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Bootie Heels


These booties were made for walkin’...

...or dancing, or making love, and practically everything you want! Boots have been the footwear that is usually patronized because of their practicality over its looks. They were initially made for utility. It was either go for boots for convenience or go for heels for style. Now, you never have to choose between those two polar opposite footwear. At the end of the shoe spectrum, fashion and function meet to form a forever favorite: women’s heeled booties.


The Beautiful History of Heeled Boots

Centuries past, both high heels, and boots were separately serving different purposes as compared to how they are viewed today. Surprisingly, both had predominantly male market ages before there were red bottoms and Manolos. Heels were initially used as shoe reinforcements so that riding on horseback would be easier. The heels act as a barrier between the foot and the stirrups. Then cowboys and military men had an equally long history of wearing boots with an inch or two of heels so that they can steady themselves for riding and in warfare. There was nothing more with heels than a supplemental tool for a shoe while boots are worn more for their function rather than for their form. Now, who said those patent pumps weren’t practical? Men from previous centuries sure thought it otherwise!

It wasn’t long after that women have taken on a high appreciation of this type of shoe and since then, we have fully embraced heels as our own. As time passed, as heels got higher, and as styles got more feminine, a hybrid of heels and boots was created for the pleasure of women everywhere. We never have to choose between convenience and sexiness because we can now get the best of both worlds.


Why You Should Get Swoon-Worthy Bootie Heels

We are constantly caught in a search for a nexus of comfort and style, albeit often an elusive attempt when it comes to heels. A modern lass cannot go without a pair of heels for days they need a “power-up”. It might be enough to get you arrested by the fashion police if you do not have a pair of high heels. It has become an irreversible part of humankind. Boots featuring heels are undeniably one of the chicest items in a woman’s closet but having the right pair can also boast comfort.


Boots + Cutie = Bootie

There are a lot of boot types you can go for but the most versatile of them all is the bootie heel. Regular boots have tall uppers that can go up to the knees or thighs. In comparison, bootie heels have a lower shank which usually stops around the ankle or a few inches above it. Here are a few things we love about it:

   • Makes an outfit instantly chic

   • A sexy alternative to the sneaker.

   • Protection and coverage to the ankles.

   • A worthwhile addition to your shoe collection

   • Structural Integrity for Exotic/Pole Dancing

   • Versatile visual appeal that works for all purposes

The list can go on and on and on but the only way for you to contribute your own insight is having your own pair of booties. See and experience for yourself all the pluses that come with wearing boots with heels.

A Bootie that Perks Up Your Booty


Women will always have an everlasting love affair with shoes. This affair usually involves a killer pair of high heels. A stiletto has become synonymous to sexy and when a woman wants to feel in control, it is usually the go-to heel. Those inches literally keeping you from the ground makes you feel like you are on cloud nine. Elongated legs, perkier butts, and straighter posture are just some of the physical blessings you get from wearing it. We cannot help but have total heart eyes for sexy shoes! and bootie heels are 100% part of that department. While the sound of the term booties might seem more cute than it is sexy, it can make you look like a sex symbol! Do not underestimate the ‘covered up’ form of this high heel because it is sexier than you think. It does a lot more than just keep your feet warm in fall up till winter.

There is a variation of heel heights that can come with a pair of booties. Gauge the purpose you need it for and determine which heel height will rise to the occasion, in all senses of the phrase!

4 inch bootie heels – The most attainable of the bunch, the four inch heel is not quite kitten but also not quite killer. It is the type to attract death stares in the office but not quite enough to get you an office dress code memo. Even if it is lower than its other counterparts, it may be one of the most versatile. It can be worn on a Sunday brunch with the girls or your party-til-dawn Saturday. Neither instances will leave you crying from pain. This is certainly a compelling pair!

6 inch bootie heels – This heel height will send a message of utter confidence. Go for a model-off-duty look inspired when you want to look relaxed but still make a striking impression. Standing tall in these heels will not be a problem when you have broken them in. This is not the force to be reckoned with because it will keep your silhouette elongated causing your confidence to soar high as your heels.

8 inch bootie heels – Often seen around poles and in boudoirs more than in broad daylight clacking against concrete, this bootie heel is not for the faint-hearted. Everything will seem bigger and better when you wear a stiletto heel this high. If your hair and hips aren’t swaying when you walk in these, then you are probably doing it wrong! You will see a difference in your stature, your walk, and most importantly your self-esteem. A large factor of this larger than life feeling is (1) the aesthetic appeal and (2) the triumphant feeling that you conquered a heel that high!

10 inch bootie heels – High heel veterans and pros will agree that walking or dancing in these will earn your stripper bragging rights. Only those who have gone through the aforementioned heights can take on this magnitude. Pole dancers take on the challenge of sky-high heels for its visual impact. Who will doubt your skills when you can do gravity-defying stunts with almost a foot under your soles. No matter how large your audience is or no matter if it is career-wise or just-for-fun, this is all you need to take your game of seduction to full speed ahead.


Basic Bootie Training

Walking your way towards your goals is a whole lot better when you have the right shoes. Especially when your goals involve dancing, poles or otherwise, it is way better when you are in full gear and that includes your footwear.

Walking in high heel booties are significantly easier to learn as compared to your regular stiletto shoes. The solid covering helps your feet stay in place, where it’s supposed to be! We all know that heels and slippery surfaces do not go well but women’s heeled booties can surely pack a punch! Never have another Cinderella moment either when you are on the ground or up in the air because booties will hug your feet and ankles snugly. Pleaser shoes are popular for their booties which are both aesthetically pleasing and comfortably durable as well. While a lot of pleasure shoes would look exclusive for the bedroom or the pole, booties are more of an all-around option. You can switch up your shoe rotation with red bootie heels. This powerful color can be worn for walking, whether it be day or night, for dancing and sex.

Bootie heels are at the top of the ladder when it as a pole dancing tool. The right high heels can bring a new level of sexiness to your routine. It is not only a great way to make your pole dancing outfit scintillating, but it also provides grip and protection. Since booties have more material around the feet, the pole and other surfaces will have more material to cling on to, shielding your skin from bruises.

Here are some considerations you might want to take note if you are purchasing a bootie heel:

   • Material – Humidity and clear plastic do not mix in the best way possible, especially if it is entirely enveloping your feet. So if you are expected to sweat a lot because of the temperature or the intensity of a pole workout, go for lightweight material or a cut that will give your feet room to breathe. Sticky material like patent or PVC will give a dancer control over her movements since it sticks to the pole rather than slides.

   • Design – If you plan to take it for a night out then embellishments like buckles, belts, and zippers are not going to be a problem. It is a different story, however, when taken to pole dancing classes. It might cause friction and even cuts and bruises when grazed against metal poles.


A Need and a Want All Rolled into One

If you’ve always been a lady that never sacrifices comfort for style, a pair of heels will never be the first thing you grab. Luckily, there is a solution to the unending trepidation that your heels will kill you in the middle of the day. The simple answer to your prayers is... you guessed it! The bootie heels. Add these to your footwear rotation and you might see yourself reaching out for this more than your good old sneakers. The bootie transcends seasons and occasions as you can wear it through most days and nights giving you every penny’s worth. Return of investment is not going to be a problem because you can technically a versatile pair everywhere. If that alone doesn’t convince you, then we do not know what can!

Black leather booties heel is a crowd favorite. We would like to emphasize that this particular style is not just a ‘want’ but it is a must-have! It can dress up a rugged skinny jeans ensemble or it can dress down a frilly dress and it is the piece de resistance to your pole dancing outfit. Get it in black leather and you have yourself an everyday shoe. Get it in red PVC material and you have yourself an all-around romantic/sensual shoe.

Booties still provide the same protection and style as regular boots but on the other hand, its lower sheath will give you a chance to show off your legs. It is more subtle than thigh highs so it gives your outfit or body a chance to shine. Short uppers may be their thing but it still amps up any outfit in an instant. It can be said that they are like a mix of lace-up sneakers and stilettos which are topping the list of our most favorite things!

We can’t get enough of booties because of the endless possibilities it provides. If having a love affair with booties heels are a crime then we are guilty as charged!