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Cosmos Goddess Costume
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Sexy Greek Goddesses Costumes

In ancient Greece, people worshipped the god and goddesses because they are believed to have special powers. Gods and goddesses were perceived to be providers of mortals and had specific control over an aspect of being. Their immortality and power over the mortals were a favor to the people, and at times were also destructive. Nevertheless, mortals prayed for their blessing and guidance, offering gifts at their altars as a sign of their devotion. One could say that in ancient times, they were considered what we call now in the 20th century – superheroes.

Greek Goddesses: An Epitome of Power and Beauty

Aside from the gods, Greek mythology is brimming with powerful goddesses. Though the greatest Olympians were mostly male, sitting beside them were several goddesses worthy of equal devotion. No less, they also demanded attention and had a religious following.

They were always portrayed in literature as ‘perfect’ human beings physically, however flawed they were in their behavior and personality. Women wanted to look like them. They were envisioned to be residing in the middle of the clouds in Mount Olympus, symbolizing that they are unreachable and of higher significance.

Even though goddesses in Greek Mythology were innocent-looking, radiant and glorious, it was all a façade. All goddesses were a force to be reckoned with.

The fascination for goddesses still exists up to this day. Even though the stories of Greeks and their gods were shrugged off as mere fragments of the imagination, people are still aware of the influence it has up to this day. A contemporary woman cannot help to be in awe of the beaming inspiration of these goddesses to the modern era. It is only fitting that we manifest the beautiful characters of these myths whenever presented to the opportunity – even if there are no superpowers included.

Sexy Goddess Costumes: Be Absolutely Heavenly!

There’s a lot more characters in ancient literature than common knowledge. We all know more or less about the likes of Athena, Aphrodite, Hera, Persephone and Artemis. They all have specific characteristics that can be difficult to pull off if you haven’t really brushed up on your literature but you can still pull it off with some of these easy tips.

If you want to be a glowing goddess but still keep that sexy, powerful vibe then look for a Halloween Greek goddess costume that would be both sophisticated and sexy.

Aphrodite is your best bet if you want to possibly reel in a man with your seductive powers. Aphrodite or Venus is the goddess of love and beauty. Known to have the power to have any man fall in love, her look is a mix of both romantic and lustful. Bag a white flowy dress, preferably of light material like chiffon or mesh. Pick one with a little bit of gold detailing on the waist to accentuate curves and your assets. Flaunt those gams with a leg-bearing slit and a hookup is definitely written in the stars for you.

If you want to opt for a more girl-power, strong feminism aura, then Athena costumes are more up your alley. According to the folklore Athena was born by coming out of Zeus’s head fully grown and in full armor. She was hence known to be the warrior goddess; the goddess of wisdom and war. Imbibe the strength and courage of this feisty goddess by wearing a costume Greek goddess. Metallics and leather are perfect details to bring out that Athena goddess confidence. To complete the look, top it off with a cape and fake swords for your next costume party or maybe even – a battle in the bedroom.

You can explore other ideas for your sexy Greek goddess costume. Go against the tide and be one of the more infamous characters of destruction. An example would be Medusa. Medusa who is a female monster has snakes on her head and could kill anyone with her stare. Go for a fiercer look by making destructive into desirable. Black is a color that screams supremacy but at the same time elegance. A black dress with the same gold detailing is exactly what a wicked goddess would put on.

Queens are also practically synonymous to goddesses. Cleopatra is one, if not the most popular ancient female rulers. Everyone will look up to you when you enter a room sporting a full Cleopatra costume complete with a headdress and gold bangles. Accessorize any costume by slipping on some gladiator lace-up heels or some metallic pumps, maybe even a headband or a crown. You will surely look like royalty.