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SWAT Team Babe Costume
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Sexy Cop Costumes

People have always considered cops as the modern-day superhero without the cape. They fight crime and go against criminals every day. The catch is, they do not have any supernatural strength or abilities. They only do it for the betterment of society and that what makes them more special. Kids and adults alike look up to these uniformed police officers.

Cops usually do a ton of work. People rely on them for safety to fight crime and save the world – or at least their neighborhood. Because of the demanding nature of their jobs, cops in history were always associated with the male gender. Although in this modern era, women were already accepted into this role and are offered equal opportunities as the males.

A lot of us can’t do the intensive training and cannot put up with the dangers and the risks of being a police woman. Yet deep down inside, you also want to combat baddies and be like one of these kick-ass women. Well, for starters you can at least dress up with a woman cop costume for Halloween and fight the bad guy - whoever that may be.

Give a subtle shout-out to these modern-day heroes by donning a police woman costume and putting your own sexy spin to it. You do not need to have combat skills or a police academy diploma – you just need these police sexy costume ideas!

You are under arrest...

.. for being incredibly sexy! Cop costumes for women come in different varieties. You can choose to let your creativity run wild and put together your own outfit or just choose a pre-accessorized set for that fuss-free Halloween preparations!

Determine what cop persona you want to emulate first: are you a good cop, a bad cop, a naughty cop?

Then choose which elements you want present in your sexy cop outfit.

Good Cop

You can choose to be a good cop by covering up in a wholesome jumpsuit. You do not have to worry about being sexy, though, since all selections are specially designed to flatter the curves of a woman’s body. Even if you wear a full catsuit as your sexy cop outfit, you can pick the leather variant so that it will still ooze with sexiness without showing too much skin. This women cop costumes can also dress up as a themed couple costumes for you and your significant other. Your significant other can dress up as in a prisoner costume while you dress up in your sexy police officer costume. Handcuff him in chains and put a ball and chain around his ankle for that dramatic affect.

Bad Cop

In a game of good cop, bad cop. The role of the bad cop is always the most exciting. You can opt for a sexy police officer costume who seemingly did not get the uniform memo. Unlike the good cop, you can put on a two-piece sexy police costume composed of a crop top and micro shorts. If two-piece isn’t your thing, then go for a mini dress that would be as easy to slip on as it is easy to slip out off. To accessorize a sexy bad cop outfit, go for leather accents, fishnet stockings, and a pair of handcuffs.

Naughty Cop

Make everyone put their hands up In the air when you choose to be a naughty cop for your sexy cop costume. Make your own rules and regulations by going for a bare-all skimpy romper or maybe even a lingerie set. One look at your dirty cop costume and it will show anyone you arrest who is in charge! The naughty cop is the night watch who keeps everyone in-check. Shop for a police women costumes that include a very short dress or high waist booty shorts. It’s a must to show some cleavage or expose those abs if you want to really pull off this naughty cop look. Grab the aviators, a baton, and show those inmates who’s boss!

SWAT Police

This task force is specially trained in the specialization of military equipment and tactics. These guys don’t have to deal with handing out speeding tickets, but rather the police officers who deal with very dangerous criminals. If you’re looking to be the ‘Navy Seal’ of the police, join the SWAT team and done a sexy SWAT costume. The only difference between a sexy police officer costume and a SWAT costume is the utilitarian aspect. The SWAT costume is primarily black, features harnesses for your weapons, and includes the acronym ‘SWAT’ in big bold letters either in back or on your arm. This special police force is bad ass and exactly the type of adult costume that you are looking for this Halloween.


There are plenty of ways to spruce up your police costume for women. Look the part from head to toe, by wearing a SWAT black cap that would with no doubt match your whole sexy cop outfit. It will make you look almost authentic! If you want to move beyond, purchase a gun holster that you can wear around your thigh. It will definitely scream badass! Finish your look with some cool sunglasses that we always see cops sporting while on patrol. We cannot blame them, it looks way cool with their uniform!

Naughty cops might want to jot down this idea: handcuffs. Lug around a pair of handcuffs in case you need to do some arresting. You are keeping up with the theme yet still be able to use your props for even raunchy purposes. Maybe even let your partner join in on the fun and ask him to dress as a robber.  Spend all night keeping him out of trouble with both your handcuffs and your sexy demeanor.


It is important to note that your sexy cop costume must be kept exactly that: a costume. Avoid the results of the Stanford Prison Experiment led by professor Philip Zimbardo. Just because you’re wearing a cop costume, doesn’t mean that you should take your authority to a new level. Wear it for fun and in sexy honor of the police men and women who tirelessly work to keep us safe. We do not want to be at the other side of the coin, don’t we?

Enjoy your night as a pretend law enforcer and be one tough chick!