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Garter Belt Sets

The best part of an outfit will always be the part they do not see. That piece of clothing which makes an otherwise boring outfit much more exciting. We are talking about none other than: lingerie. Whether or not you intend someone to get a glimpse of your dirty little secret, it is still a tantalizing measure that women often resort to. Lingerie has that power to instantly lift up the spirits of anyone wearing it much less to the delight of anyone who gets to see you in it.

People have always seen fashion as something you need to strut in the streets and flaunt all its glory. However, fashion can also be applied to that of the unmentionable kind. Ever since lingerie has proved its success in being an aphrodisiac of sort, women have been on the constant search for lingerie that combines both functionality and fashion.

Garter belts are one kind of lingerie that is undeniably erotic and pleasing to look at. History has considered gartered lingerie as vintage as it has stood the test of time. Ever since the liberation of female fashion, sexy garter lingerie was the main apparel that every single pin up model was seen wearing in erotic magazines and posters. It was worthy of a magazine cover because it was both stylish and sexy. They were also highly used in entertainment, both on and off screens. Adult films featuring stars wearing a sensual garter set in intimate scenes. Cancan dancers also flaunted their garter sets underneath their balloon skirts as they performed their famous dance. The garter belt also became a vital piece of a bride’s bridal wardrobe, worn for the much-awaited honeymoon night, that it became an unwritten rule in wedding traditions. Though garter belts are always seen being modeled and used for special occasions, it is not seen as often in a regular girl’s wardrobe as compared to other lingerie pieces.

You most likely have the necessary bras and panties, and some hosiery in your closet. Also more likely is the main reason you have them is because of their function. Lingerie pieces such as corsets as well as garters are often viewed as a luxury and not a need. Women have made the false impression that lingerie with garters are often just for show, that there would be no point in wearing them if no one will be able to see them and that they are extremely uncomfortable.

These are just some of the prejudices women have come up when it comes to garter belts. In actuality, garters are initially made for function more than style. If that is hard to believe then read up to know more about the garters lingerie and maybe purchase set of your own and experience their magic then realize why the garter belt also deserves a space in your wardrobe. If you can't stand the garter straps, go with a garter belts stockings piece that includes a garter belt attached to stockings. Save the hassle and go with this sure thing!

What are Garter Belts?

Garters have been around for generations. The designs and the styles have been evolving as lingerie trends also advanced but it has always retained its form. A garter belt goes around your waist. Unlike your regular belt worn to hold together jeans or skirts, the garter belt is worn underneath clothing. It hugs your waist with an elastic and is usually made of the same material as your other pieces of lingerie but mostly lace or satin garter belt. It can be worn around the waist with a clasp or it can be slipped on from your legs. Belts come in different fabrics and width but they all have one common feature. All garter belts have the same elastic bands or straps in front and at the back that go down to the thighs to grasp up the stockings or any thigh highs. This gives a few inches of baring skin in between the belt and the stockings.

Garter or Garter Belts?

Garters and garter belts are completely different things. While the garter belt is defined above, it is not to be confused with simply ‘garters”. Garter is also the term used for the smaller round piece of elastic usually wrapped with silk. It is an amped up version of a hair “scrunchie”. Garters are often used in wedding traditions when during the garter toss. It is an old wedding tradition. A bride tosses a bouquet or the garter itself to a pool of single women. The lucky bachelorette who catches it will let a bachelor hike it up to her thighs or simply treasure it as a keepsake from the momentous event.

Garters can also refer to the straps that are attached to a piece of lingerie without a belt. Some lingeries already have garters at the hem so you can directly attach your stockings to it. These gartered lingeries are usually tight fitting like a chemise or a panty so that it will hold the stockings substantially.

What are Garter Sets?    

A garter set can be purchased with a couple of your staple lingerie pieces. It can come with a sexy panty and/or a pair of stockings. Lingerie with stockings and garters come together because we consider garters as a sort of lingerie accessory as it cannot stand on its own. It is used to support other pieces or accentuate the rest of the lingerie. A lingerie garter set includes garter straps and either a lace garter or mesh garter with removable garter straps. Be sure to select a lace garter belt with hook and eye back closure to customize the fit so it will fit just right around your hips.

What is the purpose of Garter Sets?

The garter belt was mainly designed to take over corsets. It was a lighter more comfortable alternative to waist restricting corsets because most were worn around the waist and hips, it tucks in unwanted bulges, creating a smoother silhouette. When stockings were all the rage, the garter belt was then used for the purpose of holding up those stockings in place. Now, garter belts are also fashion pieces, it is considered a sexual yet sophisticated form of lingerie.

Today, garter belts are both function and fashion. They hold up thigh highs, makes your curves more voluptuous and most of all, they make you look sexier and stylish.

Choosing the right garter belt must depend on what you need it for, since the quality of garter sets will differ from others depending on how they will be used.

Kinds of Garter Belts:

1. Minimalist Garter Belts: These are garter belt sets that are have a thin width, only a little thicker than your regular belt width that you fasten around your hips. Straps will be detachable so you can interchange stocking styles. This will be a subtle addition to your outfit since the fabric and straps are thin so it will not show underneath your clothing.

2. One piece Garter and Stocking: There are some garter belts that offer stockings as a buy one get one piece. If you opt for this design, you need not purchase a separate stockings as it will not be detachable.

3. High Waist Garter Belts: These are that either goes as high as the waist or completely envelope the waist until the hip area. These are often used to accentuate the waist so it becomes more defined underneath tight clothing. High waisted garter belts with stockings can serve as shapeshifters underneath your clothes. Your silhouette can be extra emphasized as opposed to just your bras and panties. Wear a sexy high waist sexy garters and stocking lingerie underneath a short mini dress and add that extra sex appeal that will make all eyes turn to you.

4. Costume Lingerie Garter Belts: One of the more popular costume lingeries features garter belts. Good for role play, the sexy french maid costume lingerie already has an attached apron on the belt. There are also some garter sets that come in quirky patterns and designs so you can use it for costume role plays as a pin up girl, a flapper girl and the like. Use black garter belts to spice up any sexy lingerie costume such as a sexy kitty lingerie or naughty schoolgirl.

5. Garters with Leg Wraps: This is a panty with an elastic trim that have long straps that are worn around the legs. These can be used as a fashion piece worn underneath shorts or skirts in festivals and rave parties or as an erotic piece used to flaunt the legs in the bedroom.

6. Lingerie with Garters: Aside from belts, straps can already be attached to other pieces of lingerie. As mentioned, a chemise, a booty short, or panties can already have detachable straps at the hem. This can hold up your stockings without the need of a belt.

7. Bridal Garter Belts: A bridal sexy garter belt set is a delicate and dainty embroidered lace white set. They are often used as bridal tradition. The garter set is a nice surprise for the groom during their honeymoon. The white color and the embroidery make it such a pure and refined lingerie set but also still very sensual and seductive, perfect for the couple’s celebration!

Garter sets can also be classified by their material. Although the most common is lace, it also comes in leather-like material, nylon, silk, satin, etc. Even though garter sets hit all of the above functions, you still have to put careful thought into your purchase. Find the best style, fabric and quality that would best fit your use of the sexy garter belt set.

Garter Sets as Shape Enhancers:

When you intend to use it as an undergarment for shape shifting or waist cinching then look for set that are sturdier and of thicker material as it will hold your curves together more properly. Some have boning that will enhance your shape even more. The size of your garters for this purpose is also crucial. After all, your purpose is to hide unwanted bulges, not to create more. Get a size that is just right, not too loose which create extra thickness, and not too tight that your skin spills out of the fabric. This style of womens garter belt lingerie is the ultimate look for a boudoir lingerie shoot or pinup style look.

Garter Sets as Stocking Support:

If the main purpose of you wearing your garter belt is to hold up your thigh highs in place, then the first thing you need to consider is the comfortability. Also, the clasps that hold the pieces together should be of good quality. Some are made with plastic that are still as sturdy, but quality garter belts lingerie will include metal clasps that secure tightly. It would be embarrassing if your stockings and straps break off in the middle of the day.

Garter Sets for the Bedroom:

When you plan to use it as a love-making accessory, then the options are endless. Look for the most sexually enticing and visually pleasing sets and brush off other conditions. Wear a black garter set with a toothless panty or a thong. Maybe even ditch it all together and wear your belt and stocking on its own! The goal here is to get it off you so the better looking the garter set, the more success it will reap in the bedroom.

Garter Sets as a Fashion Piece:

This may come as a surprise, but garter sets are already being used as a fashion statement. Worn intentionally to be seen peeking underneath clothing. Some celebrities have been sporting this trend by wearing sexy garter belts and stocking lingerie. Wearing it under mini dresses and skirts. They be worn as creatively as underneath ripped jeans. Fishnet garter sets are worn under ripped jeans while the high waist belt peaks above the waist of the pants.

Whichever purpose your garter set will serve, there is surely something you will love here in Julbie. Sets come in a variety of inclusions. Some include the whole shebang, from your bra to your panties and stockings. Finding a garter lingerie set will make it easy for you to look sexy!

How to Wear a Garter Set:

Wearing your garter set is easy as ABC. If you are a newbie, then it is best to wear each piece separately first to avoid tangling up in a mess. Here are simple steps to get you started:

1. For multi-pieced sets start with the belt. Wear it until it reaches your hips or your waist.

2. If you plan to wear it with panties, slip it on next.

3. Then, put on your thigh highs until it sits comfortably on your legs.

4. Adjust the straps of your belt according to the placement of your stockings. Make sure that the straps are adjusted properly and not tugging on your thigh-highs.

5. Secure the straps at the front then at the back. Hooking the back may come as a challenge for some, but you can sit down when you arrive at this step.

Voila! You can now spread your sexiness in any way, anywhere and anytime you like! Wear it from day until the night, no one will guess that those fishnets stockings are actually held together by a garter belt! This is a simple indulgence that does not need an occasion to be worn. Pair it with a sexy lace bra for the ultimate sex appeal. It will make you feel sensationally confident. Cop one set now because we are a hundred percent sure that the garter trend is not going to go out of style any time soon!