

Shakira-esque hips really do not lie, do they? Your stuff also became the recurring theme of many pop songs. However, there are times when you want your bouncy butt to be the one to take center stage. Too bad, your hips would overshadow your bum. This typically happens when you wear the wrong type of bottoms. Shake those hips to some structured swim bottoms that flatter your curves. Keep it high and cheeky with some g-strings, thongs and Brazilian bikinis to highlight your butt. What is more, picking the right color can be a tactic that keeps you looking sexy while balancing your figure. Steer clear of busy patterns and extra fabric because it will add the unnecessary bulk. Color blocking is a chic and retro style which keeps you stylish and your figure smooth. Another sure-fire way to make your bum the star of the show is with itsy bitsy black swim bottoms women’s. Black is not only a no-fail color that will go with absolutely any bikini top and is also a classic color that will work well with any skin type. Because of its darkness, it will subdue your wide hips and put the spotlight on your cheeky buns! Cheap black swim bottoms are a game changer, that Julbie recommends it for every body type for that matter!

Flat Butt

Ever wondered why Victoria Secret models look so good strutting their tush on the runway but when you actually take a closer look, some of them do not have too much of a 'hiney' either. So congratulations, you can say you have Victoria’s Secret model behind! It’s all in the angles, the cuts and details of your bottoms that will give the illusion of a rounder butt. A Brazilian sexy swim bottom is the first thing you want to reach out for. Contrary to popular belief that cheeky bottoms are only for those with round and protruding derrieres, it will actually do your barely-there butt some good. Because the hemline is high, it shows a large portion of your backside which creates an appearance of fullness. 

Another trick of the trade is to go heavy on the details. Especially for top-heavy girls with flat bottoms, give in to bikini bottoms with a flurry of colors and designs. Detailed pieces like sexy scrunch bottom swimwear will add that much-needed dimension. Something with ruffles and patterns in a lighter color will make your tush pop! Sexy scrunch bottom swim wear is perfect for the girl with a flat butt because it creates curvature around the cheeks and a subsequent lift that attracts the eye.

Narrow Hips

Horizontal is the name of the game. When your waist falls parallel to your hips, you need to flatter rather than accentuate. When you want to turn your athletic built into a more feminine frame, hipster bikinis are heaven sent for your boxy behind. Low waist bottoms will draw attention to your hips and not the lack thereof. For narrow hips with a flat bottom, you can apply ruffles, frills and all that jazz with your low rise bottoms. Sexy hipster bikini bottoms will also make prominent hip bones stick out which adds to your already sexy demeanor!

Love Handles

Muffin tops are common and not to mention the most annoying dilemmas women face. How do you conceal your food baby without sacrificing your style and your sexiness? Follow the footsteps of Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid and cop some retro style high waisted swim bottoms. Keep your tummy at bay with some high waist bikini bottoms which are all the rage these days. You can also sport a high waisted bottom even if you do not have a tummy to hide. High waisted bottoms may be a big belly’s best friend, but even if you have an hourglass figure or have a boyish frame, high waisted bottoms are a worthy sartorial choice that you will not regret purchasing. Pro-tip: Opt for a high waist with a high cut bottom and you will look like you have a smaller waist in addition to legs for days! What ‘s not to love?

Mix and Match: Get the Best Bang Out of Your Buck

It may seem more convenient to just buy a bikini set and save the hassle of mixing and matching. This may be partially true but for the times where the bikini tops and its matching bottoms do not go hand in hand in making your body sizzle, then you just have to keep them distant. Mixing and matching may be a tricky maneuver, but for your sake and your sexiness’s sake, it will all be worth the while.

Purchasing two separate pieces may sound like you are spending extra dough, but in actuality, you are saving yourself a whole lot of moolah. You actually get two for the price of one! Because your swim bottoms do not have a designated pair, you can bring out your fashion savvy self and play around with a bunch of different combinations. Womens swim bottoms come in a variety of shapes, materials, and styles so the ability to create multiple styles with less is key.

A word of warning though, mismatching can actually kill your vibe and curtail your confidence. Having low self-esteem beats the purpose of mixing and matching your swimwear. The whole essence of playing around with different blends is so that you can feel more beautiful and sexier about what you are wearing.

Here are some tips on how you can ace the swimwear balancing act:

1. Solid + Patterns: A solid colored top can go well with heavily printed bottoms. Girls who have a hefty bottom should steer clear of extra fabric but when you also need help to push up your bust, it requires different attention. Keep everything at an equilibrium with a neon orange push-up swim top with a perfectly flirty surfboard print thong. Because the print also has orange, it will look like they were meant for each other.

2. Neon + Neon: Do not underestimate the power of this bright combination. It’s a contrast, but not really since they are both neon colors. The highlighter pink bikini might be a striking hue on its own but when you want to make a big splash, pair it with another beaming neon color! You will surely turn heads with that killer concoction. Your neon purchases will also come in handy when you want to add that pop of color to your otherwise mediocre pieces. When a bikini top has been sprouting on your photo feed too often, it has to be time to switch things up. Pair your overused floral bikini top with a neon bottom to add a dose of retro to your feminine piece.

3. Black + ANYTHING: Is there anything that does not go with black? Invest in a good quality black swim bottom because it can take your style swap game to a whole new level. When your bikini repertoire needs a bit of taming, a black bikini is a staple you never knew you needed.

When you have a woman determined to feel her sexiest self is faced with a plethora of drool-worthy cheap swim bottoms, the possibilities are endless. Have you always settled with the cheap swim bottoms women’s that come with your bikini set even when you do not love the fit, style, the color just because you did not have any other choice? Give it a shot! It will keep your creative juices flowing and have loads of fun in the process!