Whips, Crops, and Paddles

Toys with an Impact!

Naughty girls always deserve some spanking! Consider it as one big applause in appreciation of your ass. A slap

Impact play is a type of BDSM practice where passion is expressed through smacking and being struck to cause a different kind of pleasure. Some simply use their bare hands for inflicting pain to impose discipline. There are BDSM toys that will make your partner have their arms up in surrender.

You Choose Your Power

There are a variety of styles that rely mostly on your pain tolerance. It is one thing to cry in pleasure, but it is another thing to cried in excruciating pain. This kind of sexual activity is fully-customizable, and you have the freedom to choose which toys you want to infuse in your routine.

If you want to keep things mellow, we have select soft leather whips with quilted handles intended for erotic suspense to please your master. However, if pain creates unique euphoria, then you're ready for the hard bondage toys such as paddles meant for a hard spanking!

Different strokes for different folks: Choosing Your BDSM Toys

Although it's easy to run to your local fantasy store for sex toys, BDSM toys demand expertise. That's where Julbie's whips, crops, and paddles come in. Our bondage toys vary so that women could choose toys that are soft on the skin, yet durable enough for 'training' by even the most experienced Dom. There are many types of BDSM impact toys based on preference.

Whips – Long and flexible string attached to a durable handle. It can be a leather whip with a single tail or a split tail. For some, it is a mere toy, but for other BDSM enthusiasts, a whip has already become a necessity. One flick of the BDSM whip, and it can already cause a significant amount of pain. It might seem soft, but the supple material will bounce more than one way. That narrow surface will inflict more pain than you would expect. Be careful not to hit your eye or face. Control is needed when you decide to use a whip, so stride slowly and gently with any leather whip.

Floggers – A flogger has moderate intensity as compared to a whip. Shorter than a whip, but comes with a multitude of tails attached to a handle. These strands of leather string will hit a larger area, enough to cover two butt cheeks if you will! A leather flogger will make a dull thudding sound when smacked against the skin. It would be a bit more challenging to control, but you could use this kind of BDSM toy for different forces. A simple firm stroke already gives out sensational erotic feelings, while a big swing could do the same.

Crops – A riding crop is called as such since it resembles the one used in equestrian purposes. A crop comes with a minimalistic design – a slender, sleek stick. Usually used for punishment, it concentrates on inflicting pain on one spot. It is also often used as a prop to intimidate and dominate. You can pick from a variety of materials, flexible leather or solid metal, lengthy or short, black or pink! It is one of the most versatile BDSM toys. Expect reddish marks after a harsh hit of riding crop!

Paddles – When you think of spanking, an image of paddles usually pops up. With a flat and wide form, a BDSM paddle is often utilized by beginners because it is effortless to use and more comfortable to control when it comes to the amount of pain. The impact would heavily rely on the user's strength and force. Also, very versatile, you can use it playfully or forcefully, depending on you and your partner's agreement.

Ticklers – Be a tease with a fluffy tickled before you dive into hardcore. Its use is relatively straightforward, and it comes in different materials such as metal, plastic, and leather, too. Use it to discover your partner's sensitive spots and make them wriggle with pleasure. If you want to take things further, a tickler usually with a stiff handle, which you can also use to spank!

Spank safely and responsibly!

Go toy shopping for an intense sensory upgrade. Even a subtle touch of an erotic tool can provoke your wildest desires. It will drive anyone crazy! Anything can evoke your sensual feelings, but it is also essential to look for longevity and durability in a BDSM toy. You cannot afford it to break mid-spank! Julbie carries whips, crops, paddles, and more, which are made of durable leather and faux leather that will last you for numerous bondage plays. Whatever tool you choose, get ready for an erotic experience that will have you begging to be punished. Remember to agree on a safe word and make sure you sanitize your toys before and after use! Shop our selection of whips, paddles, and crops designed for mind-blowing pain and passion play!