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Open Cup Bras

Invest in Your breast!

A bra: a three-letter word that holds a powerful purpose to women of all walks of life. Along with the panty, the bra is indispensable in a woman’s closet. Every female probably has their story about their love hate relationship on the journey of developing breasts and accepting that bras are now a part of your daily needs. Boobs, no matter what size they are, they are considered a blessing. While wearing a bra may seem to be a curse for some, it a necessary component in completing one’s outfit. It serves as support and protection. Since your lady parts are not supposed to be trot out 24/7, bras are used to support them. Along the way, every female will consider gravity as an enemy, and start to appreciate bras more. It is a trademark of femininity and womanhood even though they are all too sexualized at times. Boobs deserve to be given the best.

The quest for a best shelf or open cup bra is a very personal experience since boobs are very different among women. Though it is sorted by sizes, your boobs are your own and unlike any other. It is like our own fingerprint. Making sure that your bosoms are met with good, high quality bras make you feel complete but the journey to the best bra for you may not be the smoothest ride. Nevertheless, the power of a good bra, even if it is not the best, can make a woman go places. Although during our adolescence, bras were introduced as something as requisite and practical, bras are now so much more than function. When you wear a sexy open cup bra, it also has become an object of passion and desire. As something so necessary, the bra can do wonders for a woman in the bedroom.

In today’s modern age, the bra is not part of the list of forbidden topics. Alas, the sexy bra has actually made its way to the runway and the pavement. This underwear item which was originally designed for practical purposes are being used as a fashion statement. Stylish women in the fashion industry have been seen prancing around in public flaunting a chic bralette with their basic outfits. The more daring celebrities are even photographed with wearing practically nothing on top except a bra with their jeans and not one is considering this style as scandalous. The modern-day woman now has a drawer filled with different styles for different occasions. A good bra is already considered multifunctional: for health, beauty and sexual purposes. If your bras do not hit all three, then maybe it is time to shop for a new one!


The (Almost) Naked Truth: Open Cup Lingerie

The push up bra and the underwire are already considered some of the more traditional bra styles. It provides everything that a woman needs for her knockers to be safe and secured. A woman on average must have one or two pairs of this bra in her wardrobe but if it is the only bra style you have been using then you may want to rethink your next purchase.

If you already have your fair share of push up bras, sports bras, and bralettes, consider investing in one style that is slowly making its way into mainstream lingerie: the cupless bra. At first glance, the open cup bra might seem as lingerie simply used for its aesthetics. Cupless bras, however, provide more than just being eye-candy. If you are one of those who are intimidated by the open cup trend, it is time to let go of your inhibitions since the cupless balcony bra might be the bra that would change your perception about sexy lingerie. The best part about lingerie cheap is that you don't need an expensive piece to look sexy. Take skimpy bras for instance, the complete opposite of sexy push-up bras these pieces can stand on their own or paired with thongs lingerie. 

A cup less bra speaks for itself. It is a bra with no cups. It frees the nipples and only has fabric outlining the boobs. It either has a cut out style framing the center of the boobs or simply fabric or underwire underneath the boobs, letting the top part completely free, this is also called a shelf bra. Available in standard sizes and extended sizes, shop a large selection of plus size shelf bra styles for women that require extended sizes!

An open cup bra have various styles and colors which you can choose from. It can range from dainty floral pink lace to dominatrix wet look black. The balconette bra, on the contrary to popular belief, can be worn in a number of ways aside from just being a seduction tool. Not all bras have to cost a fortune, you can now find cheap bras online that are made with the same quality and support like expensive bras. Here are some ways that you can utilize your pair of cup less lingerie:

1. Inside the bedroom: As part of the seduction technique, wearing a sexy lingerie set is almost compulsory to set the mood. And which bra can reap more successful results than an open cup bra. It is the peak of sexy bras, showing off your breasts without letting gravity get in the way of its beauty. Some women, who are on the heavier breasts side, have this struggle of sagging when they do not have bras on. Because you do not intend to wear your full bras during the whole duration of your love making, an open cup will give the support you need without keeping it hidden. You do not have to take off your bras anymore when you want to flaunt your womanhood to your man. Plus, it makes your breasts so much more attractive! When you wear a cup less bra underneath your clothes and surprise your man with this yummy lingerie as he strips your clothes off you, it will definitely heighten his mood and pleasure his senses.

Aside from this, the open cup bra can be worn around the house when lounging around in your pajamas. This is beneficial to women who are looking for ways to improve or correct their stance and posture without having to wear the full coverage variant which let’s face it, can be quite uncomfortable when you only plan to idly pass your time indoors.

2. Outside the bedroom: You can totally pull off cup less bras even when you have zero intention in flaunting it later in the bedroom. Since the open cup bra gives support in all the places that your boobs need it, it will make your breasts so much perkier. It will look fuller underneath your shirt and your nipples will be sending out the message that you know you are incredibly sexy! As a confidence booster, the cup less bra also has its practical benefits. When wearing very revealing clothes or low cut tops, then a cup less bra will not jeopardize the whole outfit with a bra peaking through. For the mommies, this sexy piece of lingerie can provide support to your breasts and easy access for whenever you are breastfeeding! The cup less bra definitely goes all ways!

3. With pasties: If you are not entirely comfortable wearing a cup less yet and you absolutely want to transition into freeing the nipple, then wear it with pasties! Pasties are stick on nipple pads that provide coverage around that area without wrapping the whole thing.

With an open shelf bra, you get the best of both worlds. Support and beauty all rolled into one! There isn’t anymore reason you should not purchase and try out this sexy lingerie trend.

The Constant Pursuit for the Perfect Bras

If there is such as thing as the perfect bra, then women definitely want it! The perfect fitting, aesthetically pleasing, high quality bra will not simply land on your lap. It takes time, effort and trial and error. You do not have to splurge and break the bank, however, when you want to get your hands on that heaven-sent bra. There is a wide array of cheap bras online that provide the same quality as your high end ones. Because Julbie understands that the quest for the bra is constant, Julbie has rounded up bras that will complete your lingerie collection.

Grab yourself a sexy bra in this one-stop shop for every bra need you can think of. Small cup, big cup, any kind of cup, Julbie has here to give support, literally and figuratively! The sexiest bras are the ones that make a woman feel sexy. When online shopping bras for bras sexy for a woman, always look for functionality and appeal. If you’re looking for structure, then aspects such as underwire, straps, and material are most important. If you’re looking for online bras that will enhance your sexual confidence, shop for cupless underwire bra or open cup lingerie that will do just that.

When you ask a woman why she wears bras is like questioning why a horse needs a horseshoe. It has been considered a part of a girl’s ‘initiation rites’ into womanhood. Because of this liberating generations, people might not consider bras as a necessity eventually, but it will always be a desirable piece of clothing. Wearing it may come as a choice to some but when you choose to be sexy and empowered, a good bra is necessary. Wearing sexy open cup lingerie is sexier than being in the nude, after all.