Sexy Beer Maiden Costumes

If the French have their French maids, the Germans have their beer maidens. The iconic beer maiden costume is rooted from Germany and its world-celebrated festival – Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest is dedicated to almost one month of filling your bellies with booze, booze, booze and more booze! It’s annually held in Munich Germany but is already integrated by the whole world. A holiday to celebrate and drink beer all year? Of course the world will join in!

It was originally just a way to celebrate weddings and horse races in the olden days but it transitioned to becoming an annual event that goes on for 15 or more days. Every year, a multitude of people flock under huge tents for one agenda. It is like an annual retreat minus the reflection and meditating. Oktoberfest goers in this generation still take pleasure in the customs of this celebration like dressing up like medieval people while chugging beers taken from large barrels. Girls have been dressing up with german beer maid costumes to amp up the festival spirit.

What is a Beer Maiden?

Since everybody is expected to be downing huge amounts of alcohol and getting really drunk, beer maidens are heaven-sent for the party-goers. Beer maidens dedicate their time to this festival by staying sober and serving beer mugs to anyone who needs it. They have always been recognized for their resiliency against massive crowds – massive AND drunk crowds. They carry heavy mugs across a sea of boozers and still manage to get you a beer without spilling it. It must be a real talent!

Oktoberfest has modernized despite its medieval history. Originally, beer wenches had just one job: to bring beer. But, throughout the years they are also seen accompanying men during the festival determined to give you a hell of a good time. Beer maidens have distinct attires which are mostly the traditional costumes of Germany with less fabric. It’s always a sight for sore eyes. Now, beer maidens are presented to be the hottest girls in the festival bringing more than just beer to the table.

Thus, the formula of beer and women: a guy’s favorite things. When they are in one place, no sane man can ever resist. For your next Oktoberfest, go traditional with your own flare by dressing up with your own beer wench costume. Especially if you want to bring bliss to the table, aside from beer, then find a german beer girl costume you can have fun and get drunk in!

Beer maid Costumes: Booze, Boobs and the Dirndl

A Dirndl is the term for the traditional dress that you see beer maidens don while making sure people do not run out of drinks on the table.

If you aren’t really planning on being one of those working and serving liquid gold during Oktoberfest, you can still dress up with your bar maid costume!

There have been a lot of versions of how to tweak the traditional Dirndl. Dress to impress and you will surely be ogled upon, even without the beer tray. Because you aren’t going to be doing the work you can dress up your buxom and your curves with a beer girl costume and put your own sexy twist to it.

You will recognize a beer maiden costume at first glance. A peasant-like dress with a tight lace-up corset around the waist. It also features puffed, or off-shoulder sleeved shirt. The shirt, which can be dressed however you like but is best with a bit of cleavage and maybe a push-up bra. The bottoms are usually full skirts with a mini apron. Shoes are usually accompanied by high socks.

From the variety of bar maid costumes, you can choose from pants, mini-skirts and shorts as alternatives. Lederhosens are also a type of folk costume being worn in Oktoberfest. These are type of shorts worn by German boys that go near the knees. You can also put a sexy twist to the lederhosen by donning a pair of high waist rompers and the traditional Alpine decorative hat.

Oktoberfest always provides nights to remember – or not since you’ve downed an immense volume of beer, but nevertheless, the outfit will only be a fraction of the memory. Your costume will, of course, add fuel to the fire and bring authenticity to the event. How you enjoy the party will be what matters most.

Who, knows, maybe you enjoy your beer maiden costume so much that you will decide to wear it again on Halloween parties – which are on the same month by the way. Neat! Killing two birds with just one infinitely sexy costume!