Sexy Ringmaster Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner! Another year, another set of costume ideas. Don’t know what to go as yet? Worry not, for you are about to stumble upon great ideas for your next Halloween party!

If you shudder at the thought of fake blood and all the gore that goes down on Halloween parties, there are other options that are just as interesting and entertaining. A crowd favorite are Halloween circus costumes!

Let the circus begin!

When you first visit a circus, your initial thoughts are usually, “I want to go back!” It’s a place of magical entertainment with acrobatic performers and wild animals who create a mystifying and uplifting performance.

Amidst the hustling and bustling crowd in a circus show, everyone’s attention will be fixed on one certain character: the ringmaster. The ringmaster owns the center stage and commands attention not only from the audience but also from the other circus acts. A ringmaster controls the show and call the shots making sure that the show is a complete success. He interacts with the audience and performers in a way that captivates the show. The show starts and stops with him. A ringmaster is always known to be over the top and always hypes up the show so that people’s interest will shoot through the roof! Who doesn’t want to be like a ringmaster, right? You can also be full of energy and dynamic such as a ringmaster. Play the part by wearing a ringleader costume.

If you want to make sure that your next Halloween costume is a complete success, then take inspiration from the master of dazzles and attractions. While the traditional circus with the large tent, lions, and clowns is slowly coming to an end, keep the nostalgia alive by dressing as a lion tamer. The famous Ringling and Bros circus had their farewell performance in 2017. Their last year in performance was iconic with the first female ringmaster - Kristin Michelle Wilson. By dressing up as a ringmaster with bow ties and a big top, you’re not just emulating a costume, but rather a movement where women had conquered another milestone.

Come one, come all and witness some of the greatest circus costume ideas ever!

Be a Showstopper!

The most recent portrayal of this magnificent role is the Hollywood blockbuster, the film entitled The Greatest Showman.” With all the singing, dancing and even trapeze acts, it was a complete hit as a motion picture. Circuses aren’t that common in this generation anymore aside from the critically acclaimed “Cirque du Soleil”. but this widely popular attraction is proof that circuses are still well-loved – even if it is just in the big screen.

Even though ringmasters have been around for a very long time now, your circus ringmaster costume will still stay relevant. People will never get tired of the dynamism and vigor a ringmaster has and how much fun it is to be part of a circus act.

A ringmaster has a distinct attire. Though mostly designed for males, women can still rock the ringmaster costume by putting their own feminine twist to it.

There are a few elements to a sexy ringmaster costume.

(1) A Crimson Tailcoat – the color red is a color that will definitely attract a lot of attention. That is why a ringmaster is often seen wearing a red tailcoat. Even if you are at the furthermost corner of a circus tent, you will not be able to miss a ringmaster because of her striking tailcoat. Make it more feminine by choosing a tailcoat that is cropped or maybe even a sleeveless vest to reveal a little bit more skin. A tailcoat may have gold fringed shoulder pads with matching gold buttons and detailing. A tailcoat is a must for your ringleader costume so carefully choose the best one!

(2) A Black Top Hat – A tall top hat is part of the signature look of a ringmaster costume. She tips it when the show starts and bows with it when the show ends. This is an essential accessory that will complete the costume. So make sure you have gorgeously tamed tresses underneath that top hat!

(3) High Boots – Because a ringmaster goes around and interacts with the audience, a comfortable pair of footwear is a necessity. Boots keep the look put together yet makes walking around more convenient and easier. Since the only walking around you will be doing is to and from the bar and the dance floor, you can take out those sexy killer heels of yours or your knee high leather boots to make the look more sultry. Find a pair of gold glitter boots to really create a dazzling costumes circus was made for.

Once you have all these elements down pat, you are free to choose clothing underneath that suits your taste. You can opt for a cheeky romper, or a skimpy dress, or bootylicious shorts, maybe even a leather catsuit; wear your boots with fishnet stockings or not; whatever floats your boat!

If you are feeling extra naughty, then whip out a whip! That’s right, a whip. Ringmasters carry around a whip for whenever the animals need taming. Complete your circus Halloween costume with a quirky whip! Just in case you might need taming yourself, you sexy beast! If you’re going with a themed couples costume, it’s only appropriate that your beau should be a lion. Tame that lion with your whip and be sure to use it when he acts naughty!

You have everything you need here to be the darling of the crowd so go ahead and do not settle for less than stupendously AMAZING!