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Crotchless Pantyhose

Pantyhose are a functional wardrobe staple that every woman should have! An additional layer ‘below the belt” could revamp your whole look from head to toe! This lightweight addition can make any outfit look sexy, flirty, mysterious, and anything you want it to be!

The universe of hosiery has provided us with a whole galaxy of styles. Suspender tights, fishnet stockings, leg wraps, and plenty more sorts you could wear on a daily basis. On this list, holding the top rank is the open crotch pantyhose.

If there is one bane to the boons of wearing pantyhose, it is having to pull them down redundantly when you need to have sex or even pee! When your legs love them so much, open crotch pantyhose gives you the option to keep them on while keeping your lady bits uncovered and ready for whatever. 

There’s a whole list of reasons why you should go crotchless. Rumor has it that when you have gone crotchless, there’s no turning back. Crotchless tights are a fusion of our two favorite fashion features!

A Pretty Practical Purchase

Your privates will thank you once they get a taste of the open crotch style. It will seem like the usual business for your legs, but your panty line will tell a different story.

Once upon a time, women loved a pair of regular close-crotch tights. It was comfy, sexy and everything in between. Although, there is one catch. They had to take it off every time they would have sex. Though it has been part of the sexy lingerie ensemble you worked so hard to put together, the pantyhose is always the first to go when the clothes starts to shred on the bed. Almost certainly, they never put them back on during intercourse.

In all likelihood, you might have had the same experience, but thank the heavens for crotchless tights for you never have to take it off on the bed! Always be all set for action in your silky smooth tights for as long as it is a crotchless pantyhose.

The hassle of pulling back your hosiery to your waist is lost in the past. Much like a pair of suspender pantyhose, only with more coverage. Get to keep that extra shine, smoothness and pizzazz, all while having room to breathe!

Breezy and Beautifully Uncovered

The fabric-less area serves as ventilation when things get a little too hot (in all senses of the word!) Instantly feel freer, fresher and lighter with a Julbie’s wide variety of crotchless pantyhose styles, fabrics and sizes including plus size crotchless pantyhose.