Bikini Tops

All the best memories you’ve had, you were probably in a bikini. They are almost an inevitable part of a woman’s life. All things fun, flirty, sexy and happy is associated with bikinis. Whole songs are dedicated to this piece of summer clothing. As well as magazines and blogs which devote pages and pages of bikini-clad models as a sheer message to embrace your bodies with these gorgeous swimsuits. As soon as we feel the slightest hint of heat, we daydream about slipping on our favorite bikini. Simply being dressed in a sexy bikini and letting our skin soak up the sun and just splish-splash in the pool without a care in the world. If you were left with a choice to be in one thing for the rest of your life, the answer would most likely be a bikini.

Women had learned to adore bikinis so much to an extent that it was eventually moved from solely being swim gear to being a daily wardrobe essential. Who can blame them? Bikinis have always been a girl’s best friend (Sorry, diamonds!). In this modern generation, girl’s cannot go through a momentous occasion or vacation without packing a couple of their favorite bikini tops. Although nothing ruins a remarkable moment more than your horrendous wardrobe malfunction.

Ensure the best possible experience by choosing foolproof bikinis. The initial step you could take to avoid mishaps altogether is to thwart the nip slips from ground one. Choosing your bikini does not merely depend on how it looks, but also on how it will support your body, most especially your lady parts.

Bikini tops are cute and all, but it could get complex and confusing when you do not know what best suits your body. Skip the randomness and put some thought on your choices. Know what bikini top is your perfect match from the zillions of styles available.

How to Choose Bikini Tops for Your Bust


As much as every woman hopes to have the perfectly perky, round, just-the-right-sized boobs those Victoria Secret models flaunt, boobs actually come in different sizes. Have you ever tried to squeeze in your bust just for the sake of using that cutesy string bikini top? Have you ever tried to bump that cup size higher just so you can fill that all-too-big-for-you wrap bikini top? With a sexy bikini top comes great responsibility; a responsibility to avoid a nip slip. With an ill-fitted bra top, however, that is easier said than done.

Busty Girls – For full-breasted girls, picking plus size bikini tops always present a challenge. The keyword is always: Support! Gravity can be a traitor and snatch your sexiness away. Do not let it! An underwire bikini top is a structure your boobs are looking for. If you want to tuck away the girls for a moment, then a high neck bikini top will look just as chic and sexy. Avoid strings and minimal straps as this will not give ample bearing and might compromise your posture in the long run. You can go for a black bikini top since the color is known to tone down anything that is too much. A simple yet structured black bikini top is bound to make you look sophisticated and never promiscuous.

Small-Busted Girls – When you have a barely-there cleavage and side view is not your best angle, girls with small boobs are often frustrated when trying on bikini tops. You don’t have to be! A lot of bikini styles and cuts actually work for smaller busts since you are fortunate enough to slip on anything without cutting off your blood circulation. If bikini shopping feels like a chore, it is probably because you are trying on the wrong bikini tops. Give your boobs that much-needed lift by opting for push-up bikini tops. Snug padded bikini tops will sufficiently flatter your chest so you focus on showcasing your other assets. Explore other options like triangle bikini tops and bandeau bikini tops in fun and colorful prints. Prints offer dimension and contrast, giving the illusion of a busy bust. An additional word of advice for small chested girls is to play around with elaborate bikini cuts. A ruffled bikini top or a fringe bikini top will not emphasize what you ‘lack’ but rather add the extra volume it needs.

Other Bikini Concerns:

Narrow Shoulders – An off the shoulder tops will make your shoulders look broader. It will highlight those sexy shoulder blades and further hide flabby arms too! This style will look flattering for most body types, not to mention, it is so on-trend!

Awkward Tan Lines – A bandeau bikini top is a great piece to keep you from getting zebra stripes. When you still want to keep your torso perfectly and evenly tanned, this tube-like style is for you! Tight fitting bandeaus also give you a bit of a sexy push by bringing your boobs closer to the center.


Reinvent Your Daily Outfits with Sexy Bikini Tops

If mixing and matching bikinis is a sport then sign us up! Women enjoy the thrill of playing with different bikini tops and bottoms. We love being in a bikini so much that we find ways to blend it into our casual to semi-formal ensembles. Do not just let your bikinis collect dust during the other seasons of the year. Get the best bang for your buck by using your favorite bikini tops with your everyday clothes! From jeans, skirts, shorts to your office coordinates, the perfect bikini top will give you more than two outfits for the price of one!

Let your red bikini top peek through your black mesh top for that extra spice to your outfit. You can also wear it with a plain pair of black jeans. A strappy bikini top is a great number to create juxtaposition when paired with your structured wide leg pants. On the other hand, your bandeau is a great inner top for your matching jacket and skirt!

Shop Julbie for your bikini top fix! It is a go-to summer piece that always leaves you with extra flair and sexiness. What are you waiting for? Take advantage of the cheap bikini tops that can take you from a fun boat ride to a brunch with your girlfriends.